How to Get Skunk Smell Off Dog

Our canine companions are naturally curious of mysterious critters within the night.  Regrettably, when this curiosity has a chance encounter with the full spray of a skunks behind, the pet and it’s owner will be wishing that it had just stayed indoors for the night. The spray is undoubtedly one of the most smelly substances known to man, and can be quite chalenging to remove.


Fortunately, there are several household ingredients that can be employed to remove the odor and add freshness back within your dog fur.  In following some of the below suggestions you will be on your way to eliminating skunk odor and returning your pooch to normal.


Dog Deskunking Preparation

1 Treat Your Pouch Quickly

The longer you wait to clean and deodorize you canine companion after a spray the more challenging it will become to remove the unwelcome odor. If not treated immediately, the skunk spray oils have the unique potential of being embedded within the fur and the smell lasting up to two years. As a safe margin of treatment, try to clean and deodorize your dog’s fur within two hours of the initial spray.


2 Prepare Yourself For Battle

Before you com into contact with your dog, know that the skunk related oils will likely come into contact with your hand and clothing.  These odors can be challenging to remove from your palms and are almost impossible to remove from clothing.  For this reason, it is wise to place on rubber gloves and thrift store clothing before coming into contact with your dog.


3 Absorb and Contain Skunk Oils

The majority of skunk sprays only hit part of your dog’s fur.  Before attempting to clean and deodorize your dog, you can help to absorb and contain the smells within the affected area.  First locate the area of the spray and proceed to pat the dog down within the affected areas with paper towels to absorb as much odorous oil as possible.  Using a paper towels are key, as these oils are unlikely to ever be fully removed from traditional bath towels.


4 Keep Your Dog Outside

Before you let your dog inside, do an evaluation of whether you can clean and deodorize your dog outside before allowing them into the house.   Allowing your do to walk though the house can quickly fill the home with the odor and infuse the stench within the flooring, walls, linens and clothing.  If you have a working garden hose outside, it is recommended that you fully treat the dog before letting it indoors.  If not, be sure that you have prepared one of the below deodorizing treatments and that you take your dog directly to the bathroom to clean and deodorize it’s fur.


Dog Deskunking Solutions

1 Traditional Tomato Juice Remedy

Once you have taken some of the above precautions, mix a bowl of your dog’s shampoo and tomato juice within equal parts.  Once completed apply this solution on your dog making sure that no area is left untouched.  As an additional precaution be sure that that tomato juice has 2-3 minutes to soak in and neutralize the odor before you rinse the solution free from your dog.  As an extra precaution, be sure to rinse and repeat at least once.  This will help in striping away any remaining skunk spray oils that may remain within the dog’s fur.


Tomato Juice Warning: Be sure to clear any fabrics that may be stained from the red tint of tomato juice from the bathroom in which you are bathing your dog.  Dogs have a tendency to want to regain their scent after being sprayed by a skunk and sequentially bathed within tomato juice.  They will be prone to shake the juice off and run about the house and rolling on the carpet.  Be sure to close the bathroom door and only allow your dog to freedom after having been thoroughly rinsed free of tomato juice.  A house can quickly resemble a crime scene if these steps are not carefully followed.  As a final word of precaution, tomato juice can cause a staining within dogs that have light fur tones. If this is the case with your dog, you may want to consider using one of the alternatives below to eliminate the skunky odor.


2 Sizzle Out the Smell with Mouthwash

This is a highly effective substitute to tomato juice for de-skunking your pup.  The great advantage to using this solution over tomato juice is that it leaves no scent and does not have the potential for staining the canine’s fur.  Mix a solution of mouthwash and doggy shampoo within a bowl and proceed to apply the solution to every square inch of your dog’s fur.  Provide 2-3 minutes for the solution to strip the skunk spray oil and then proceed in rinsing the mouthwash blend from your canines fur.  Similar to tomato juice, it is a good idea to rinse and repeat at least once to catch any residual skunk odors that my continue to lurk within your canines coat.


Mouthwash Warning: Anyone who uses mouthwash knows that it can sting the insides of their mouths while it is disinfecting and killing bacteria.  Taking this into account, pay extra attention to keep this solution clear from your dog’s eyes as this can lead to an unpleasant sting and irritation.


3 Try a Household DeSkunking Concoction

To make this household deskunking concoction, you will need to mix one quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda and one teaspoon of dish detergent within a bowl.  It is important to first wet your dog’s fur, and then proceed to rub this mixture within your canine’s coat.  Allow for the mixture to set for 3-5 minutes before rinsing and repeating with the solution.


DeSkunking Concoction Warning:As an additional magic trick to this de-skunking mixture, a chemical reaction will be created that will cause the ingredients foam once mixed.  While this is relatively harmless within a bowl or open container, it can be dangerous and cause a minor explosion within  an inclosed space.  As pressure builds, this mixture can cause bottle tops and lid to blast off at record speeds.  As an additional precaution, be very careful while applying this solution around the canine eyes, nose and mouth.  While it is unlikely that this will cause any lasting damage, it can cause some temporary irritation.


4 Be Prepared with a Deskunking Product

If your dog regularly chases down skunks or if you live near a pet store, you may consider purchasing a veterinary approved skunk deodorizer.  Many of these products will work better that household solutions and provide a much cleaner and simplistic application within the dog’s fur.  The great majority of these cleaners use active enzymes that will eat though the skunk related oils and render the dog smelling fresh.


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    This bad smell just burns your nose. So whenever your pet is
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    immediately. Here the tips mentioned are well explained and easy to use.  Otherwise, always keep De-skunking products
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