How to Get Rid of Tuna Fish Smell

Tuna fish is a good that many people enjoy, but it ranks very high on the Stank-O-Meter. If you decide to make yourself a sandwich or a salad, there is no keeping your mealtime choice a secret. Everyone will know what you decided to eat. The smell will just fill up the room and hover there like the second cousins at a family reunion. Whether you actually like tuna or not, no one wants to smell someone else’s fish. Even the people who fish for tuna or who work in a processing plant don’t want to smell tuna.


We’ve done our homework and come up with solutions to conquer the issue of dealing with battling tuna smells in clothing, how to get this fishy smell out of your kitchen, and some steps you can take toe eliminate the smell of tuna during meal preparation.We appreciate that you may enjoy eating the product but the smell may be a completely different matter entirely. We offer a variety of solutions you can use right away so you can carry on enjoying eating your tuna but not necessarily subjecting your nose to the evidence that you are doing so.



How To Get Rid of Tuna Fish Smell From Clothes

1 Woolite Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner in the Wash

Give your regular laundry detergent a boost by adding some Woolite Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner when you are washing your tuna clothes. Mix one cup of this product with your detergent to combat the fishy smell. Your clothes will come out smelling clean and fresh.


2 Lemon Juice Soak

Another strategy for getting rid of the tuna stank is to soak the clothes overnight in lemon juice. Start by getting a five gallon bucket. Pour a pint of lemon juice in it, add the clothes and cover them with water. Wash them as usual in the morning.


3 Add Pinesol to Your Laundry

To get rid of the tuna smell, try adding a capful of Pinesol to the wash water. This all-purpose cleaner will cut through the smell and leave a fresh scent. You should be able to find it in a grocery or hardware store.


4 White Vinegar in the Wash

White vinegar is a product that can be used to get the smell out of your clothing. Add a cup to your wash water to cut through the stank. You may want to give the tuna clothes an extra rinse to ensure you got rid of all of the vinegar smell, too.


How to Get Tuna Smell Out of Your Kitchen

1 Dishwasher Detergent and a Brush

To get rid of tuna stink from a cutting board, your knives and other kitchen tools, roll up your sleeves and get some powdered dishwasher detergent and d small brush. The best choice will be one that has fairly stiff bristles. Wash your cutting board with the soap and use the brush to give it a good scrubbing. The brush should help you to get into any little nooks and crannies where tuna particles may be hiding. Repeat the process with your knives and andy other tools you used to prepare a meal or snack with the tuna. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


2 Bleach the Stink Out

Mix up a mild (1 part bleach to 10 parts water) solution. Soak your knives, cutting boards, and any other items that came into contact with the tuna in the solution. Rinse with warm water and allow to dry.


3 Vinegar and Water Boil

Pour one cup of water to a medium-sized pot. Add 3 Tablespoons of white vinegar. Put it on the stove and bring it to a boil. Let it boil for a few minutes to absorb any nasty smells in the room.


4 Open a Window

Increasing the ventilation in your kitchen will help to air out the room. Crack open the windows to flush the tuna smell out of your home more quickly. This is an excellent strategy if you are expecting guests and don’t want them getting a whiff of your lunch menu when they arrive.


How to Remove Tuna Smell During Meal Preparation

1 Squeeze a Lemon

Squeeze a bit of lemon juice onto your tuna to lower the stank factor. Adding a little bit of lemon will also enhance the flavor of the fish. Once you have finished preparing your tuna sandwich or salad, squeeze some lemon juice into a bowl of water and soak your hands for a few minutes. This will get rid of the fishy smell and leave them fresh smelling.


2 Distilled Vinegar Treatment

Fill you sink with water and add some distilled vinegar. Soak the dishes you are using to prepare the food in the water. Wipe off your countertop with a cloth that has been dipped in the vinegar and water to keep the tuna smell at bay. You can also soak your hands in the vinegar and water in the same manner as if you were using the lemon juice and water.


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