How to Get Rid of Period Smell

A woman’s menstrual period can go by many names. It has been referred to as the Curse, but that seems as old fashioned as the idea that women were unclean during menstruation. Some modern women may call coyly refer to it as their “Visitor,” their “Friend,” “Aunt Rosa,” or “Cousin Flo.” Some ladies don’t sugar coat thing; they just come right out and say they have their period. This may be a natural part of womanhood, and having some odor is part of the territory.


That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take appropriate steps to keep yourself feeling as clean and fresh as possible during your period. This guide will focus on getting rid of period smell so that you can feel more confident during “that” time of the month. You can and should be able to take it in stride as part of your life.




Deal with Period Smell


1 Start with Good Grooming Down Below

You don’t have to go bare, but if you want to keep period smell to a minimum, make a point of keeping your pubic hair neatly trimmed. You want to avoid blood and clots getting caught in the hair, since this can cause an odor once they are exposed to the air that will be on your radar during your period. You may be the only person that notices it, but feeling self-conscious about female odor can definitely make you feel less than confident during your period.


2 Use Tampons on Heavy Flow Days

Since tampons are worn internally, you don’t need to be concerned about exposure to the air creating an atmosphere that will allow period smell to fester on heavy flow days. If you are concerned about leaking that will lead to an embarrassing smell, wear a pad or a liner as a back-up, and be sure to change your protection frequently.


3 Daily Bath or Shower

Regular bathing should be part of your routine anyway, but it’s especially important during your menstrual period. While menstruating, your sweat glands can go into overdrive, which increased your general funkiness in addition to the smell of blood you will be producing. To stay fresh, hit the bath or shower every day.

4 Baby Wipes to the Rescue

Some heavy flow days are particularly messy, and if you want to keep period smell at bay, you need to make sure that you get as much of the stuff off of your nether regions as possible. Unless you want to use of most of a roll of toilet paper in the process (and this is not always practical or effective, and it’s certainly not environmentally friendly), tuck a travel pack of baby wipes in your bag for a quick clean up. You can dry off with the T.P. and change your protection so that you don’t feel yecchy when you leave the bathroom.

5 Wear Cotton Undies

Give your crotch some much-needed breathing room during your period by wearing cotton underwear. During that time of the month, avoid wearing clothing that won’t breathe like pantyhose or tights, if possible. Layers of clothing can trap bacteria and the resulting smells in.


6 Eat Yogurt Every Day

This is more of a preventive measure, but it is worth mentioning. Including yogurt that contains lactobacilli in your diet on a daily basis will help to keep the natural bacteria in your body in balance and will help to keep menstrual smell to a minimum. If you suddenly notice that your flow has a particularly pungent odor that is new to you, it’s a good idea to get checked out by a physician.


7 Switch to a Birth Control Pill that Gives You a Regular Period

Some women like the convenience of only dealing with having a period a few times per year. They pay a price for not dealing with menstruating each month though, in that the flow they get can have a stronger odor than one that is shed more regularly. Switching to a different type of birth control can be a solution to this period smell issue. Discuss the situation with your doctor to see if it will work for you.


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