How to Get Rid of Manure Smell

What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of manure? It’s stank, isn’t it? The stuff may be natural, but that doesn’t necessarily make it sweet-smelling. The stuff reeks, especially when it’s fresh. It smell like…crap. You may be exposed to this stuff if you are planning on doing some gardening.


If you happen to live in the country, you may develop a certain tolerance for the particular earthiness of manure. Urban dwellers, who are not privy to this natural aroma on a regular basis, may be more easily offended by this type of solid waste. We offer practical solutions for dealing with getting rid of the crappy smell from your garden, mulch and your hands.



How to Get Rid of Manure Smell in Garden

1 Shredded Cedar Cover Up

To get rid of the smell of manure from a garden that is too funked up for your taste. to to the store and get some shredded cedar mulch. Spread it evenly over the offensive stuff. Start with a thin layer; the sweet cedar should help to deal with the smell and make your garden much less offensive in a hurry.


2 Mix it Up with Soil

If you put fresh manure onto your garden, it’s going to be much reekier than if you used some older stuff. Try turning manure over and mixing it with the soil in your garden with a spading fork. If a significant portion of the Muir is exposed to the air, this will help to cover it up and keep the smell down.


3 Give it Some Time

The smell of fresh will eventually dissipate over time. If you’re prepared he patient and can put up with this smell for between four and seven days, no special measures are necessary. if the weather stays relatively cool and dry, the manure will dry out relatively quickly and the smell may not be as pungent. In warm, wet weather conditions, you may need to be prepared to hold you nose for a bit longer.


Banish Manure Smell from Mulch

1 Put Some Water on the Problem

When new mulch stinks like poop, give it a good soaking. Make sure the mulch stays well hydrated. If there is no rain in the forecast, keep watering it regularly until the smell is gone.


2 Use Yard Odor Killer on the Issue

Yard Odor Killer is spray product that is available at pet stores and online. It can be used on grass, shrubs, patio furniture, fences, and a variety of surfaces. This product is pet-friendly and will eliminate stool and urine smells. It is offered in a ready to use spray and a spray action adopter nozzle that can be attached to a garden hose.


Get Rid of Manure Smell from Hands

1 Salt Them Up

You can remove the smell of manure from your hands by using salt. Start by wetting your hands. Pour a small amount of salt on them. Work it over. Rinse it off with water.


2 Vick’s VapoRub Solution

Vick’s VapoRub is usually commonly used to relieve cough and cold symptoms.
You can also use this product to get the smell of manure off your hands. Take a small amount and rub it over your hands like you would use a hand cleaner. Dry off using a paper towel.


3 Toothpaste to the Rescue

We have it on good authority that this solution really works, so here goes: Start by washing your hands with regular soap. Follow up by cleaning them with some minty toothpaste. It will cut through the crappy smell and leave your digits smelling a lot better. You may want to wash with regular soap to avoid having minty fresh hands when you are finished, though.


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  1. Saturday night I walked through the house to go to bed and this awful smell like “manure / stagnant” water just wafted in and stayed in 2 main areas in the dining and kitchen area!! Open plan!! We checked a couple of things and just hoped it would have disappeared by morning!! Oh nooo worse than ever my partner checked the air vents (extractor ducts) pulled plinths off kitchen units thinking it may be a dead mouse rotting!!! Lifted some floor and can’t see anything then thought it was the springer dog and wondered if she rolled in fox poo but the office where they sleep (and lab) does not smell at all and it’s still in those areas downstairs have cut some onions in half and its helped a bit but it’s awful, I’m just out of hospital and it has not reached me upstairs yet but don’t think it’s going to be long!! We’ve washed the oak floor with disinfectant and now we’ve run out of ideas……


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