How to Get Rid of Burlap Smell

Burlap is a coarse fabric made from jute, flax, or hemp. It is used for a number of purposes, including making bags, Ghillie suits worn by hunters and military personnel, and other products, and to reinforce certain types of flooring. Burlap is also known for having a distinct aroma. Once you have encountered it, burlap will be permanently etched on your brain. It’s no surprise that someone would wonder how to get rid of burlap smell, since it is not exactly stealthy about launching an assault on your nostrils.


It’s been said that burlap smell is just as natural as anything you would experience while visiting a farm. That doesn’t mean you want other barnyard smells following you home, either. This guide will offer effective solutions for smacking the stank out of Ghillie suits, table runners or curtains. We also provide helpful tips for freshening up burlap wedding runners. You don’t need to be hesitant about dealing with burlap anymore. The stink can be conquered; you just need the right knowledge.



How to Get Rid of Burlap Smell from Ghillie Suits

1 Take to the Trees

The loose burlap strips on the top of a Ghillie suit can give off an aroma that is challenging to get rid of and that will advertise your position to a prey animal. If you have some time before you will be donning your camo gear and access to a nearby tree hang the suit up and leave it outside for several days (or longer). Over time, the burlap will lose its tell-tale aroma and you won’t need to worry about smelling like a newbie when you go hunting.


2 Foliage in a Trash Bag Trick

Add some foliage native from the area where you will be hunting to a trash bag. Throw your Ghillie suit on top. Seal the bag and allow the smell from the foliage to mix with the burlap from the suit. Don’t bring the suit into your home; you want it to retain its wild smell when you are wearing it.


3 Dig a Hole and Bury the Burlap Smell Issue

To get rid of the eww burlap smell, dig a hole in the ground and bury the Ghillie suit for awhile. Putting it on and rolling round in dirt, mud, and leaves will achieve the same effect. That could more fun, but we’ll let you decide.


Banish Burlap Smell from Table Runner or Curtains

1 Sprinkle Baking Soda on Surface

Baking soda is a great multi-purpose household deodorizer. Sprinkle a small amount over a burlap table runner to remove the bodacious smell from this fabric.


2 Sunshine Solution

Place the burlap outside in the sun and let rays go to work. The heat will help to alleviate the smell and freshen it up.


3 Iron It

Heat up your iron and go over it on a low setting. You may want to use a press cloth to be extra careful to avoid damaging the runner or curtains. The heat should help to smooth it out and deal with the funk factor.


4 Hand Wash, Vinegar Water Rinse

The last thing you want to do is damage the fabric, so start by washing the runner or the curtains in a mild soap and water solution. Rinse it in a solution of vinegar and water to get the smell out. Add an extra rinse in plain water to make sure you have removed all the remnants of the vinegar. Hang to dry.


Remove Burlap Stink from a Wedding Runner

1 Air It Out

If you are planning a “green” wedding and have decided to use a burlap runner for the ceremony, remove it from the plastic packing material well before the Big Day and unroll it. Leave it outside for a few days. Letting it air out should get rid of a lot of the smell associated with choosing this fabric. The smell itself is not toxic, even though some people may find it more unpleasant than others. The longer you give it to dissipate, the more likely you will be able to bring it down to an acceptable level before you will be using the runner.

2 Get it Wet

Rather than trying to throw the runner into a washing machine (this may cause it to unravel), try wiping it down with a damp cloth. You don’t need to use any soap on it; plain water will do the trick in this instance. Leave the runner flat to dry. This technique should dial help to get rid of the burlap smell factor.

3 Febreze It

This solution may not appeal to purists who want to keep their wedding celebration as green as possible, but it will help to get rid of the smell from a burlap runner. Give the fabric a light spray of the Febreze and let it dry completely. Be sure to use this product in a well-ventilated area and keep the nozzle close to the fabric. The last thing you want to do is create a huge cloud of product and start inhaling it. Once the Febreze has had a chance to dry, give the runner a sniff. If the smell is not gone or gone down far enough for your standards, repeat the process and give it another sniff test.


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