How to Get Poop Smell Out of Clothes

You can clean up after a poop accident, but are your clothes really clean? This is a situation where you want to really make sure there is no gag-worthy aroma after you do you wash.


If your laundry doesn’t smell fresh, it simply doesn’t feel clean. Find solutions for this problem and feel confident that you have banished all traces of poop from clothes.



How to Get Poop Smell Out of Clothes

1 Oxiclean the Smell Out

Oxiclean will lift the solid waste smell out of clothing. Start by placing the soiled items in the washing machine. Add 1 1/2 scoops of Oxiclean. Fill the machine with warm water and let the clothes soak overnight.


You can soak the clothes in cold water if you like. If you decide to go with this option, you will have to dissolve the Oxiclean powder in hot water before adding it to the machine. You can also try allowing the washing machine to start to go through its wash cycle (agitate) for a minute or so and then shut it off to allow the clothing to soak as directed above. Wash as usual the next day.


2 Washing Soda Solution

Add washing soda to your regular laundry to give it a boost and get the poopy smell out! You can find this product in the laundry aisle at the grocery store. You would put it in the machine along with your detergent. It will leave your clothing clean and fresh smelling.


3 Hang it in the Sun

Sunshine and fresh air can work wonders when it comes to getting smells out of fabrics. Start by rinsing the yecchy clothes in cold water and washing them as your normally would. Then take the items and hang them outside in a sunny spot. Let the power of the sun’s UV rays lift out the stink and leave only freshness in their wake.


4 Stain Remover and Vinegar One-Two Combo

This is a one-two combination that will zap out the stubborn smell of poop from clothes. Start by spraying stain remover on the stinky spot as directed. Let the stain remover soak into the fabric for a few minutes, then wash as you normally would. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle to give it a boost. It will cut through any residual stank and leave the clothes smelling fresh and clean.


5 Hydrogen Peroxide Soak

Mix up a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Add the soiled clothes and soak for 30 minutes. Wash as usual. The peroxide will lift out any stains from the poop as well. You can also use a peroxide and water solution to clean poop off of a baby’s high chair, exersaucer or other equipment after a blowout, if necessary.


6 Dawn Dish Soap Rescue

The grease-cutting action in Dawn dish detergent will go to work on organic materials as well. Pour some of the detergent directly on the stained clothes. You can scrub them a little bit if you wish. Wash the clothing in cold water.


7 Baking Soda in the Wash Solution

Baking soda is a good, all-purpose odor neutralizer. You may want to buy it in bulk so that you have enough of it on hand to deal with stank issues around the house. Try adding 1/2 cup to a load of laundry with your regular detergent to get rid of the smell of poop. You can use it with every load as a general freshener if you like, too.


8 Odoban and Water

Pay a visit to your local pet store and buy some Odoban. This product is used to neutralize the smell of pet urine and feces. Soak the smelly clothes in a mixture of Odoban and water, and then wash as usual. Add two cups of vinegar to the final rinse.


9 Tide with Febreze Laundry Soap

Sometimes you need to use a strong-smelling laundry detergent to get a strong stench out of your clothes. Use Tide with Febreze to knock the smell of the poop out of your laundry. The Febreze in the soap should leave it smelling fresh.


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