How to Get Fish Smell Out of House

Fish is a healthy alternative in compression to any other type of meat. While you body will love you for cooking and eating fish, it is very likely that your family and flatmates will not. Cooking fish can quickly fill an entire home, and leave a sharp fishy scent behind.

Fortunately, there exist several preventative steps to minimize the impact that cooking fish within the home has on the air quality. By following the below steps, you will be able to eat fish in fresh smelling home with a clear conscience.

Preventative Fish Odor Solutions

1 Open Windows

Taking this step prior to cooking fish will save you much headache later on. Be sure to open all of the windows within the kitchen as well as the windows within any rooms that connect directly with your cooking space that do not have a sealable door. As another rule of thumb, leave the windows open 10-15 minutes after you are finished cooking.

2 Run Stovetop Fan

Running the stovetop fan does much to suck out the most odorous scent of cooked fish from the kitchen and send it directly outside. The fan is located directly over the oven and stove, and works to catch the fish scent as it naturally climbs upwards prior to spreading throughout the home. As a preventative step, always begin the fan prior to beginning to cook your fish.

3 Close Kitchen Door

Keeping the kitchen door closed is essential to making sure that the smell of fish does not make it’s way thought the home. As a guiding principle, close the door prior to cooking and keep the door to the kitchen shut a total of 10 minutes after the cooking has completed. To take this step one further, a towels can be used to seal up the space under the kitchen door where the stench of fish may slip though if otherwise not in place.

4 Try to Oven Cook

Cooking fish within the oven creates less of a characteristic fishy smell than cooking fish on the stove top. Be sure to still run the stovetop top fan as this will work to further minimize the odors that are coming out from the oven.

5 Use Olive Oil When Frying

Use of cheap cooking oils like vegetable oil can add to the odor problem. Many on them have a characteristic smell that can intensify the fishy stench within your home. Whenever you are frying fish on top of the stove top, always make an effort to cook with olive oil.

6 Kitchen Febreze Spray Down

Once you’ve finished cooking your fish, try spraying down the kitchen with Febreze or another type of scented spray. In addition the the windows being open and the oven fan running, this should be enough to disguise any signs that a fish has been cooked within the kitchen.

Fish Odor Removal Solution

For those that cook fish on a regular basis, you may have the unpleasant side-effect of your kitchen beginning to smell like it. If this is the case, one of the following solutions can help to clean your kitchen and remove the fishy odors found within.

1 White Vinegar Wall Scrub

This household acid works well at striping built up odorous residues from surfaces within the kitchen. Mix solution of one part white vinegar and five parts hot water. Dunk a disposable rag within the solution, and proceed to scrub down the walls, ceiling and cabinets within the kitchen. Though the vinegar will smell during it’s application, it will dry away odorlessly and leave no trace of fish related odor behind.

2 Bleach Wall Scrub

Bleach works in a similar fashion to strip the walls of organic fish related build-up. Mix a solution of one part bleach with ten parts hot water, and proceed to scrub down the walls, ceiling and cabinets of the kitchen with a disposable rag. The windows can be open to speed the drying and minimize the chemical odor of the bleach within the kitchen.


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