How to Get Fish Smell Out of Carpet

When fish odors get within carpet there is usually a story to tell.  Whether the fish were freshly caught or fully cooked they both have the effect of emitting an unpleasant  pungent odor that is not easily removed from any surface.

Carpet presents an added challenge for such a smell as the many fibers make the the removal of odors quite challenging.  Fortunately, there exist several ingredients within the average household that will work in the elimination of unwanted fish stink.

Smell Removal Solutions

1 Treat Quickly

It is important that the carpet is treated immediately after the fish juice spill is made.  This will help prevent the juices from getting too deep within the carpeting and the underlying padding.

2 White Vinegar

After cleaning the carpet, white vinegar can be employed to neutralize the odors lingering within the carpet fiber.  Mix water and white vinegar in equal parts and proceed to pour the formula over the area of the spill. Provide 24-48 for the formula to set in and neutralize the odor.  After a day or two, return to blot dry this location with a dry towel and open window to speed the air drying process.

3 Baking Soda

After the area of the spill has been cleaned with carpet shampoo or dish detergent, retrieve baking soda and pour in heavy quantities over the location of the spill.  Baking soda has long been used for it’s absorption powers of smelly odor such like fish juices.  Allow 24-48 hours for the the powder to absorb all of the unwelcome aroma before returning to vacuum the baking soda from the carpeting.

4 Enzyme Cleaner

This substance works wonders at eliminating organic fish odors.  It harnesses the power of active enzymes which slowly eat through organic fish juice residues that remain within the carpeting fiber.  Pour a large portion on the location of the spill and provide 24-48 hours for the active enzymes to work their magic.  After this time has passed, return to blot dry the remaining cleaning moisture from the carpeting.

5 Rubbing Alcohol

The alcohol within rubbing alcohol works well at sterilizing organics and neutralizing odors.  Create a formula of rubbing alcohol and water in equal parts, and pour it over the location of the spills.  After 24 hours has passed, you can blot dry any remaining moisture from the carpeting.


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