How to Get Dog Smell Out of Couch

When our faithful companion snoozes on the couch, the hair and dander often builds up producing an unwanted aroma.  This can often cause embarrassment, as many dog owners are unaware of the severity of the odor until a guest notifies them.


Keeping the doggy odor under control may seem like a lost cause, however there do exist several preventative and cleaning solutions to eliminate the odor and ensure that it never returns.  By following the below tips, you will be able to increase your odds of wiping out the pungent pooch odor.


Quick Solutions

There is not always enough time to apply a long lasting smell removal solution to the couch.  When this is that case, the following tips can quickly cover the odors and reduce much of the odors.


1 Vodka

Fill a spray bottle with this party drink and thoroughly spray down the entire couch.  Be sure to remove the cushion to spray and spray down the entire surface area.  The alcohol within vodka kills much of the doggy odor and evaporates odorless.


2 Febreze

This product can work miracles on short notice.  Spray down the entire couch, making sure to remove the cushions to get the entire surface area and cracks.


3 Lemon Juice

This citrus fruit works well at neutralizing odors within odors within fabric.   The citric acid within lemons breaks down odors and adds freshness within the fiber.


Long-Lasting Solutions

If dealing with a stronger dog-based odor, you will need more powerful ingredients to rid the smell from your couch. The following tips can help you in wiping out these odors and return the couch to normal.


1 White Vinegar

The compounds found within white vinegar is fantastic at breaking down dander and doggy odor.  Mix a solution of one part vinegar to three parts water and spray down the entire surface area of the couch.  To be extra thorough remove cushioning and spray down all surface areas.  Leave windows open for a faster air dry time.  Once the vinegar evaporates, the odors will be swept away.


2 White Vinegar & Baking Soda

For an extra boost, baking soda can be added to a spray to absorb the odor.  Mix one part baking soda, two parts white vinegar and  four parts water and pour within a spray bottle.  Spray down entire surface area of couch, including under the cushions and into the cracks.


3 Enzyme Deodorizer

Canine veterinarians often recommend using a enzyme cleaner. If the above methods have not been effective, you can try the using a enzyme-based deodorizing spray.  The active enzymes within this spray work by eating the through organics like pet dander to return your couch to normal.  Spray down the entire surface area of couch and let air dry.



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