How to Get Cat Smell Out of Couch

Our feline friends are always be laying around the house and making themselves at home.  After much snoozing on furniture and couches, a build-up of cat salvia and dander can build within upholstery fiber and cause an unfortunate musky cat related odor. Rather than taking you feline friend for a vet check-up, this is a common odor that has several common household solutions.


With the right household solutions, you can freshen your couch and return it to normal.  The following solutions will make the couch smell like new and liberate it from the musky stench of your kitten companion.


Cat Deodorizing Couch Solutions


1 Enzyme Product Spray

Using an enzyme product spray is undoubtedly the most effective solution for removing the odorous dander and residues left within your couch.  These sprays are especially engineered to remove cat odors and harness the power of active enzyme to literally eat through your cat’s smelly organic materials.  Spray down the entire couch so that all areas are hit, and allow the solution to naturally air dry off over the next 6-8 hours.


2 Direct Sunlight

Although it sounds simplistic, a bit of sunshine and fresh air are often enough to lift away any cat related odor.  The open space, fresh air and UV rays work to combat the residues and neutralize them on the spot.  Wait for a sunny day and move your couch outside into direct sunlight within the morning.  Make sure it is placed within a location of your yard where it will receive a minimum of 8 hour of direct sunlight throughout the day.  If the smell persists after a day in the sun. you can try a second or third day for better results.


3 Vodka Mist It

The use of the party drink to combat odors has been in practice for several generations.  Pour vodka within a generic spray bottle and proceed to mist down the entire affected area of the couch.  The alcohol has the unique capability of neutralizing smelly residues on contact and proceeding to evaporate odorously away within 30-45 minutes.


4 White Vinegar Mix

This household acid is highly effective at eliminating odors within the home.  Mix a solution of one part white vinegar with five parts white vinegar within a generic spray bottle.  Proceed to spray down all affected area of the couch with a mild mist from the bottle.  Next, be sure to open the windows within the room that the couch is located to help speed up the evaporation of the formula.  As a side note, the spray will continue to smell of vinegar until it has completely dried.


5 Diluted Rubbing Alcohol

This solution works within a similar way as vodka by utilizing alcohol to neutralize odorous residues on the spot.  Mix a solution of one part rubbing alcohol with five parts water and proceed to spray down the affected area of the couch.    Allow 3-4 hours for the solution to evaporate away.


6 Lemon Juice Spritz

This solution harnesses the power citric acid has in cutting through difficult odors. Mix a solution of one part lemon juice with eight parts water within a spray bottle and mist down all cat affected areas within the couch.  Open the windows and provide 2-3 hours for the mixture to evaporate before putting the couch back into use.


7 Zipped Baking Soda

If the couch cushions have covers that can be opened through use of zippers, this method can help to lower cat odors and make sure that they do not reach high levels within the future.  Unzip each couch cushion and add in 1/4 cup of baking soda within  each cushion cover.  Zip the cushions closed and the couch will be ready for use.


8 Product Spray

There are several household deodorizing sprays that can be effective for mild cat related odors within the couch.  Products like Febreze and Glade can work to cover and neutralize mild feline odors within the couch.  Simply spray down the affected area and provide approximately 30-60 minutes for the product solution to evaporate away.


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