How to Get Burnt Smell Out of Microwave

We have all done it while following label directions of the popcorn package.  In the wreckage of our post-popcorn destruction, we often question what we have done wrong, and what we must do to remove the burnt smell that is left behind.


Though it may seem like this smell will never go away, there exist several steps that can be followed in removing the burnt popcorn smell baked within the walls of the microwave.  In this guide, a wide range of preventive steps and cleaning tips are offered for returning a microwave to it’s fresh original state.


General Household Solutions

1 Open Door

Immediately after popcorn or other foods have burnt within the microwave, leave the door open to allow for it to aerate. If the door is closed immediately after something is burnt it can condense and intensify within the microwave.


2 White Vinegar

White vinegar works well in breaking down smoke-based odors.  Fill a microwavable safe bowl with water and four teaspoons of white vinegar. Place the bowl within the microwave and run the appliance for 6 minutes.  This will help in spread warm vinegar stream within the interior and covering any residual odors.


3 Baking Soda

This household substance work great at absorbing odors.  Fill a microwave safe bowl with water and mix in 5 teaspoons of baking soda.  Place the bowl within the microwave and run for 6 minutes, allowing the steam to cover the walls of the microwave.  Allow for an hour to pass while the baking soda works to absorb much of the odor from the walls.  After removing the bowl, use a damp sponge wipe down all of of the walls of the microwave.


4 Real Vanilla

The smell of vanilla is very effective in covering unwanted smoke-related odors.  Fill a microwave safe bowl with water and mix in four teaspoons of vanilla.  Place the bowl within the microwave and run for 6 minutes.  Allow the moisture the sit on the walls of the microwave for 30 minutes be for returning to remove the bowl and wipe down the walls.


5 Lemon Juice

The citric acid within lemon juice works wonders in cutting through the smokey odors within the microwave.  Measure five teaspoon of lemon juice and mix within a microwave safe bowl of water.  Place bowl within the microwave and run on for 6 minutes.  Leave microwave door closed for a full hour before opening it to wipe down the lemon juice moisture from the walls.



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