How to Freshen Dog’s Breath

When “Man’s Best Friend” wants to give a friendly lick, cuddle up nearby, or play a game of fetch, that bad doggie breath can be very unpleasant. Dogs don’t know that their breath is offensive but they are sensitive to how you treat them. Don’t let your pooch feel unwanted and unloved because of bad breath. Especially when a dog is panting, canine bad breath can make your car smell or even an entire area of your house. Some people think dogs have naturally bad breath but this isn’t so. Your pet does not want to be offensive and really needs your help!

There are numerous things that you can do to freshen your dog’s breath and also to prevent bad breath in the future. These remedies will be easy to implement and will simply become part of your daily routine and regular pet care. Everything you need to keep Fido from having halitosis is probably right in your home.




Dog’s Breath Freshening Solutions

1 Spritz of Lemon Juice

Bad breath can be caused by a build-up of plaque and food debris between your dog’s teeth. Brush your dog’s teeth daily using a soft bristled brush and warm water. A spritz of lemon juice in the warm water will really help the cleaning process. It’s best to brush your dog’s teeth at the same time every day when your dog is generally relaxed so that the brushing procedure is calm and comforting.


2 Floss it Out

Twisted or braided rope toys can actually work like doggie dental floss between the teeth. Try sprinkling a bit beef or chicken broth on the toy to entice your dog to chew. Whenever you select dog chew toys, look for ones that will clean the surface of your dog’s teeth and exercise the gum area to cut down on smelly build up.


3 Make Dog’s Breath Minty Fresh

mint mouth Float spearmint leaves or peppermint leaves in your dog’s water bowl. Cut them in small pieces so that they will be lapped up along with a good drink. Just like mint freshens human breath, it works wonders on dogs too.


4 Parsley Your Dog’s Mouth Up

Boil a few parsley stalks in water for about 5 minutes. Cool the water before giving it to your dog in their regular water bowl. Don’t forget to bring “parsley water” on trips to keep canine breath fresh.


5 Carrot Cleaning

Carrots are a good healthy treat for your dog and help eliminate unpleasant doggie breath. Unlike meat chews, they are better for the teeth, are easily digested, and leave your dog’s mouth smelling clean. The other great thing about carrot snacks is that they are low calorie if you are conscious of your dog’s weight. Your pup will enjoy carrots as much as any dog treat. If your dog likes vegetables, celery is another great breath freshener. It is also low calorie, and easily digested.


6 Hydrate Your Pooch

Like humans, a dog’s good digestion keeps dogs from burping up strong food odors. Be sure your dog drinks plenty of water which aids in digestion. Also, drinking lots of water helps in another way. When your dog’s mouth is kept moist, the bacteria that can cause bad breath are less likely to thrive.


Good oral hygiene, good diet, and natural breath fresheners will make your dog’s breath pleasing to everyone. After all, your dog is your best friend and best friends take care of each other. Your dog will be healthier and more confident with great smelling breath.

If your dog’s breath continues to smell after trying all of these solutions, we suggest contacting your vet and looking into pet credit options.


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