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Some people employ a single scented candle to cover stinky bathroom disasters and onerous cooking smells. However truly ripe household odors require heavier artillery. Unfortunately more air purifiers are bulky and take up a lot of space making them ill-fitted solutions for small rooms prone to big odors like closets and bathrooms. For persistent heavy odors like cat box odors, stinky shoes, and cigarette smoke, merely masking the foul odors proves an inconsistent way to manage bad smells. Fortunately the Hamilton Beach True Air Odor Eliminator offers the elimination of heavy household odors in a small package by utilizing a unique combination of fragrance, carbon filtration, and circulation.


Uses & Benefits

The Hamilton Beach True Odor Eliminator provides a potent weapon in a small package in the war against smells. The tiny deodorizing unit plugs into any 110v outlet, making it a convenient option to place in rooms that play host to epic stink including kitchens full of overpowering cooking smells, mudrooms that stink of discarded shoes, and bathrooms that smell like… bathrooms.

The Hamilton Bech True Odor Eliminator features more than just an odor masking fragrance.The unit utilizes the natural absorption power of a carbon filter to suck in unwanted odors removing odor causing molecules from the air entirely and neutralizing them. A small fan circulates the purified air around the room, replacing unwanted odors with crisp, fresh smelling air. With constant use, the carbon filter lasts for approximately 30 days.

In addition to the carbon filter, the unit features a an optional fragrance cartridge to fill the air with pleasant fragrance once offending odors are absorbed. The fragrance cartridge lasts for about 30 days. The Hamilton Beach True Odor Eliminator also features a convenient timestrip filter replacement indicator to let users know when to purchase new filters. Users find the unit to be effective in the removal of heavy smells in small spaces including smells associated with tobacco use, heavy pet odors, and strong bathroom odors. The unit also features a small nightlight. The quick and continuous odor fighting power makes the Hamilton Breach True Odor Eliminator a true ally in quickly deodorizing troublesome spaces prior to hosting guests. Fan noise is low making it a discreet option. Guests will wonder how you keep you space smelling so fresh!


Deodorizing Strength and Power

Most heavy smells are quickly neutralized, surprising users with quickness with which offending odors disappear and are replaced with pleasant. The unit is best employed in small spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, or within proximity to the source of the offending odor such as strategic placement near cat boxes or your teenage son’s dirty laundry hamper. The efficacy of the carbon filter reduces over time. When used to treat consistently strong odors, the filter may need to be changed more frequently in order to maintain its highest level of deodorizing power.


Cautions & Warnings

No approved for use as an exhaust fan in kitchens, keep away from stovetops. If direct eye or skin contact occurs with the gel in the scent cartridge, thoroughly flush with water for 20 minutes. Contact a physician of irritation continues. Keep the gel side of the scent cartridge away from finished surfaces as the gel can damage the damage or remove the finish. Some people experience allergic reactions to fragrances including lung irritation and headaches. If these conditions occur, discontinue use immediately. Not appropriate for use in outdoor areas like garages and porches. Do not immerse in water. Mindful supervision is necessary in he presence of children. The unit does occupy an outlet, if outlets in a space are limited or need for other appliances the Hamilton Beach True Odor Eliminator might prove difficult to use on a consistent basis.


Common Active Ingredients

Carbon Filter for odor absorption and neutralization with a mini-fan to circulate air.
Optional Fragrance Cartridges

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