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Small places collect big smells especially those associated with tobacco, cat litter, and mildew. The Hamilton Beach Allergen Reducing Cleaner offers a air purification in a small, convenient package. HEPA-grade filters use tightly knit fibers to capture airborne particles and pollutants. HEPA-grade filtration systems remove over 99% of pollutants from the air making them a useful solution to reducing allergens and and capturing particles that cause odor.


Benefits and Uses

The small size of the unit and its portability makes convenient choice to combat smell and contaminants in individual rooms in a home, as well as small offices and dorm rooms. The three fan system offers versatility and keeps the unit’s sounds manageable throughout the day. The unit itself is designed blend seamlessly with the d├ęcor.

The Hamilton Beach Allergen Reducing Cleaner offers a low cost, small alternative to bulky or expensive air purifying units. As the air purification process is filter based, there are none of the associated ozone risks associated with ionizers.

Additionally the Hamilton Beach Allergen Reducing Cleaner helps alleviate allergens making this purification system a great choice for asthmatics and the allergy-prone.


Deodorizing Strength and Speed

HEPA air filtration systems like the Hamilton Beach Allergen Reducing Cleaner works continuously to reduce airborne pollutants and improve smell. While air quality improves quickly, it takes time for the filtration system to fully cleanse the air.

This particular unit only uses a HEPA filter which is designed to remove allergens and other airborne particles, but lacks any additional odor improving purification methods like ionization, activated carbon, or UV light. As such if smells emanate form a specific source after 24 hours of use, it is advisable to remediate the source of the odor with targeted cleansing and using the Allergen Reducing Cleaner to filter and purify the air only once the original cause of the smell is treated. The Hamilton Beach Allergen Reducing Cleaner works best in a smaller space in conjunction with an established cleaning and vacuuming to help improve air quality.

The unit offers three fan levels of circulations allowing users to choose the appropriate setting for their needs. Any initial odor treatment works best on the highest setting, however users may maintain good air quality on the low setting after the initial purification. The HEPA filter is effective at removing most odor causing particles from the air before they create unwanted smells. The Hamilton Beach Allergen Reducing Cleaner works best as a method to maintain good smelling air quality versus in small spaces versus as a method of treatment for deeply entrenched odors.


Cautions and Warning

The HEPA-grade filter offers limited to no health risks. The area around the Hamilton Beach Allergen Reducing Cleaner may need to be dusted or vacuumed on a regular basis as dust and particles drawn to the area tend to propagate in the area of the machine.

Some light sleepers find the fan on its highest setting to be an impairment to restful sleep. It is recommended that light sleepers run the filter on low

The unit should not be used in areas that may become damp or wet or exposed to gas or vapors.

While this unit is great for general air cleaning and keeping rooms fresh, it is not ideal for more intensive odor removal. If heavy odor removal is desired, seek an air purifier with additional carbon filtering or ionization.


Common Active Ingredients

The Hamilton Beach Allergen Reducing Cleaner employs a HEPA-grade filter and three speed fan system to pull and remove pollutants from the surrounding air.


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