Glade Automatic Spray Starter Clean Linen Review


It’s nice to smell nice. While normal cleanliness removes most normal household smells, carpet fibers, bedding, and just general living can create odors making an otherwise tidy home smells less than clean. Visitors often register the cleanliness of a space nose first. Automated sprays offer a pleasant smelling solution to otherwise dull, boring, or even unpleasant household odors. By taking the guesswork out of air freshening, an automated air freshener gives room new life to a room every few minutes on its own allowing users to brighten the smell of each room on regular intervals without lifting a finger.
Glade offers a wide range of familiar olfactory pleasing fragrances. Clean Linen represents one of the most classic scents in the Glade arsenal. The light, fresh scent helps a space smell like freshly laundered fabric every day—in fact, a room smells like fresh linen every minute.

Uses & Benefits

The Glade Automatic Spray Starter Clean Linen, 6.20-Ounce makes a great addition to any room that requires a little pick-me-up. The automated spray provides the option to mist on 9 minute, 18 minute, and 36 minute intervals allowing users to calibrate the timing of the spray to meet the individual needs of a space. The additional option to spray an additional fragrance boost as needed provides the opportunity for hostesses to fill the air with a burst of deodorizing fragrance right when the doorbell rings, guests the option spray after the toilet flushes, and after a diaper is changed.

The Glade Automatic Spray Starter Clean Linen makes a great companion for bedrooms, offices, pretty much anywhere in the house. The unit is also effectively employed in offices and waiting rooms to keep air pleasant and peaceful. Real estate agents make good use of the unit in vacated spaces like model homes or during open houses. Users can even swap scents to match the seasons. The unit also is compatible with other brands including those designed to neutralize the air, offering even more deodorizing power.The unique etched design allows the unit to blend seamlessly into the décor.

Deodorizing Strength & Power

The Glade Automatic Spray Starter Clean Linen, 6.20-Ounce offers limited deodorizing power and is best suited to keeping spaces fresh smelling versus expunging bad odors. The fragrance does provide moderate coverage for normal household smells like dirty laundry and light pet odors. The unit should primarily be used to enhance the smell of a space. Truly entrenched odor like mildew, smoke, and heavier pet odors should be cleansed and sanitized prior to use of the Glade Automatic Spray Starter.

The air freshener does provide good coverage for individual rooms and the regular intervals keep the fragrance consistent. Users choose the intervals at which the fragrance is dispersed. As the fragrances dissipates and fades, another shot of Clean Linen is right around the corner. The unit works best in conjunction with a normal regimen of of cleaning and sanitation. In order to maximize the benefits heavily pet trafficked areas should be vacuumed on a regular schedule. It is best utilized in small to medium rooms for full coverage, however may be employed in large rooms to good affect. The use of two units in especially large rooms proves ideal. Refills for the unit last for varied amounts of time depending on the intervals set but generally last from 30-60 days.

Cautions & Warnings

Some people experience lung, skin, and eye irritation as a result of the airborne spray. If irritation persists, discontinue use. Contents are highly flammable. Avoid contact with skin and eyes as well avoid ingestion of the spray. If direct inhalation occurs, seek fresh air. Not ideal for use in rooms where children may be left unsupervised. Some users find the spraying noise to be surprising or jarring. Most become accustomed to the noise over time.

Common Active Ingredients

Propane and Isobutane used as propellants.
Isoalkane and Acetone used as carriers.
SC Johnson proprietary fragrances

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