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Moisture in a home allows mold and mildew to proliferate creating odors that leaves rooms smelling unclean, tired, and musty. The DampRid FG83LV Hanging Moisture Absorber seeks to remove the moisture from the air in a home, leaving rooms smelling fresh and clean. Whether just typical humidity, or moisture associated with leaks and flooding the patented drying crystal technology of the DampRid FG83LV Hanging Moisture Absorber helps make the environment unfavorable to the growth of odor causing pollutants like mold, mildew, and others. In conjunction with added fragrances, the DampRid FG83LV Hanging Moisture Absorber offers an easy, non-electronic solution to fighting wetness related odors around the home.


Uses & Benefits

Using patented drying crystal technology the DampRid FG83LV Hanging Moisture Absorber absorbs humidity from the air preventing moisture related smells from developing in the first place. In addition to removing moisture from the air, the absorber also releases added pleasant fragrances to help improve the smell of closets and other small spaces that have been affected by moisture and wetness.

By offering non-electronic dehumidifier technology, the DampRid FG83LV Hanging Moisture Absorber provides convenient and portable moisture removal for a variety of rooms including bathrooms, laundry rooms, storage closets, basements and garages. Basically anywhere unwanted moisture exists can be targeted with the moisture absorbing drying crystals to prevent and remove odors. Just hang the convenient package wherever drying and deodorization is desired. The DampRid FG83LV Hanging Moisture Absorber also prevents allergens like mold and mildew from developing in moist, enclosed spaces keeping the air in the home breathable and healthy. Not only does the DampRid FG83LV Hanging Moisture Absorber contain and abolish odors, it also helps keep indoor pollution from allergens low.

The DampRid FG83LV Hanging Moisture Absorber also offers secondary damage prevention in the case of home floods. Users may hang in affected areas to reduce humidity to 50%, stymying the growth of mold and bacteria after a flood and preventing future damages. The DampRid FG83LV Hanging Moisture Absorber comes equipped with fragrance beads in a variety of fresh scents including cedar and lavender. One variety of the hanging absorber also comes equipped with activated charcoal. The activated charcoal serves to further eliminate odors by absorbing the particles that create existing troublesome smells as the drying crystals remove moisture from the air. This double layer of odor prevention and correction provides great results.


Deodorizing Speed & Strength

The added fragrance works to mask preexisting odors while the drying crystals remove moisture from the air. Full odor removal takes time as the crystals must absorb most ambient moisture in order to make the environment uninviting to new growth of mold spores and other bacteria. As soon as the area is dry and uninviting to odor causing growth, the smell leaves fully.

The DampRid FG83LV Hanging Moisture Absorber only works to remediate unpleasant house smells associated with moisture. Unpleasant household odors associated with pets, smoking, or other common household odors must be managed by different means. With the added charcoal filter, users might notice the removal of smoke, pet, and other smells not caused by household moisture.In especially damp locations, user might wish to use more than one The DampRid FG83LV Hanging Moisture Absorber to fully absorb existing moisture.


Cautions & Warning

Do not open package nor attempt to break up solidified crystals. The flakes may causes eye irritation. Do not breathe in dust. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and
clothing. Ingestion may cause nausea.

As DampRid absorbers are comprised of salt, they may have damaging effects on material if the package leaks or is opened. Do not hang directly near clothing as damage to fabric may occur. Keep away from metal and leather as well. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Common Active Ingredients

Anhydrous Calcium Chloride for odor absorption
Additional fragrance beads for odor-causing
Optional Activated charcoal filter for added odor absorption, not available in every variety of DampRid hanger.


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