How to Get Bleach Smell Off Hands

You dutifully scrubbed every surface until it shined to prepare for guests and now your hands smell overwhelmingly like bleach. The house smells fresh as it sparkles from your efforts, but your hands smell like a heavily chlorinated swimming pool. The odor of bleach on your hands smells antiseptic, off putting, and might even engage your gag reflex as you sit down for dinner.



How do you remedy hands that smell strongly of a job well done?

Bleach contains chlorine which is a strong alkali. The pH of alkalis neutralizes naturally when combined with any acid. However, in combining both alkali and acid it is possible to release harmful gasses. To reduce the chance of producing and inhaling a harmful gas, prior to applying any of these smell reduction methods be sure to rinse your hands throughly with tepid or cool water for a few minutes to reduce the amount of physical chemical remaining on your skin.

While all of these methods with eliminate or reduce the smell of bleach on your skin, many of the offered remedies carry their own odors. Select the solution that best meets your needs!




How to Get Rid of Bleach Smell on Hands

1 Splash with White Vinegar

Natures all purpose acidic cleanser neutralizes the bleach smell quickly and easily. Simply soak hands in 1:1 vinegar and water solution to reduce and remove bleach odor. Your hands may smell a little like vinegar after treatment, however the familiar salad dressing-like odor evaporates from skin more quickly than the heady chemical smell of bleach.


2 Lemon or Orange Squeeze

Similarly, the acid of lemon or orange juice helps to neutralize the chemical components of the bleach making your hands smell fresh and citrusy. Rub a sliced lemon or orange directly on your affected skin, or squeeze lemon or orange juice into a bowl of lukewarm water and allow your hands to soak in the mixture for a few minutes. Give yourself a full spa treatment and add some rose petals or basil and natural salts to give your hands a luxury bath.


3 Coffee Ground Rub

Use a palm full of dry coffee grounds to remove the chemical bleach odor and replace it with a warm, organic smell. The acid in coffee grounds both cuts the alkali of the bleach chemicals and the grounds absorb the offending odor. Rub the coffee grounds into your skin like an exfoliant, then dust of the grounds into the waste bin. Rinse any excess coffee into the sink. Your hands will smell of coffee, but in a pleasant and homey way far superior to the harsh smell of bleach.


4 Soap with Citric Acid

Lather up with a soap that contains citric acid to most effectively remove a bleach smell. A soap containing citric acid proves a gentle and effective solution for neutralizing the bleach smell, and leaves hands smelling clean and fragrant. Use a high quality hand soap with added moisturizers to relieve your hands of any dryness or chapping created when cleaning with the bleach solution.


5 Coconut or Almond Oil

Moisturize your skin with a subtle, yet fragrant all natural oil like coconut oil or almond oil. While these oils do not chemically neutralize the chlorine in bleach, they do offer a silky smooth scent to mask the odor of the bleach. Unlike store bought moisturizers, natural oils absorb deeply into your skin. Allow time for the oils to saturate and repair the affected area and reapply until skin appears hydrated and the bleach odor fades.


6 Flower Petal Squeeze

Pluck a few rose petals from your garden or centerpiece and rub them between your fingers until your skin absorbs the essential oils. The natural oils and fragrances from the petals serve to mask the bleach odor with a pleasant, natural perfume. Be sure to use nice smelling blooms like rose or honeysuckle, not all flowers smell so sweet!


7 Wear Gloves when Handling Bleach

Don’t forget to wear gloves next time! In the future a good pair of rubber gloves prevents your skin from absorbing the harsh chlorine of bleach in the first place. Not only will wearing gloves as you clean prevent unwanted hand odors, the gloves also protect your skin from the harsh irritation of the chemicals present in bleach cleansers.


Bleach smells strongly and the odor may linger on fingers and palms for days if left unattended. Prevent the absorption of strong bleach odor into skin initially by using gloves and using an appropriate bleach to water ratio to dilute the chemical cleanser. After use, employ your preferred method from above to remove, absorb, and cover the sometimes overwhelming odor of bleach.


10 Smelliest Personality Types

Do you have a smelly personality? That is not a question that is asked in polite company, is it? It’s possible that you may have certain traits or interests that make you more susceptible to stank. You wouldn’t knowingly want to offend anyone by being too funked out. If people are starting to avoid you for no good reason, your B.O. may be to blame. Check out this list of the 10 smelliest personality types to see if you (or someone you know) made the list.


The smelly personalities here are ranked according to the level of P.U. factor they inflict on the people around them. The more discomfort they have the potential to cause to others with their level of stankiness, the higher they placed on our completely unscientific scale. Do you agree with our assessment? Check out our findings below:




 10 Smelliest Personality Types

10 Old People

If you live long enough, you will experience Old People smell first hand. Unfortunately, by this point your own sense of smell will likely have deteriorated a bit. You won’t be able to realize that you fall into this category. The irony is that no one thinks they have the stale scent that is Old People smell. If your friends tell you that you do, please believe them.


9 Tree Hugger

If you are a Tree Hugger, it doesn’t necessarily mean are totally living in Stinkville. While you may have decided to forego using commercial deodorant, you may be using alum crystal products instead. (At least, we hope you are.) You may see sweating as a natural detoxification method. The rest of us know that not everything that is natural smells good.


8 Athlete

If you are an Athlete, you know all about giving your all for your sport. This includes breaking a sweat, and sweat stinks. If you want to be known as a force to be reckoned with in any type of sport, you need to push yourself to go “faster, higher, stronger.” Embrace your own stankiness and be the athlete you were meant to be. If you can’t be an athlete, you can always be an athletic supporter.


7 Camper

If you are a Camper, you are drawn to the Great Outdoors. Roughing it in the bush gets your adrenalin going. The issue with that as far as stink is concerned is that you are probably in touch with your Inner Mountain Man (or Woman), too. Personal hygiene is for sissies, and you want to have the full experience of getting close to nature. Your personal nature in the form of stank packs quite a punch, too, so you will need to hit the shower if you want to assimilate back into civilized society.


6 Pot Head

If you are a Pot Head, read this slowly. (There is a reason they call the stuff dope.) You and your clothing will give off the same sickly sweet smell as the Mary Jane you enjoy puffing away on. The stuff will also stick to your hair. You may want to think about that the next time you light up a J.


5 Sex Addict

If you’re a sex addict, you do more than your fair share of thinking about this most personal of bodily functions. It made our stinky personality list for a couple of reasons. For one thing, you are spending an inordinate amount of time having sex (either alone or with a partner). We figure this means you are more inclined to be sweaty than the average Joe or Jane. The second reason has to do with the funky bodily fluids you will be exposed to because of your addiction. Nuff said.


4 Chain Smoker

If you are a Chain Smoker, you already know that nicotine is harmful to your health. The smell from tobacco is another harmful issue. It clings to your hair, clothing and breath like an annoying little sister when you are trying to impress a hot date. If you light up at home, the smoke can stink up your furniture. You have the potential to be surrounded by a wall of self-created tar and nicotine gas. Nice, huh?


3 Perfume Addict

If you are a Perfume Addict, you have an issue with smelling like a human being. Rather than embracing your natural perfumes (or lack thereof), you try to embellish it by adding fragrance. In some cases, you may throw on multiple layers of perfumed products before you leave the house in the morning in an effort to look attractive. A cloud of sweet stank is still stank, my friend. Your friends probably won’t care enough to tell you, but you aren’t doing yourself any favors by bathing in the stuff.


2 Slob

If you are a Slob, your lack of self-esteem may be at the root of your slovenly appearance and your stank issues. You may also simply not know the basics of personal hygiene. Some people may not realize how badly their home-grown man or woman-stank smells (if you can believe it). The good news is that Slob-ism may not be a permanent condition. This may only be a passing phase for some people.


1 Hoarder

If you are a Hoarder, you have a compulsion to acquire stuff. You may focus on household items, collectibles, or animals. When you can’t bear to throw anything out, stuff is going to build up in your house. Not only will your “collection” end up being the cause of stank in your crib, but you will find it hard to keep yourself clean. For these reasons, Hoarder gets the dubious honor of the No. 1 spot on our list of the Smelliest Personality Types.


How to Get The Smell of Death Out of Your Nose

People who works in health care providing patient care may know more than he or she cares to about the smell of death. Ditto for first responders, medical students, folks who work in the Coroner’s Office and funeral directors. Depending on whether a patient or client is terminally ill or has already passed, they need to be able to do what is necessary while still being able to hold onto their lunch. It can’t be easy, since the smell of death is something that can be so foul it defies description in some cases. It’s been described as something so rotten that once you smell it, you never forget what it’s like. No wonder people are looking for ways to get relief from the foul, gagging stank that seems to linger on long after the event that triggered it has passed. This guide to how to get the smell of death out of your nose offers practical solutions to dealing with this particular occupational hazard.


Not everyone who may encounter the smell of death is a professional caregiver. You may be unfortunate enough to be at an accident scene or discover that a neighbor has passed away several days ago. Some unfortunate people have thought that they misplaced a soiled baby diaper in their apartment only to find out that the stench was the latter type of event. The suggestions listed here can help you get rid of the nasal nastiness the smell of death will deal to your nose.



How to Get The Smell of Death Out of Your Nose

1 Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Although this product will no doubt give you smooth lips, you can also use it to get the smell of death out of your snooter. Put a little bit of it on your finger and apply it right under your nose. The lip balm has a minty aroma that should mask the death stink.


2 Vicks VapoInhaler or VapoRub

Using a Vicks VapoInhaler as a solution to the issue of the smell of death is that it is portable and discrete. You can pull it out, take the top off and take a whiff as often as you need to. The stuff has a strong aroma that should kill any stank that has attached to your nose hairs quite easily.

You can also put some Vicks Vaporub under your nose to get rid of the smell. The only issue with this solution is that the product can be quite messy. It has a very noticeable smell, and it’s virtually impossible to be discrete about using it if you are going to be around people afterward.


3 Saline Nose Spray

Saline nose spray is available at the drug store. Check the label carefully before you buy it to make sure you are not getting a decongestant that you would use when you have a cold. The saline will gently flush out your nose and may take the stank with it.


4 Mint Chewing Gum

Break open a pack of mint gum. Pop a stick or two in your mouth and chew. You will want to go with a strong-tasting one, like peppermint as opposed spearmint. It will help, and you get fresh breath as a bonus.


5 Apply Some Toothpaste

If you don’t like the smell of Vicks products or you want to avoid having everyone in the room knowing you used the stuff, try applying a bit of toothpaste under your nose. Wipe it off after a minute or so. Use a minty flavor for best results.


6 Cigarette Filter Plug Solution

If you are already a smoker, light up a couple of cigarettes and smoke them. Peel the paper off the butts and shove the used filters into your nostrils. You will need to be very careful not to push it too far back. Otherwise, you may end up needing to see a doctor to get it removed.


7 Lemon-scented Body Wash

The smell of lemons will trump the scent of death every time. Take a hot shower and scrub with a lemon or citrus-scented body wash. Give your face and nasal area some special attention. This strategy should help you feel refreshed and get rid of the death funk.


How to Get Rid of Scalp Odor

Everyone wants their hair and scalp to be clean and fresh-smelling. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. When the smell-o-meter gets going up top, scalp funk has been described as “greasy.” It just feels dirty, even though you may have recently washed and styled your hair. When the scalp problem really gets bad, the language used to describe it moves into food territory. Some people have described it as smelling like potatoes or cheese. Do you really want to be described as Mr. or Ms. Potato Head? Unless you really want to smell like you are good enough to eat (and not in a good way), check out this guide to how to get rid of scalp odor.


The real culprit when it comes to a stinky scalp is bacteria. When these microscopic organisms move in and set up housekeeping, they announce their presence by creating a big, smelly mess. The level of reek has absolutely nothing to do with cleanliness. A stinky scalp is an embarrassing condition that would make the most confident person question his or her attractiveness. Unfortunately, you can’t turn off the stank. It’s going to follow you everywhere. You will be continually plagued with thoughts of how funked up you are today and whether other people are noticing the smell, too. Find a solution to the smelly scalp problem and look for cheese and potatoes in the kitchen – not on your head.



How to Get Rid of Scalp Odor

1 Drop Some Tea Tree Oil in It

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your regular shampoo to get rid of your scalp stank issue. This natural remedy will cut right to the quick in many cases and may be all you need to get rid of the smell. It does have a strong aroma, which not everyone appreciates. Start with two or three drops only. Wait a couple of days to see if your scalp starts to funk up again before reapplying the tea tree oil. You may find you only need to use this product occasionally to keep on top of the scalp odor problem. Weekly follow-up treatments would be a good idea if this option works well for you.


2 Virgin Coconut Oil Treatment

Start by pouring a cup of hot water into a small bowl. Add two teaspoons of virgin coconut oil into a glass cup. (You can buy coconut oil online at and retail stores.) Place the coconut oil in the cup and leave it there until it melts. . Massage the oil into your scalp. You can apply it when your hair is dry or damp. It will spread more easily if you start when your hair is damp.

Leave the coconut oil in your hair for at least one hour. You can put a shower cap over your hair and leave the oil on overnight if you wish. The longer you leave the coconut oil on your scalp, the better the chances that you will be able to get the smell problem under control. Shampoo your hair thoroughly to remove the oil. Rinse with cool water and style as usual.


3 Grapefruit Seed Extract Drops

Grapefruit seed extract can be used to tame a funky scalp. You find it at health food stores or online. Never use this product at full strength. You would add five or 10 drops of it to your shampoo and massage it into your scalp. Wash your hair as usual. Rinse out the grapefruit seed extract and shampoo.


4 Use a Medicated Shampoo

If you want to try a medicated shampoo to combat scalp smell, look for one that contains selenium sulfide. Check the label before you make a choice. If you need help, a pharmacist can help you narrow down your choices. If this option doesn’t help, you may want to consult to doctor. It’s possible the scalp odor problem is from a fungal infection that requires further investigation.


5 Orange Juice the Smell Out

Lean over the sink and pour orange juice over your head. Once your head is covered, put a shower cap over your hair. Leave it on your hair for 15-30 minutes. Rinse the O.J. out of your hair with warm water. Shampoo your hair and rinse with very cold water. The scalp odor should be gone.


6 Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Spray directly onto your scalp. Shampoo your hair right away. Rinse your hair with cool water. Repeat this treatment no more than once a week, since the vinegar treatment can be quite harsh to your hair.


7 Milk of Magnesia Treatment

Apply Milk of Magnesia to your scalp. Let it sit for at least an hour. Shampoo your hair and rinse with cool water. The Milk of Magnesia will help to cut down on the amount of oil in your hair, which may be contributing to the smell. If you choose this option, space out the treatments so you don’t dry out your hair while trying to treat the problem with your scalp.


How to Get Rid of Belly Flap Smell

Belly flap smell doesn’t sound very appetizing, and it’s no joke if you are affected by it. This embarrassing type of funk smells like sweat that has decided to leave its amateur status behind and turn pro. Since the stank gets trapped between the folds of skin, it has time to ferment and get really ripe.


If you are overweight or have recently given birth (especially by C-section),  you are particularly at risk for experiencing this particularly offensive brand of personal hygiene hell. It isn’t subtle at all, and this particular stank has a musty, dank quality about it that is even worse than arm pit odor.



How to Get Rid of Belly Flap Smell

1 Corn Starch the Stink Away

Moisture is definitely the enemy when you are dealing with belly flap smell. One simple and low-cost solution to dealing with the stench is to apply some corn starch to the affected area. Wash your skin and pat dry with a towel beforehand. Sprinkle a small amount on the affected area to keep the area under the flap dry as you go about your daily activities.


2 Antibacterial Soap-up

Try giving the skin a thorough scrubbing with an antibacterial soap. Rinse with clean water. Make a point of pulling the loose skin back to make sure you get all of the residue out. Gently pat dry after cleaning to avoid irritating the skin. If you notice the skin becoming red, discontinue use.


3 Go for Breathable Clothing

Natural fabrics are a much better choice than synthetics if you are having funky skin issues. Switch to cotton underwear if have been wearing nylon undergarments. Change your clothes immediately after working out or engaging in strenuous activity. You will also want to avoid tight-fitting or confining clothing to reduce the build-up of sweat, which will only lead to more odor.


4 Put Some Antifungal Cream on the Problem

Go to the pharmacy and buy an antifungal cream. Look for one that has Clotrimazole in it. You will probably be looking for a product used to treat vaginal yeast infections and that has a 1% concentration. Some products for athlete’s foot have this ingredient as well (read the label to confirm before you buy.) Apply it in a thin layer to clean skin once or twice per day until the smell is gone.


5  Use Gold Bond Medicated Powder

Gold Bond Medicated Powder is a specialized product that was developed to treat various skin conditions. If you are bothered by red, irritated and smelly skin in your belly flap, it can help. The best time to use this product is right after bathing. Apply directly to the area as directed on the container.


6 Keep Your (Baby) Powder Dry

There’s a reason new parents put baby powder on their infants’ bottoms at diaper change time. The powder creates a layer that keeps the baby’s delicate skin relatively dry, even when exposed to moisture from a wet diaper. Now fast forward a couple of decades (or more) and you can use the same product to keep the skin under a belly flap relatively dry. You will want to use the baby powder sparingly, though. Put a little of it in your hand and rub it over the affected skin; otherwise you will end up with a cloud of the stuff in your room that may cause breathing issues for people with asthma or similar conditions.


7 Blow Dry the Smell Outa There

This is another way to keep the skin under the flap dry. After bathing or showering towel dry and then grab a blow dryer. Set it to a cool setting to avoid burning your skin and use it to dry the area around and under your belly flap. You may need to lift up the loose skin with your free hand. Be careful not to keep the blow dryer in one spot for too long or you may cause irritation.


How to Neutralize Smell from a Colostomy Bag

If you’ve undergone a colostomy, it’s normal to be concerned about odor. Before the surgery, you dealt with going to the bathroom every day, but you didn’t have to see and smell it the way you do now. Keeping the smell controlled is a constant concern.



It doesn’t help much to tell yourself that other people who haven’t had the surgery aren’t constantly washing themselves after using the toilet. Since you need to either empty and clean/reuse or dispose of your colostomy bags, you can’t exactly get away from your solid waste concerns.


How to Neutralize Smell from a Colostomy Bag

1 Hydrogen Peroxide Funk Buster

If you are concerned about odor coming from your colostomy bag, you have options. One way to deal with the issue is to add a capful of 2% hydrogen peroxide to the bag when you change it. You can find this product in a pharmacy or a grocery store. This may not be the right solution for everyone; some people are put off by this product’s tendency to fizz up. It works by oxidizing hydrogen sulphide, the chemical responsible for the stank you get a whiff of when you change the bag. Adding it to your colostomy bag won’t just mask the funk, it will go on a search and destroy mission and wipe it out.


2 Mouthwash Spray Solution

Take some minty mouthwash and add it to a spray bottle with some water. You can also use one of the pocket breath-freshening sprays. Make sure you spray it before you empty the bag; it will keep the smell from getting out into the bathroom and making it all funked up.


3 Tic-Tacs to the Rescue

Tic-tacs are tiny little breath mints, and they can pack a big punch of taste. Who knew they could also be used to freshen up a colotsomy bag, too? That’s right; but you have to make sure to buy the minty ones. The fruity tic tacs won’t do nearly as good a job. If you want them for this purpose, you may need to find a place that sells them by the case. Just place the tic-tac in the pouch to keep the odor at bay. It’s a cheap and sensible solution to the problem.


4 Peppermint Oil Freshen-up

Adding a few drops of peppermint oil in the end of each bag you use is an effective way to neutralize the smell of a colostomy bag. The peppermint does have a strong scent that you may find challenging to get used to. It is definitely preferable to the alternative, which is to stink like poop. We’d recommend going for the peppermint.


Get Rid of Smell When Emptying Colostomy Bag

1 Crack Open a Window

Getting some air on the subject is one way to deal with the issue of a stanky colostomy bag change. If you can open the window and let some air into the bathroom while you take care of the business of emptying it, the process will be a whole lot more pleasant. Be sure to leave the window open for a time after you have finished emptying the bag, since the smell will not dissipate all at once. Leaving the bathroom door open to allow some air to circulate through the room will also help the cause, too.


2 Run the Ventilator Fan

Turning on the fan in the bathroom will help to diffuse the smell. If the fan is on a timer, set it for several minutes and let it go. You don’t need to worry about going back into the room to shut it off; it will stop automatically. Turning on the fan will also cover up the sound of any noises that result from ‘burping” or allowing built-up gas to escape from the bag.


3 Double Flush the Smell Away

When you are emptying your colostomy bag, make a point of flushing the toilet a couple of times. The double flush will help to wash away odor and leave the bathroom a bit fresher smelling after you are done. Be sure to inspect the toilet area for any spills and wipe them up before you leave the toilet area and go to wash your hands.


How to Get Rid of Asian Cooking Smell

While many people enjoy eating Asian food, the aroma of this cuisine is not one that they want attaching itself to their home or clothing. It tends to waft through the house and cling onto any and all surfaces that it encounters along the way. The stank is made up of an interesting combination of chill powder, chilies, curry powder, onions, cooking oil, garlic, salt and various other ingredients. No wonder the reek packs such a wallop when they are combined. Our guide focuses on how to remove Asian cooking smell in case you find some lying in wait after you make a stir fry or other similar dish.


Asian cooking smells aren’t easy to get rid of after eating a meal, either. We’ve included some solutions for getting rid of the funk from your breath in case you are concerned that brushing your teeth and using mouthwash may not be enough to deal with the issue. That way, you can enjoy Asian cooking with confidence that you won’t reek of the stuff after the fact.



How to Get Rid of Asian Cooking Smell from House

1 Lemon Water Boil-up

Start by placing a pot of water on the stove. Bring it to a boil. Squeeze the juice from two or three lemons into the water. You can toss in the rinds to give it an extra boost of citrus freshness. The aroma will spread through your house to get rid of the Asian cooking smell.


2 White Vinegar Cup Odor Absorber

White vinegar will absorb a number of household smells, including the unwelcome aromas from cooking. To send the stank packing, fill some cups with pure white vinegar. Leave them out overnight. Your place will only smell like a French fry factory for a short time. The vinegar will absorb the smell by morning.


3 Light Up Some Candles

Burning candles in your home can help to get rid of the smell of Asian cooking. Choose a scented one in a fragrance you find particularly soothing and light it up. A variation to this solution that will work is to add some concentrated oil to a candle burner. Plug it in and allow the fragrance to fill the room.


Get Asian Cooking Smell Out of Clothes

1 Store Them in a Cedar Chest

To keep your clothes from picking up a stanky Asian smell, avoid any prolonged exposure to the source of the issue. Buy a cedar chest and store your belongings in there. (Shop around for an unfinished style to get the best price.) Your clothes will have the much more pleasant aroma of cedar on them, rather than the heavier, greasier food smell. Another option if you don’t want to invest in a cedar chest is to place some cedar shavings in a tray in the bottom of your closet.


2 Cat Litter Stank Absorber

This solution will get the smell of Asian food out of your clothes closet, and you don’t need to have a cat to make it work. Spread some cat litter in a pan and leave it out. Over time, the the litter will absorb the smell, leaving your closet a much more pleasant-smelling place.


3 Oust Air Sanitizer Spray Solution

You can find Oust Air Sanitizer spray at Lowe’s and other retailers. This product is used to kill germs on hard surfaces and in the air. Close your bedroom door and spray the closet and the room. Give the spray some time to work before re-entering the bedroom and closet area.


How to Get Rid of Asian Cooking Smell Breath

1 Clove or Cardamon Treatment

You can banish the smell from Asian cooking from your mouth by placing one or two pieces of cloves or cardamon in your mouth. Be careful not to bite down or chew on them. Leave them in place for a few minutes and remove.


2 Drink Some Real Lemonade

A citrus flavor will combat the smell from Asian cooking. If you can’t stand to eat a lemon, drink some lemonade made with the real fruit. If you don’t have an old-fashioned recipe handy, look one up online and try it.


How to Get Smell Out of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions give you multiple ways to give your crowning glory a look that is all its own. You can go to a salon to have them applied or go the DIY route at home. A stylist can weave hair extensions in with your natural hair to create a loook that will stay in place for several weeks. Clip-on versions are available in synthetic and human hair types, and you can use them for a night on the town or every day if you wish. If you are wondering how to get smell out of hair extensions, this guide will give you the 411 you need to know.


Don’t let smelly hair extension issues get you down. Help is available for clip-ons that you want to wear on a temporary basis and to keep your scalp fresh if you like the look of hair extensions over a longer-term basis. We even have suggestions to help deal with stinky dreads.



How to Get Smell Out of Hair Extensions: Clip-Ons

1 Pet Odor Remover

If your synthetic hair extensions have become infiltrated by hard to remove odors like cigarette smoke, tackle the problem with a pet odor remover. These products are formulated to break down enzymes. Give the extensions a good soak before placing in a plastic bag for a day. Rinse thoroughly and let dry.


2 Febreze the Smell Out

You may not want to go to town with Febreze on human hair, but you can use this product to get the stank out of synthetic fibers. Spray them and let them dry before determining whether they need a second go-round to eliminate any remaining rankness.


3 Hang ’em High in the Fresh Air

If the issue causing the problem is due to sweat, hang your hair extensions out in the Great Outdoors for a couple of days. The combination of fresh air and sunshine will do wonders for freshening them up.


Control Odor and Care for Your Scalp with Hair Extensions

1 Vinegar in a Squirt Bottle Technique

You can try putting some white vinegar in a color applicator bottle and squirting it down the tracks of your scalp to control buildup and keep it fresh. Cider vinegar can also be used if you are concerned the white vinegar’s odor is too strong. Make sure that your scalp is fully dry after you wash your hair before you go to sleep.


2 Seabreeze Your Scalp

Apply Seabreeze to your scalp in the same way you would use shampoo at least once per week. Rinse it out thoroughly. This method will keep a sewn-in weave door-free without damaging your natural hair.

Deal with Skanky Dreads

1 Essential Oil Spray Spruce Up

A little tea tree oil or lavender spray will get rid of smoke or other unpleasant aromas that attach themselves to your dreads (natural or synthetic). You can wash them in the same way you would your natural hair and squeeze any excess water out (they would be quite heavy when wet) before trying this technique. It will freshen up your ‘do in a jiffy.

2 Throw Some Hair Mask On Them

If you have synthetic dreads and use a hair mask on your natural hair, rub some of the excess on the synthetic fibers. It will attach to the artificial hair and start working to keep the smell down in a single step. You’ll have a much nicer scent from the hair mask instead.

3 Steam the Stank Away

Standing in a steamy room that has been infused with fragrance should be enough to get the smell out of dreads that are filled with funkiness.  Head for the bathroom, close the door, and get the shower running. You’ll want to get the room all steamed up. Put a few drops of essential oil in the shower and stand in the room. You don’t necessarily need to get your hair wet you have generated enough steam from the show. If the smell is attached to your own hair, this technique will work on that, too.


Links Between Stress, Sweat and Body Odor

In a perfect world, we would be able to remain calm and never let anyone see us sweat. Real life is a to more complicated than that. We have so many demands on our time that stress is a normal part of modern life. Scientific research has looked for links between stress, sweat and body odor, and the results are very interesting. We can’t help but have issues with stink when we are feeling anxious, irritable, or frustrated. Even happy events can make us get all sticky and sweaty. Stress is not just about negative things. Getting married, having a child, being promoted at work are all good things, but they are all stressful events too. Our bodies can’t tell the difference between good stress and bad stress. It just responds to stress in one way – by making us sweat. That’s how we are wired.


Sweat glands are standard issue for human beings. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, after all. (You probably thought it was something else, didn’t you?) We have two types of glands that deal with sweat: eccrine and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are located all over your body and are close to the surface of your skin. Apocrine glands are found in places that have a lot of hair, such as your scalp, your arm pits and genital areas. The latter two spots are prime targets for sweat and BO when you get stressed, by the way. These are the places you notice that need some extra attention when you need to get cleaned up. Blame your pesky apocrine glands for making these areas so yecchy when you get stressed out.



Links Between Stress, Sweat and Body Odor

1 Emotional Stress and Body Odor

The type of stress you are experiencing may have something to do with whether you start to stink. It’s normal to perspire during exercise. This fluid is made up of water and salt and generally doesn’t have a very strong odor. When your emotions are at play, your apocrine glands produce a fatty substance onto the surface of your skin. Once there, it mixes with bacteria to create a type of stink soup. This is what you are smelling when you get a whiff of stress stank. It’s usually pretty rank. You’ll know when you have a problem with it because people around you will quickly take a step back from where you are standing. It will be like they come up against an invisible wall of stink and are unable to move past it.


2 Social Anxiety and Stank

People who feel awkward in public may have issues with stress, sweat and body odor. For individuals with full-blown Social Anxiety Disorder, the fear of being judged by other people can be debilitating. The idea of stepping out in public can be enough to trigger the “flight or flight” response that includes a rapid heartbeat and excessive sweating. For a person who is already nervous about his or her image, the suspicion that a funk issue may be brewing can be enough to keep him or her from venturing out in public.


3 Overactive Thyroid Problem

Overactive thyroid, or hyperthyroidism, can cause the body to produce higher-than-normal amounts of the hormone thyroxine. This causes a particular type of stress on the body, which leads to symptoms like weight loss, nervousness, sensitivity to light, and rapid heartbeat. It also causes increased sweating, leading to more body odor. A higher level of stank leads to more stress, which just turns into a vicious circle. If you are experiencing these types of symptoms, you need to make an appointment to see a doctor.


4 Low Carb Diet Culprit

If you have decided to jump on the low carb diet bandwagon,you may have unknowingly increased your personal funkiness. When you are under stress, your body to use carbs to help you get rid of stress. When this particular type of stress buster is not available to you, your B.O. will be more pungent than usual. You may even fall prey to bad breath that no amount of mints or mouthwash will be able to cure. You will need to decide whether the benefits of following the diet are worth these side effects. A much better choice may be  to eat a balanced diet that includes some low-calorie carbs, such as fruits, veggies, seeds, whole grains, and nuts.


5 Caffeinated Drinks and Stress

Drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages is an normal part of many people’s regular daily routine. The morning cup of Joe may not be the healthiest choice, however. Research has shown that starting the day off with a dose of liquid speed exaggerates the stress response. Sweating and stank are likely byproducts of someone who is diving for the coffee pot first thing in the a.m. Drinking coffee stimulates the nervous system and triggers a fight or flight response. If you ingest enough of the stuff,  you are going to start sweating more, which is going to mean more issues with body odor. You will be one of the funky bunch, and not in a any kind of a good way.


How to Get Rid of Smell in Belly Button

Belly button stink is an embarrassing problem. Many people don’t think to clean this particular area of the body, which means that dirt and dead skin can accumulate in the area. Over time, they start to reek and the stale smell mingles with sweat to form its own form of body odor soup. You could mount your own archaeological dig to excavate years of nastiness from your own body. Whoo-eee! A much better choice would be to check out this guide on how to get rid of smell in belly button and learn how to clean out your navel properly and get rid of the stank problem properly.


If you are overweight, your belly button may end up becoming a repository for bad smells due to lack of air. You will want to make sure the skin stays cool and dry. Moist, dark places become breeding grounds for bacteria and stank. If your nose is detecting something that makes you think, “What the….?”, it’s a sign that you need to try one of the solutions listed here right away.



How to Get Rid of Smell in Belly Button

1 Rub a Dub with Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing AlcoholRubbing alcohol can be used to clean and deodorize your navel. Start by dipping one end of a cotton swab into the alcohol. Take your hand and gently stretch the skin on your navel. Work your way around all the nooks and crannies to remove any built up dirt. You may need to use more than one cotton swab to get the entire belly button clean and sweet smelling, especially if you have never gone on a mission to clean it out.


2 Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Hydrogen PeroxideThe issue with using rubbing alcohol to swab out the nether regions of your navel is that if you happen to have a cut or skin irritation, you will end up hitting the ceiling. The alcohol is also very drying, which can end up causing more problems than simple stank. Hydrogen peroxide can be used in the same way as the alcohol solution listed above. It will clean out any minor cuts without causing you any pain.

If you want to have some fun with it, you can lie down on a towel and pour a capful of hydrogen peroxide into your belly button to see it fizzes up. If you see some fizzing action, it’s a sign that you have some kind of bacteria and that the peroxide is cleaning out the wound.


3 Smack the Stank with Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree OilYour belly button could be smelly because of an imbalance in body chemistry. Tackle it head on by cleaning out your navel with a cotton swab dipped in tea tree oil. You will need to repeat this process a couple of times per day for maximum effectiveness. If the issue is due to bacteria, it should bring the stank under control relatively quickly.


4 Feminine Hygiene Wash it Away

Femine HygieneYou can use a feminine hygiene wash on your belly button if you wish. These products are meant to clean and deodorize the skin, and you can’t hurt your navel by using one of them on this part of your body. You could apply it with a cotton swab if you wish, but you will want to make sure you rinse the area well after applying the product. It may be a good idea to lie down and pour a glass of warm water over your navel to rinse the detergent off. Dry with carefully with a towel before you get dressed.


5 Hibiclens it Out

HibiclensHibiclens is an antiseptic skin cleanser. It is available without a prescription at drug stores and online. You can soak a cotton swab in the product and clean out your belly button. For extra cleaning power, leave a clean cotton swab in place for a few minutes to allow the liquid to soak in. Once you apply the Hibiclens, it will continue to kill germs for up to six hours.