How to Get Vomit Smell Out of Room

When throw is left to sit, it can develop a smell so awful that it can consume all of the fresh air within the room.  The stench ferments within the flooring and seems as though it will never go away.

Fortunately, there are several solutions for freshening a room plagued by throw-up.  With the help of several household cleaning supplies, you will be able to wipe out this sharp odor and make sure it is gone for good.

Act Quickly

1 Scoop It Up

Once the vomit hit the floor within your room, you are in a race against time to clean this substance up.  The longer you wait, the deeper the juices will get within the flooring, and the more challenging it will be to clean and deodorize.  Be sure to get the majority of it content of this spill up before washing the spot down.

2 Dish Detergent

Create a warm soapy mixture of dish detergent to scrub this spot down.  Dunk rag in solution and continually scrub location ensuring to get all bits and pieces of the vomit up and out of the flooring.  Upon completion, all visible signs of the vomit lifted out of the location.

Household Smell Removal Solutions

Often cleaning a the location of an accident is not enough to odor.  By putting the following solutions to use, you will be able to wipe out the remaining odor producing residues within the flooring.

1 Open Windows

Before getting started with any of the below solutions, make sure that you have opened all of the window available to you within the room.  This will provide temporary fresh air, as well as needed ventilation to sweep out the stench.

2 Enzyme Cleaners

These types of cleaners are the best solution for wiping out organic substances like vomit.  Enzymes are a fantastic solution for vomit spills, as the solution will literally go to work at eating organic materials like vomit on the spot.  Simply pour a half cup of this onto the location that has experienced the damage and let substance air dry off.  Products like containing active enzymes like Nature’s Cure, can be purchased at most pet stores and large grocery stores.

3 White Vinegar

Pouring a small amount of white vinegar on the spot can do wonders for removing the unwanted vomit odors. Vinegar has chemical properties that work to neutralize almost all organic odors, including throw-up.  By pouring a small portion on the source of the smell and leaving it to air dry, your will be able to remove much of the unwelcome aroma.

4 Baking Soda + Hydrogen Peroxide

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are excellent cleaner and also work well in deodorizing acidic spills like vomit. Mix one teaspoon baking soda,  three tea spoons of hydrogen peroxide and one cup of water, and pour on the location of the odor.  Let the mixture seep into the flooring and evaporate carrying much of the vomit smell out.  As an added benefit, any floor discoloration left from the vomit will likely be lightened and lifted of from the lightening properties within both baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

5 Baking Soda

Pour a heavy amount of baking soda on the location of the spill and let powdery substance sit for 24-48 hours.  The baking soda will work slowly to capture much of the odor producing acids and neutralize them.  After a day or two, return to the spot to vacuum the powder up, leaving freshened flooring behind.

6 Vodka

This substance has been used for generations as a deodorizing compound for household spills.  Pour a half cup of the vodka on the location of the acidic accident and let alcohol cut through the vomit residues.  After the substance has evaporated, you can enjoy a room free of vomit odors.

7 Cat Litter

This another dry substance that works great and pulling unwanted organic odors out of flooring.  Sprinkle a heavy amount of this substance of the location, and let sit for 24-48 hours.  After a day or two, return to vaccuum the cat litter up and return you room to it’s previous odor-free condition.

8 Febreze

This product works wonders at cutting through a wide range of odors.  When the smell produced from the vomit is not great, you may wish to use this product to give the spot a heavy spray down.  Let the location air dry, and kiss much of the acidic odor away.


How to Get Dog Urine Smell Out of Hardwood Floors

When your canine companion sprays their bodily fluids on hardwood floors, it can create a pungent odor that can be quite difficult to eliminate.  By the time that the puddle is found, it has often had several hours to sit and be absorbed.  For this reason, just wiping your puppy’s fluids up is often not enough to avoid the long-lasting stench of an unplanned accident.

Fortunately, there exist several options for removing such odors from hardwood flooring.  In this guide, several tips will be provided for neutralizing this smell, and adding freshness back within your flooring.

Dog Urine Smell Removal Solutions

1 White Vinegar

This is the most effective solution for wiping out urine odors within hardwood flooring.  It directly counteracts the ammonia smell within your dog’s urine and neutralizes the area in which it is applied.  Mix a solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts and  scrub down location.

2 Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another viable solutions for cutting down on this odor.  The chemical compound cuts through the odor, and has a secondary effect of removing dark spots caused by urine.

3 Baking Soda

After soaking up the urine and cleaning the area, sprinkle heavy quantities of baking soda on top of the location.   Let baking soda sit for 24-48 hours to pull residual odors from the hardwood flooring.

4 Cat Litter

Shortly after cleaning, pour kitty litter on the area of the accident. Similar to the baking soda, let the kitty litter absorb remaining odors for 24-48 hours.  Upon completion, sweep up kitty litter leaving fresh floors behind.

5 Murphy’s Oil Soap

This product is made specifically for cleaning and deodorizing wood. Let Murphy’s Oil Soap sit on location for 5-10 minutes before you rub in and off of spot for best results.

6 Nature’s Cure

This products does wonders in eliminating urine smells and is often recommended by your local veterinarian.  Nature’s Cure introduces specialized enzymes that work by eating odor causing organics up on the spot.  Let solution sit for of 20-30 minute before scrub it off the spot of the accident.


How to Get Smell Out of Apartment

When living within an apartment, there is a great need to eliminate unpleasant odors as soon they develop. The living space is often small, so you want to make sure that you’re making the most of it.

Odors can develop from a variety of sources, and vary in their degree of difficulty to remove.  Fortunately, by taking the proper steps in neutralizing your flat’s funk, you will be able to return freshness back within your apartment.

Simple Smell Solutions

1 Open Windows

Opening the windows will provide some temporary relief, and work to sweep much of the aroma outside.  This solution is most effective with short-lived bathroom, cooking and bodily odors.

Smoking Smell Solutions

1 Bleach

Open the windows within your apartment, and create a solution of one part bleach for five parts water within a bucket.  Using a large spunge, wipe down the walls, making sure to be delicate enough not to harm the underlying paint.  If the ceiling is flat a flat surface, it is advised that you do the same treatment to this surface as well.  After covering all of the walls and ceiling with this solution you can let the fresh air sweep through the apartment to air dry and carry away the smell.

2 Vinegar + Baking Soda

If you prefer to avoid using bleach, an odor reducing formula from baking soda and vinegar can be produced.  Mix 1 part baking soda, 1 part vinegar and 5 part water and mix thoroughly.  Taking a large cloth and work this solution into all of the wall and ceiling surfaces within the apartment.  Once completed, you can open the windows and allow fresh air sweep to through the apartment.  This will air dry the moisture from the interior, and clear out much of odors from the apartment.

3 Baking Soda

Carpet can be a major challenge for removing smoke odors.  The smoke gets within the visible carpet fiber and often makes it’s way within the underlying padding.  As a solution, you can sprinkle baking soda in high quantities across the flooring and work the powder in with your feet.  After leaving baking soda to sit for 24-48  hours you can vaccuum the powder up.

For an entire guide on removing smoke odors from your apartment, click here.

Urine Smell Solutions

1 Step 1: Black Light + Baking Soda

Surveying the apartment with a black light can save you time in locating the sources of the urine odor.  After shutting all of the blinds within your apartment, turn on your black light and begin surveying the floor.  When you come across a glowing splotch, you can drop a small amount of baking soda as a marker.  After surveying the entire apartment, you can open the blinds, and begin using activated enzyme solution on these locations.

2 Step 2: Enzyme Based Cleaning Agent

Cleaning solutions that utilize enzymes are essential for cutting through pet organics like urine.  The enzymes go to work in eating the odor producing residues and neutralize odors within the fiber. Simply pour a cup of the enzyme solution on the affected area making sure to fully saturate it.  You can then blot the area of the solution, and letting the remaining moisture deep within the carpeting air dry. As the the solution drys, much of the unwanted aroma will be carried off.  Enzyme cleaning products like Nature’s Miracle and black lights can be purchased at any pet store.


How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Apartment

There are several reasons for removing smoke odor from an apartment.  You could be covering the odor up for a visitor or just removing odors from a previous tenant.  Either way, there exist individual benefits for masking this odor and adding a bit of freshness to your living space.

Fortunately, there are several household solutions for removing this this smokey aroma, and regaining control of the smells within your apartment.  In this guide, there are a range of tips offered to further your odds of of eliminating your cigarette inspired odor.

Smoke Surface Solution

1 Bleach

Develop a cleaning solution by mixing 1 part bleach with 6 part water within a large bucket.  Proceed to apply this solution to all of the flat surfaces within the house, including the walls, ceiling and floors.  Make sure that windows are open during the process to allow fresh air to sweep through and carry much of the moisture and unwanted smoke odors out.

Smoke Carpet Solutions

1 Vinegar + Baking Soda

Typically, it can be very challenging to remove smoke odors from carpeting.   The smoke can get into the fiber and deep down in the underlying padding which makes it very difficult to treat.  Your best chance stands in making a solution of vinegar, baking soda and water.  Create a mixture of one part baking soda, two parts white vinegar and ten parts water.  Pour content within a spray bottle, and proceed to thoroughly spray down the carpets within the house.  You may need to refill the bottle several times to make sure that the carpet gets moist enough to all for this solution to soak in.  Next, open all of the window within your house to allow for this solution to air dry.

2 Baking Soda

If you were unable to removal all of the odor with baking soda and vinegar, you can try sprinkling high quantities of backing soda over the entire surface of the carpeting.  Be sure tho let this baking soda sit within the carpet between 24-48 hours to allow time for the powder to absorbe the remaining smoke smells.  After a minimum of a day, you can return to vacuum this high quantity of baking soda up and out of the carpet.  After this, your carpeting should be left smelling odor-free.

Smoke Fabric Solutions

1 Wash Linens

Any linens within your apartment should be placed through detergent wash to get out smokey odors.  Be sure to wash everything you can fit within your washing machine, including the curtains, chair cushions, sheets, pillows, sofa covers, clothing in your closet.

2 Steam Cleaner

Large upholstery couches and recliners require a steam cleaner due to their large size.  Pour extra quantities of vinegar in with the steam cleaning detergent when using the cleaning hose to neutralize odors within these pieces of furniture.  Large items like couches may take a long will to dry out, so it is recommended that you leave the window open while the furniture is drying out.


How to Get Sex Smell Out of Bedroom

Sex smell can build into a musty funk so pervasive that it can take over the entire house.  When grooves get going, this pleasure often leaves a stagnant musk that can be smelt long after the deed is done.


Fortunately, there exist several solutions of minimizing and removing this smell from the bedroom.  By following the below tips, can make sure that you extracurricular activities slip by undetected.

Sex Smell Solutions

1 Open Windows

After the performance, be sure to open up the windows in the bedroom as well as the rest of the house.  This will get air circulating throughout the room and will sweep the smell of your sweaty activities outside.

2 Dispose of Evidence

If there are soiled tissues or condoms, be sure to dispose of these as soon as possible within an outdoor trash bin.  If these are left inside, they can have an effect of evaporating into the walls, and creating a distinctive musk within the room.

3 Wash Sheets

Depending on how crazy your partner and yourself like to get, you may want to consider washing the sheets.  As a rule of thumb, if the fun times lasted longer than 30 minutes, it might be a good call to throw the linens for a detergent-filled rinse and spin.

4 Vodka Spray

If there is a spray bottle on hand, you can fill it with vodka and spray the room down.  Vodka has the effect of getting within fiber and neutralizing odor.  As vodka dries, it lifts off much of the unwanted aroma.

5 White Vinegar Spray

White vinegar is similar to vodka in reducing odor.  Once you acquire a spray bottle, fill it partially with white vinegar, and begin spraying down the room.  Since vinegar does not have alcohol to speed it’s evaporation process,  it will be a good idea to open the window to aid in this objective.  Once the vinegar dries, the sharp smell that it produces will go away with it.

6 Febreze

This product does wonders on short notice.  If you are working on a tight timeline, be sure to spray the entire room down and consider opening window to speed the drying process.  Opening windows will also help sweep away the scent Febreze can leave.  This scent can be overwhelming if you are spraying in high quantities and it could be a signal to a visitor that something is being covered something up.

7 Candles

While candles are often one of the factors leading to sex, they can also be a handy tool for clean up.  By lighting candles after sex, you can burn away much of the remaining odors and add a scented aroma to the room.


How to Get Weed Smell Out of House

When you have house visitors, and you often don’t want all of them to know that smoke pot. In a world of parents and landlords, keeping a squeaky clean reputation has a rather large upside.



Lingering odors are one of the greatest giveaways to any house visitor that you smoke pot. Despite your rationale for keeping these extracurricular activities on the DL, there are several things that can be done to cut down of the potency of the leftover smells.


Quick Smell Removal


1 Open Windows

Make sure that you first open all of the window within your house.  Do so will allow fresh air to sweep through and carry off any unwelcome weed odor.  To speed this process up, you can even use a window fan to push the stagnant air outside.


2 Febreze

This product works great at masking the smell of weed on short notice.  By spraying down your the rooms where you have been smoking the most, you will be able to vastly reduce the detection of the odor.  It is smart to have this spray stored within arrives where you regularly smoke to have on hand with short notice.


3 Spray Cologne or Perfume

On short notice you can also spray high quantities of cologne or perfume around your apartment.  In many cases, this has the effect of covering the smell, but may seem suspicious that you are trying to cover something up.


4 Cigarettes

Another quick solution is to smoke a cigarette.  Cigarette smoke is a bit stronger than weed, and does a great job at mask the odor.  Be sure to greet you visitor while  smoking the cigarette, so you leave no confusion as to where the odor is coming from.  Additionally, be sure to keep a pack nearby,  in case you need to use it on short notice.


5 Ozium

This product works wonders at cutting through odors.  It also comes in a variety of smells and many prefer it to Febreze due to it’s extra strong smell and small size.


Smoking Methods


1 Joints  (Very Potent)

Don’t smoke joints in the house.  They carry the strongest odors and cause the house, as well as your clothes, hair and hands to smell of weed.


2 Bongs  (Mild Odor)

Bongs produce much less marijuana smell than joints.  The smoke gets partially purified from traveling through bong water, which causes the smoke to be more purified.


3 Vaporizers (Virtually No Odor)

Using a vaporizer allows you to make a significant cut within weed odors within your house.  This tool leaves almost no odors behind, and is a great solution for being respectful of non-smoking roommates.


Long-term Smell Solutions


1 Bleach

Make a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water within a large bucket.  Using a sponge scrub down all surfaces including the walls, ceiling and floors with this solution.  Be sure that windows are open during this process so that the moisture can evaporate and sweep any remaining traces outside.


2 Baking Soda

If your carpet has a distinct odor of weed, it can be tricky to get this odor out.  Be sure to sprinkling high quantities of baking soda over the entire surface of the carpet, and let the powder sit for 24-48 hours.  After a minimum of a day has past, you can vacuum all of the baking soda off from the carpet.  The baking soda should have absorbed much of the odor by this point, leaving your carpets smelling fresh.


3 Smoke Joints Outdoors

Due to joints smelly nature, be sure to never smoke a them while being indoors.  If you need to smoke indoors, you may want to consider purchasing an vaporizer to cut down on odors.


How to Get Vomit Smell Out of Carpet

When we’re sick, we don’t want to worry about getting vomit smell out of the carpet.  This involuntary upchuck often hits us when we are least equipped to clean and deodorize it. As undesirable as this housekeeping is, the need to immediately treat the acidic spill is often an unfortunate necessity.

In this guide, there are a range of solutions provided for neutralizing vomit odor and adding freshness back within your carpeting.  By following the below tips and tricks, you will be able to increase your odds of returning your carpet back to it’s original state.

Action Plan

1 Scoop Up Immediately

Once throw-up hits the carpet, you should take action as soon as possible to get the it out.  You are in a race against the vomit from setting into the padding located below the carpeting.  You will need to use an instrument with a hard edge for this purpose. Spoons are effective tools and help in retrieving the majority of the vomit pieces from the fiber.

2 Shampoo

Mix a solution of one part shampoo to four parts water, and pour on the affected carpeting.  Scrub this location until all remnants of the vomit have risen and sequentially scooped off with paper towels.  This is often a dirty task, but it is important to get all of the bits and pieces up and out of the carpet.

Household Smell Removal Solutions

1 Club Soda + White Vinegar

Mix a cup of club soda and 4-5 tablespoons of white vinegar together and pour over the troubled area of the carpet.  Let this sit for 1-2 hours, and proceed to remove the contents of this solution from the carpeting by blot drying with paper towels until the area is dry.

2 Ammonia + White Vinegar

Mix ammonia, white vinegar and water in equal parts and pour the contents onto the troubled spot of the carpet.  Similarly, let this area sit for 1-2 hours below returning with paper towels to press out the liquid solution from the location.

3 Hydrogen Peroxide + Baking Soda

Mix a cup of hydrogen peroxide with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and pour the contents onto the smelly area of the carpet.  Let sit for 1-2 hours before returning to press out the moisture from this solution with paper towels.

4 Vodka

Pour a cup of vodka on the location of the carpet where the vomit odor is coming from.  Vodka works to break down organic compounds and neutralize odors.  Allow this area to air dry without assistance of paper towels.  If you have an inexpensive bottle, this is definitely worth a try.

5 Laundry Detergent

Mix a cup of water with 1-3 teaspoon of laundry detergent, and proceed to pour solution on the location of the carpet experiencing throw-up odor.   After 1-2 hours, rinse this area with additional water, and press moisture out of carpet with paper towels.

6 Sprinkle Baking Soda

After trying one of the above solutions, you can try sprinkling baking soda onto the location of your carpet with an unpleasant odor.  Baking soda works to break down the butyric acid which is located within our intestines. By sprinkling baking soda on the location, it will neutralize the acid and create an oderless sodium butyrate.  After 24 hours, you will need to vacuum up the powder.

7 Steam Cleaner

If you have a carpet cleaner, some of the above solutions can still be of benefit before using this household tool.  If you do not own a carpet cleaner, you may wish to try some of the above solutions by hand before renting an expensive device.

Product Smell Removal Solutions

1 Nature’s Miracle

This type of solution is used by many carpet cleaners to get tough odors out.  This product can be bought at any pet store, and works by introducing enzymes that eat away at smelly organic matter.


How to Get Smell Out of Freezer

Freezers provide an airtight frozen environment to preserve left-overs for a later date.  However, if the freezer is improperly closed or experiences a power outage, an overpowering smell can develop with time.  This rancid odor is almost always the result of thawed food that has gone rotten.

The first step to get getting rid of a freezer odor is to remove all of the contents and throw away any food that has gone rotten.  Although removing the rotten food is usually effective, the following solutions can help to freshen especially difficult odors in a freezer.

Freezer Smell Removal Tips

1 Wipe Down

Mix a solution of dish soap or baking soda with warm water.  Using a soft sponge, perform a thorough wipe down of the walls and floor of the freezer, leaving no areas untouched.  If the stench is still present after preforming these steps, please move forward with the following solutions.

2 Kitty Litter

Sprinkle fresh cat litter in into a large cookie sheet and place it within the freezer. Close the freezer door and allow for the absorbent granules to sit overnight.  Continue this process nightly until the cat litter has absorbed the odors and has left your freezer smelling fresh.

3 White Vinegar Steam

Create a solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts, and pour within pot. Place the pot on the stove and heat until a boil begins to appear.  Next, move boiling pot into freezer and close the door. The boiling vinegar will produce a stream that can quickly cover the interior walls and flooring on the freezer.  Return to the freezer after two hours and wipe the vinegar from the freezer siding.  The smelly residues will react to this acid and create a water soluble material that can easily be wiped away.

4 Activated Hardware Pellets

Buy activated hardware pellets from the hardware store. Place these pellets on a cookie sheet and proceed to place the sheet inside the freezer.  Keep freezer closed overnight while the pellets slowly absorb the stench of rotten food odors. Remove sheet in the morning and consider repeating this method for a second or third night if any odor remains.

5 Imitation Vanilla

Pour imitation vanilla into a small sauce bowl and dip 10-20 crumpled paper towels within the ingredient.  Place the vanilla dipped paper towels within the freezer and close the door to sit over night.  By morning, the vanilla will have masked the residual stench and left a soft and welcoming aroma inside the freezer.

6 Coffee Grounds

Pour coffee grounds into a shallow pan and place within the freezer over night. By morning, the coffee grounds will have absorbed much of the odor and added a subtle aroma of coffee. If any unwelcome smell remains, try this for a second or third night until the odor is removed.

7 Crumpled Newspaper

Give freezer a light spray of Windex to moisten the walls. Proceed to wad up several balls of newspaper and stuff them within the space.  Once freezer is sufficiently packed,  Close freezer and keep the door shut for 24-48 hours.  After this time has passed, the Windex and newspaper will have lifted and absorbed much of the residual odor.

8 Bleach

When all else fails, bleach works great in breaking down the odorous proteins left from rotting food.  Simply mix bleach with water in equal parts and wipe down the interior of the freezer to eliminate any remaining odors.

9 Flip Freezer

If smell remains after trying all of the above methods, it may be an indication that the odor’s source is located in other parts of the appliance.   Often, when the meat decomposes, it’s juices can drip down into the coils and into the freezer’s base.  To check for this, flip the appliance on to it’s face and scrub down the coils and base with a bleach mixture if odorous residues are found.

10 Open Freezer

As a final resort, check to see if any meat juices have potentially dripped inside the insulation of the appliance.  Carefully remove parts of the appliance to expose the interior insulation.  Wait for a clear day outside, then place the interior insulation in direct rays of the sun. After a few days sitting in the sun, the open space, fresh air and UV rays will help to neutralize the odor.