How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car

If someone has sparked-up within your car, you will need to take precaution to avoid the smelly after-effects left in the automobile. Undoubtedly, smoking weed within a car is not a wise decision.  It is both dangerous and risky, as you could harm someone and being caught smoking weed on the road commands a DUI.  Just as drinking and driving is frowned upon, authorities do not differentiate when marijuana is found within the confines of an automobile.

This guide is written as a one-time solution, rather than a habitual solution for smoking weed on-the-go. By following the below steps, you can cut down on many tell-tale weed odors, and minimize the scent within your car.

Smell Removal Solutions

1 Roll Down Windows

If someone has smoked within your weed within your car, the first thing that you can do it roll down the windows.  Opening the windows and airing out the car has a steady effect of lowering the odor built up within the car.

2 Febreze

This product works wondering in neutralizing smoke-based odors.  Spraying this product around your car is an effective solution for neutralizing this unwanted aroma.

3 Spray Cologne or Perfume in AC Vents

As a quick solution, turn the AC on full blast and spray either perfume and cologne into the vents.  This will have a the quick effect of masking the weed odor within your automobile with a strong personalized scent

4 Cigarettes

You can effectively mask weed related odor by smoking several cigarettes within the car.  Be sure to keep the windows shut while smoking the cigarettes to make sure that the tobacco odor is effectively infused within the car’s interior.

5 Ozium

Similar to Febreze, this product works well at neutralizing odors within the interior of a car.  Many prefer this product due to it’s strong at masking solution and small packaging.

6 Tree Freshener

While this is not a solution in itself, it can only help in masking weed odor after someone has smoked within your car.


How to Get Smell Out of Ugg Boots

So, you’ve got smelly Uggs?  It is not surprising considering that they are the only enclosed shoes that that requires no socks.  Unfortunately, socks play the role of the go-between from the foot to the shoe.  When socks are not used, disaster strikes.


As with most shoes that people go commando in,  it is quite normal for an unpleasant smell to develop with time.  It occurs as a result of a build up of sweat and dead skin particles that rub off after continued use. In this guide, several solutions are available to wipe-out the odor inhabiting your Uggs.  In using the following tips, you will increase your chance at eliminating your Ugg-based odor.


Ugg Smell Removal Solutions

1 Baking Soda

Pour 1/4 cup of baking soda into each of your shoe, and shake thoroughly to ensure that the powder gets deep think the wool fiber lining.  Let sit for 24 hours and shake out all of the powder contents.


2 Fabric Softener

Place two fabric softener sheets at the middle and bottom of the Ugg boots.  Set your hair dryer to max heat and aim it down into each foot hole for a minimum of 3 minutes each.  Doing this will activate the sheet to release there odor resistant compounds within the woolen interior.


3 Activated Charcoal Briquettes

Take activated charcoal briquettes and place them within two pairs of old nylon leggings.  Once one legging filled with briquettes deep down into both of the boots for 24-48 hours.  This compound works well in neutralizing odor, and thankfully leave zero powder behind.  You may wish to keep these nylon enclosed briquettes handy to place within your Uggs when they are not on your feet.


4 Remove & Deodorize Liners

Many authentic Uggs allow you to take the linings out.  If you find this to be the case, you can then place them within a sealable container filled partially with baking soda.  Upon closing the container, shake thouroughly and let site for a minimum of 24 hours before removing and placing lining back within your shoes.


5 Rotate Liners

Many Ugg dealers carry replacement linings for approximately 15 dollars.  By purchasing a second pair of linings, and always treating one pair, you will be able to rotate linings to make sure that you never have smelly Uggs.


6 Dry Cleaners

As a final solution, you can take your Uggs to the dry cleaners every few months.  They will be able to clean them and remove the odor, without introducing any moisture based cleaning methods notorious for ruining Uggs.


How to Get Smell Out of Leather Shoes

Smelly shoes are one of the most uncomfortable things to deal with in social situations.  We have all been in a predicament where we have not wanted to take off our shoes to avoid unleashing our individual foot odor.

Due to the nature of leather, removing the odor is additionally challenging as the material often does not react well to water.  Fortunately, there exists several solutions for removing this unpleasant aroma from leather shoes without washing the entire shoe.  This guide will provide a range of solutions will be provided to aid in the elimination of your personal brand of odor.

General Household Solutions

These functions will help in neutralizing nearly any odors that exist within leather shoes. Use more than just one of the below solutions for greater success.

1 Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most effective household solutions for the absorption of unwanted odors.   Measure a half cup of baking soda for each shoes and pour into opening.  Shake shoe lightly to disperse the powder evenly across the base of the padding.  Finally, place shoes within an enclosed  paper bag or cardboard box.  Allow the shoes to sit for 24 hours before pouring the baking soda out and wearing the freshened footwear.

2 Activated Charcoal

Though slower than other methods, this solution works great in absorbing odors from the interior of leather shoes. Place two activated charcoal briquettes within both ends of an old pair of nylon leggings.  Proceed to place one end in one shoe and the other end deep within the second shoe.  Next place this all within a cardboard box or brown bag, and allow for it to sit for 3-4 days.  After this time has passed, you can remove the nylon enclosed charcoal from the leather shoes and wear them without any residual odors.

3 White Vinegar

This household substance is used in a variety circumstances for cutting through difficult odors.  Soak two socks within white vinegar and then lay them along the length of the shoe’s interior.  Place shoes within a enclosed plastic bag for 24 hours before removing them to air dry.   Upon removing the shoes from the bag, pull out the socks and allow 8 hours for the smell of the white vinegar to evaporate away.

4 Crumpled Newspaper & Vanilla Extract

Crumpled newspaper and vanilla is a wonderful combination for removing odors from leather shoes.  Once you have crumpled enough newspaper to fill both shoes, sprinkle light amounts of vanilla extract on the paper before filling the shoes. The newspaper will slowly absorb the odor while the vanilla extract adds a desirable aroma.  Keep the newspaper wads within the shoes for an entire day for best deodorizing results.

5 Clean Cat Litter

This substance works just as well with cat droppings as it does with neutralizing shoe odors.  Measure a half cup of clean cat litter and pour within each shoe.  Be sure to lightly shuffle the shoes to evenly distribute the contents along the bottom padding. Next, place the shoes inside an enclosed brown bag or cardboard box.  Allow shoes to sit for 24 hours before returning to pour out the cat litter and begin wearing the shoes again.

6 Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can absorb odors and freshen by enhancing the shoes with subtitle coffee bean aroma.  Pour coffee grounds within a filter and push contents within the footwear to the toe area of the shoe.  Allow for the shoes to sit for 24-48 hours before removing the filter containing the grains.  Take precaution to avoid spilling any grains within the interior of the shoe as this may cause staining within the padding.

7 Fabric Softener Sheets

If the above materials are not available, fabric softner sheets can be used to mask the odor.  Place three sheets within each shoe, and leave to sit over night.  The leather shoes may still contain a hint of odor, but the majority of the foot stench will be masked by the dryer sheets.

8 Replace Cushion

In the worst case scenarios, replacing the cushioning within the leather shoe is an effective and affordable solution for treating odors within leather shoes.  Replacement cushions can be purchased starting at 10 dollars.

Preventative Solutions

The following suggestions are preventative actions to avoid the need to deodorize shoes.

1 Rotate Shoes

By rotating shoes, you are provide the shoes a daily breather to aerate in-between uses. Less sweat accumulation, means that less odorous bacteria will be living within the shoe. This in invaluable in cutting down on built up foot odors within leather shoes.

2 Reuse Activated Charcoal Nightly

By ritualistically using activated charcoal within your shoes when they are not in use, you can be assured that they never develop an odor.  After enclosing the charcoal within an old pair of nylon leggings, the same homemade insert can be used for multiple months before loosing some of it’s effectiveness.


How to Get Vomit Smell Out of Car

Dealing with throw-up inside your car is undoubtedly one of life’s least pleasant experiences.  Even after everything has been cleaned, the sharp sour smell can permeate and cause nausea on the part of the passengers.

Fortunately, there exist several solutions for removing this odor and adding freshness back within your automobile.  By following the below tips, you will be able to increase your odds of eliminating this unwelcome acidic odor.

Plan of Action

1 Scoop Up Immediately

Once the vomit hits the car seat or carpeting, it is very important to take fast action to scoop up the contents up.  The longer that you let the vomit soak into the interior, the more challenging it will be to get the odor out.  Using an instrument like a spoon with a hard edge can be helpful in getting up all of the nasty bits and pieces.

2 Shampoo

It is equally important to shampoo the carpet immediately to draw out and neutralize any of the odors before heightening within the decomposition phase.  Be sure to scrub the interior thoroughly and continue to rinse and repeat.

Residual Smell Removal Solutions

When a lingering throw up odor remains, you will need to try one of the below solutions for wiping out the remaining organics within your car.

1 Window Down

It may sound silly, but driving with your windows open can introducing fresh air inside your car and provide a lasting impact on reducing the residual smell of vomit.  On the short-term, this is suggested for temporary relief until you completely remove the unpleasant bile odor.

2 Club Soda + White Vinegar

Create a mixture of club soda and white vinegar in equal parts and pore over the locations that continue to smell of vomit.  Let this solution soak into the the fabric and underlying cushioning for 1-3 hours.  Once completed, blot dry the location with a clean hand towel to draw out the available moisture.  You may wish to leave your windows open for the next few days while driving, as the vinegar will continue to carry an aroma until it has fully evaporated.

3 Ammonia + White Vinegar

Mix one part ammonia, one part white vinegar, and two parts water and pour formula over the location in the car that has experienced the vomit odor. Let the formula sit for 2-3 hours before blot drying the area to extract as much moisture as possible.  As previously explained, the scent of vinegar will likely remain until it has fully evaporated from your car’s interior.

4 Hydrogen Peroxide + Baking Soda

Create a mixture of one cup of hydrogen period with 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda and pour over the affected location smelling of throw-up.  After 2-3 hours, return and blot dry until you’ve drawn as much moisture from this location as possible.

5 Vodka

It may sound foolish to introduce the smell of vodka within your automobile. Fortunately, this alcohol will become odorless once evaporated.  Pour a half cup of vodka on the location within the car smelling of vomit.  Let this solution sit of an hour before returning to press dry this fluid with a clean hand towel.  Fortunately, the remaining alcohol moisture will dry quickly and will leave your car completely odorless within 24 hours.  During the drying process, it is recommended that you leave the windows open to expedite the evaporation process.

6 Baking Soda Pile

Pour a hefty amount of baking soda on the location within the car that continues to have throw-up odor.  Leave this to sit and draw out the odor for the next few days while you continue to use your car.  Once you no longer smell the vomit with the windows closed, it will be time vacuum up this deodorizing powder within your car.

7 Steam Cleaner

When all else fails, go out and rent a carpet cleaner.  These machines work small miracles in getting deep down within seat cushioning to wipe out any unwanted acidic aromas.

Product Smell Removal Solutions

1 Nature’s Miracle

This is a wonderful product for cutting through the most resistant throw-up odors, and is available at any pet store. It introduces a range of active enzymes which eat away at the vomit’s organic compound, and eliminates the odor on the spot.  After pouring this formula over the location, provide 3-4 hours for it to set-in and deodorize. Finally, you can blot dry the spot with hand towels to remove the majority of the remaining moisture.

2 Febreze

This is a great product for reducing odors and works off similar principles as vodka.  If you need to get a larger kick from you bottle, unscrew the top and pour some of the formula over the location smelling of throw-up.  This area can be pressed dried with a hand towel hours later after it has made a deodorizing effect.