How to Get Smell Out of Rubber Rain Boots

Rubber rain boots keep your feet dry but no one likes the tire smell they emanate. Keeping your feet dry shouldn’t be this much of a hassle.


New rubber boot smell is caused by off-gassing. This is a normal reaction to the manufacturing process, but it doesn’t mean you have to live with the smell. Get tough with it and use one of these solutions to eliminate it.



How to Get Smell Out of Rubber Rain Boots

1 Get ’em Dirty

If your goal is to get the new rubber smell out of the boots, you need to get down and dirty with them. Grab a handful of grass and rub it all over the boots. Follow up with some good old fashioned dirt and rub it right in to the boots. They can take it. This should get the new smell right out of them and replace it with a more lived in type of stank.


2 Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda Spray

You can make your own recipe to get the rubber smell out of your boots by mixing up a batch of 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide, 1 quart of distilled water, and 1/4 cup of baking soda. Place the ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray the boots thoroughly to get the smell out.


3 Ghost Wash the Smell Out

Ghost Clothes Wash Scent Eliminator is used by hunters to remove the human smell from clothing. Spray the boots liberally with the product and allow them to dry overnight to get rid of the rubber smell. This product can be ordered online.


4 Bury them in Grass Clippings

Don’t discard your grass clippings the next time you are working on your yard. You can use them to get the rubbery smell out of your new boots instead. Take the boots and place them in a half bag full of the green stuff. Cover completely with grass. Leave them in place for a couple of days. When you pull the boots out, all you should be able to smell is grass instead of rubber.


5 Kitty Litter Solution

Kitty litter is an excellent product for absorbing odors. For best results, choose a good quality brand. Place the litter in a plastic bag and put the boots on top of it and close it tightly. Let them sit for 24-48 hours before removing them.


6 Baking Soda Shake-up

Baking soda is a great choice if you need to get the rubbery smell out of your boots, and you probably have a box of it on hand at your home. Take a large plastic bag and sprinkle some it it inside. Place the boots in the bag and tie the bag shut. Shake up the bag and let it sit for a couple of days. The baking soda will absorb the smell.


7 Vinegar Scrub Down

Give the rubber boots a thorough cleaning with pure white vinegar. We have it on good authority that this product will get hog smell off rubber boots. If it can tame that foul stink, it will have not problem dealing with the new rubber smell. Just mix up 1/4 cup of vinegar in a pail of water and use a rag or a sponge to clean your boots.


8 Take them Outside

Fresh air and sunshine will help to kill the rubber funk in your boots. To keep water and assorted “pets” from entering your boots, drive a couple of stakes into the ground. Turn your boots upside down and put them on top of the stakes. Leave the boots outside in a sunny spot for a couple of days. When you return to check on them, inspect them thoroughly to see if they still stink. If you detect some odor, leave them in place for a few more days. If not, they are ready to take inside.


How to Get Smell Out of Emu Boots

Emu boots are a comfortable and popular type of footwear. The boots were originally designed by surfers to keep their feet warm after a day spent on the waves. They may be an eco-friendly choice made from sheepskin but these boots also have the potential to trap and hold foot odor like nobody’s business. The boots will act as a magnet to trap and hold the stale stank that is generally known as “the agony of da feet.” This guide will share tips and hints to help you get smell out of Emu boots.


An effective strategy for dealing with the boot odor issue is to stay on top of it as soon as you get a sniff that it’s an issue. Check out the solutions listed below and use them often. Don’t let the foot funk problem get ahead of you if you can help it. You want to be aggressive here. If you try one solution and it doesn’t work for your particular foot stank issue, try something else. Your goal is to have boots that don’t take the paint off the wall when you pull them off. Give yourself the time you need to find the right solution. It’s a much better choice than holding your nose.



Helpful Tips for Deodorizing Emu Boots

1 Baking Soda and Corn Starch Mixture

Corn StarchMix up a solution of 2 teaspoons of baking soda and two teaspoons of corn starch. If you want to add something extra to this anti-stank remedy, you can add a few drops of essential oil if you like. Not only will it banish the smell from your Emu boots, but it will soften the inside of them as well. Shake it into your footwear and leave it overnight. Shake out the excess the next day.


2 Natural Grass Deodorizer

GrassIf you want an all-natural way to de-funk your boots, try grass. We are not talking about the type that other people would be tempted to roll up and smoke to zone out for awhile. Take some fresh grass clippings and stuff them into your boots. Leave them in place for a few days. The grass will absorb the offensive smell from your boots. Who doesn’t like the smell of a freshly-mowed lawn? Now your boots can have the same lovely smell in stead of smelling like feet! We think that’s a win-win proposition.


3 Take the Newspaper to the Problem

Crumpled NewspaperWhen your boots are made for walking on their own because of the stank factor, you need to do something about the issue. You can get the smell out of your boots and be kind to the environment at the same time by stuffing them with some old newspapers. Leave the papers for a few days before checking the boots. If there is any lingering offensive aroma, simply replace the newspaper with some fresh stuff and recheck it in a few more days. You can always make a point of stuffing your boots every time you take them off to absorb odor and wetness and keep any smells at bay.


4 Borax the Stink Out

BoraxThe reason your Emu boots are smelling stinky is due to bacteria. If you want to kill the bacteria where they live, sprinkle some borax into each boot. You can find this product in grocery stores (check the laundry aisle) or online. Sprinkle one teaspoon into each boot to get the job done. As a bonus, the borax will also kill athlete’s foot.


5 Scented Dryer Sheet Tuck

Fabric SoftenerIf you are looking for a mess-free solution to the issue of getting the smell out of your Emu boots, try tucking a scented dryer sheet into each one. Leave it in place to absorb the odor overnight or until you are ready to wear them again. The advantage to this solution is that you don’t have to deal with any  powders getting onto your socks or pants when you wear your boots next time. Simply replace the dryer sheets between wearings to keep the smell to a minimum.


How to Get Smell Out of Jazz Shoes

When executed by skilled artists, dance is a beautiful art form. No one in the audience thinks about what happens when the dancers take off their shoes, though. The term “jungle rot” from stinky shoes and feet never comes to mind at that point. Jazz shoes take a beating. The combination of hours of practice and constant sweat mean major foot funk. Those babies are stink-y. There is no way of getting away from it. This is Grade A level foot odor that will hunt you down and slap you up the side of the head. If you want to talk about suffering for your art, this is one place to start. Unfortunately, everyone else in the room will share the same fate if you can’t get the smell under control. This guide will provide helpful tips for how to get the small out of jazz shoes.


Since jazz shoes get such a hard workout from dancers, they tend to accumulate a higher level of stank other types of  footwear. Sweaty feet create the perfect environment for bacteria to set up housekeeping. When you smell foot stink, you are being alerted to the presence of these tiny organisms. Go after them aggressively and lower the risk of clearing out the room when you take your shoes off after a practice or a performance. Your fellow dancers will definitely thank you for it. The people living in your house will also be grateful for your diligence. If the foot odor issue is bad enough, it may even escape from your dance bag into your car. You really want to get on top of this one, and keep your shoes fresh as you can.



Odor Elimination Solutions for Jazz Shoes

1 Baking Soda Baggies

Baking SodaYou can make your own baggies to absorb odor and keep your shoes sweet smelling. Take a paper towel and lie it on a flat surface. Pour 1/4 cup of baking soda in the middle of the paper towel. Fold the edges of the paper towel into the middle and secure with a rubber band or a clip so the baking soda doesn’t escape. Place the baking soda baggies into the toes of the jazz shoes after each dance class. They will absorb the moisture to keep the foot funk factor down to a minimum.


2 Scented Dryer Sheet Toss

Fabric SoftenerAn easy way to deodorize a pair of shoes quickly is to toss in a scented dryer sheet. Simply choose a fragrance that you like and stuff it inside your jazz shoes. You can also toss a dryer sheet  into your dance bag to keep it sweet smelling. Change the scent every so often to get some variety.


3 Febreze the Stink Out

FebrezeThis solution involves a one-two process. First, you spray the inside of the shoes with Febreze. Then you place them outside while the Febreze is drying. The combination of the air freshener and the power of the sunshine should banish the bad odors from the shoes. Leaving them out overnight is best if you have the time to do so.


4 Rubbing Alcohol and Water Spray Solution

Rubbing AlcoholYou can mix up a solution of rubbing alcohol and water to mist the foot rot stank out of your shoes. Put it in a spray bottle and treat the shoes spray them lightly. The alcohol will remove the stink as it dries, which should not take very long. Repeat each time you wear the shoes to try to keep on top of the smell issue.


5 Odor Destroying Insoles

Odor Destroying InsolesPlacing odor-destroying insoles in your shoes should help with the issue of keeping your jazz shoes from stinking up the room when you remove them. There are a number of brands on the market. You may need to experiment with a few before you find the one that will work best for you. Look for one that contains activated charcoal, since this is the material that will absorb the foot odor. Dr. Scholl’s Odor Destroyers is a brand that a number of dancers find effective for dealing with stinky jazz shoes.


How to Get Smell Out of Moccasins

Whether using traditional decorative moccasins or simple ones that have been styled for use around the home, this footwear can develop foot odor similar to any other type of shoe. The stench within the moccasins is often more directly a result of an absence of socks during the use of the footwear.


Fortunately, there remain several household solutions to lift the odor from moccasins to have them smelling fresh. By using the tips and tricks outlines below you can be sure that the shoes are deodorized and ready for use.




Moccasins Smell Removal Solutions


1 Fresh Air + Direct Sunlight

All that is required to deodorize most moccasins is to let them air out within the sun. The fresh air and open space will help to diffuse any smelly wet residues within the moccassin. Additionally, the direct ultra violet rays will work to neutralize the any odorous bacteria within the shoes. For best results, make sure that you place the moccasins within a location outside where they are sure to receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. If any smell remains after the first day, try placing them out for a second or third day.


2 Sprinkle Baking Soda

This odor absorbent household powder has been used for generations for pulling in difficult odors. After each use of your moccasins, be sure to measure 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda to be added within each set of footwear. After applying the baking soda, be sure to give the shoes a light shuffle to ensure that the baking soda makes its way down within the smelly toe area of the shoe. This solution can be used nightly until no odor remains within the moccasins.


3 Cat Litter

Though normally associated with treatment of cat waste, the use of cat litter can be a very effective absorbent for foot odors. Scoop a half cup of this deodorizing granule to be poured within each moccasin. Next, proceed to lightly shuffle the moccasins to ensure that the granules make there way to the toe area of the footwear. This method can be perform this task nightly until the moccasins are smelling fresh. In addition, the cat litter can be stored after use to be reapplied the following night.


4 Insert Activated Charcoal

If you have the time, the use of activated charcoal can help remove odors and ensure that your moccasins stay fresh. In order to make the appropriate activated charcoal inserts, you will need to cut the nylons in half and put several briquettes within the foot area of each stocking making sure to tie a knot to enclose the activated charcoal. Next, you will want to place these nylon enclosed activated charcoal inserts within your moccasins nightly until no foot related stink remains within the shoes.


5 White Vinegar + Newspaper

As a final solution, white vinegar can be used to cut through the odorous bacteria residues living within your moccasins. Mix a solution of one part vinegar with three part water inside a generic spray bottle. Proceed to spray this mixture within the moccasin’s interior, making sure that it has reach the toe area of the shoe. Finally, stuff wads of newspaper within the moccasins until no space remains within either shoe. Finally, allow the moccasins to sit for 24 hours before returning to remove the newspaper and place the shoes within the sun to aerate.


How to Get Smell Out of Converse

After daily use of your favorite pair of Converse, you may find a recognizable foot odor emanating from the depths of the shoes. This funky fume is often a sign that the shoes have a foot related bacteria building within them.


Fortunately, there are several household solution for treating odors within Converse to freshen the shoes and remove any foot stench. By following the deodorizing solution below, you can add a freshening touch to your pair of Converse and have them smelling like new.



Converse Smell Removal Solutions


1 Rotate Shoes

Smells often develop within Converse shoes when they are worn too often. Constant use can have the effect of not allowing the needed airing out time required to dry out the odorous residues. As a preventative solution to this problem, the shoes can be rotated with another pair to ensure that one pair is being aired out while the other is being worn. This method can also help with maintaining a fresh apperance on a daily basis, as Converse shoes come within a range of colors and styles.


2 Sprinkle Baking Soda

As an old tried and true method, the use of baking soda to absorb difficult foot odors can work well in deodorizing Converse shoes. Measure 2-3 teaspoon of the deodorizing powder and sprinkle within the interior of each shoes. Proceed to shuffle the Converse lightly to ensure that baking soda makes it all of the way down to the toe area where the smells are at there worst. Continue this practice nightly until the baking soda been effective at absorbing all of your foot odor to leave your Converse smelling fresh.


3 Cat Litter

This solution may sound strange, but these odor absorbent granules can work wonders in pulling in difficult odors from the interior of your shoes. Measure a quarter cup of cat litter to be poured within the interior of each Converse shoes. Proceed to shuffle the granules along the bottom, making sure that some cat litter reaches the toe area of the shoe. Allow this product granule solution to sit within Converse over night. Proceed to pour the cat litter contents into a spare bedside cup for reuse during subsequent nights until the odor has been lifted.


4 Enzyme Spray + Newspaper

If the odors living within your Converse are especial repugnant, an enzyme cleaning solution can be use to eat through the smelly foot residues. Begin by spraying down the interior of your shoes with an enzyme cleaning spray. Your will want to make sure that the spray makes it all of the way down to the toes area of the shoes and that no area is left untreated. Next, you will need to stuff the shoes to completely full with newspaper balls and allow them to sit overnight. By morning, the newspaper balls can be removed from the interior of the Converse, and the shoes can be placed outside in the sun to air dry any remaining enzyme moisture.


5 Activated Charcoal Inserts

As a final solution, the use of activated charcoal can be an effective one for treating odor and maintaining freshness for long periods of time. To apply this solution, you will need to cut an old pair of nylon leggings in half to separate the legs. Next stuff 3-4 activated charcoal briquettes within each stocking and tie a knot to enclose them within the foot area. Nightly, you will want to place these nylon enclosed activated charcoal inserts within each shoe to allow them to absorb as much smelly odor a possible.

Photo credit: Martin Thomas


How to Get Smell Out of Chaco Sandals

After wearing Chacos during a long trek or international trip, you may notice the stench of foot odor developing within rubbery surface of Chaco Sandals. This smell can be especially challenging to deodorize as bacteria odor can live within the rubber fiber long after they have been worn.


Despite how putrid the Chacos may smell, there are several household solutions for deodorizing the sandals and freshening them for your next big hike. By following the solutions outlined below you can ensure that your Chacos are deodorized and retain freshness within the future.




Chaco Sandals Smell Removal Solutions


1 Deodorize Within Sun

Placing your Chacos outside within the sun can have a power deodorizing effect on the sandals. The UV rays will work to dry up and neutralize any foot related bacteria that may be causing the odor. Additionally, the open space and fresh air will work to diffuse the any remaining stink within the rubber material. For best results, place the Chacos within a location within the yard where it will receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. If any odors remain after the first day, feel free to place them within the sun for a second or third day until they are smelling fresh.


2 Cut Through with White Vinegar

This household acid works well at cutting through surface foot odors to leave your Chacos smelling fresh. Find a large flat dish container and fill it half way with one part white vinegar and three parts warm water. Proceed to place your smelly Chacos within this mixture face down. You will want the areas of the Chacos that normally come into contact with the foot are submerged in the formula. Allow the sandals to sit within the solution for 6-8 hours before removing them to air dry the freshened Chacos within the sun.


3 Baking Soda Paste

In a similar function to white vinegar, the use of baking soda can be applied in a paste compound to eliminate smelly foot bacteria inhabiting the surface of Chaco sandals. Mix a solution of one part baking soda with two parts water and mix into a paste. Proceed to spread this paste over the surface area that your foot normally comes into contact on the Chaco sandals. Provide 24-48 hours for this paste to harden and absorb the footy odor from the rubber’s surface.


4 Dunk In Enzymes

If the foot odors are especially bad within the Chacos, the use of active enzymes can be effective in freshening the rubber fiber. Pour enzyme cleaner within large rectangle container until the solution becomes a half inch deep. Next, place the Chacos within the solution upside down to ensure that all areas of the sandal that normally come into contact with feet are submerged within the formula. Allow the Chacos to sit for 4-6 hours before removing to place the sandals outside to air dry.


5 Efferdent Tablets

As a product solution, many people would not think to use denture cleaner for deodorizing rubber Chacos. However, this ingredient can work wonders in cutting through smelly foot residues to leave the Chacos smelling fresh. Fill a large rectangluar dish with water and drop in one tablet of Efferdent. Next, place the Chacos within the solution upside down and allow the sandals to soak for 2-3 hours. After this time has passed, remove the Chacos and air dry them within the sun.


6 Don’t Wait Too Long

It is important to treat the Chacos as soon as an odor is found within them. The longer that you wait, the stronger the odor will get and the more challenging it will be to neutralize. Much time and effort will be saved by treating the odor within your Chacos immediately after it has been discovered.

Photo credit: Clara S.


How to Get Smell Out of Airwalks

After much wear and tear, the build up of foot-related funk can develop within your Airwalks. This offputting odor can be grow in intensity with time and can be challenging to remove.


Although this foot bacteria stench can be difficult, there remain several household things that can be done to remove the odor. By using the below solutions, you can be sure that this footy funk is eliminated and that your Airwalks are always smelling fresh.


Smell Removal Solutions for Airwalks


1 Baking Soda Additive

As a preliminary step, try using the absorbent powers of baking soda to extract any unwanted foot odors from your Airwalks. Measure 2-3 teaspoons within each shoe and proceed to give the shoes a light shuffle to evenly spread the deodorizing powder. Allow the Airwalks to rest overnight as the baking soda works from the inside out to deodorize the shoes. Thus method can be repeated nightly until all of the odor has been extracted from the shoes.


2 Detergent Washing Cycle + Baking Soda

Most Airwalks allow for the use of a washing machine to clean and deodorize the shoes. Be sure to check your Airwalk’s tag to see if this is a possibility before running them through the washer. If so place the shoes within the washer and add in your normal clothing detergent along with a half cup of baking soda. Run the wash on the coldest setting and place the shoes outside within direct sunlight for drying to prevent shoe shrinkage.


3 Insert Activated Charcoal

If you have the time, activated charcoal can work to extract odors and ensure the maintenance of freshness. To use this solution, you will need several activated charcoal briquettes and an old pair of nylon legging to deodorize. Begin by cutting the nylon leggings in half and putting several charcoal briquettes within the ends of each nylon legging. Tie a knot to enclose the briquettes within each nylon stoking and place each one stocking within the interior of the Airwalk shoes. Continue this process nightly until all of the odors have been absorbed from the interior of the shoes.


4 Air Out in Sun

Oftentimes, the cause of odor within Airwalks stems from the shoes being worn too often and not having an adequate time to air out and deodorize. If this is the cases, try putting your Airwalk shoes outside within direct sunlight at least one day every week. The fresh air, open space and UV rays will all contribute to the freshness of the shoes. For best results, find a location within the yard where the shoes are sure to receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight.


5 Enzyme Spray + Newspaper Stuff

As a final deodorizing solution, enzyme spray and newspaper can be effective at killing the foot-related bacteria and absorbing the odor. Begin by spraying the interior of the Airwalks with enzyme spray to ensure that each shoe is sufficiently moist. Next, wad up several pieces of newspaper and proceed to stuff it within the interior of each shoe. Simply allow the contents to sit within the Airwalks for 24 hours, and proceed to remove the contents within from the freshened shoes once this period of time has passed.

Photo Credit: Steve Maw


How to Get Smell Out of Keen Sandals

During hikes and other outdoor activities, Keen sandals have been known to develop a rather characteristic stink. This smell often builds when left untreated and can live within the strapped sandals long after they have been worn.


While this foul foot stench may be disconcerting, know that you can leverage several household deodorizing solutions to freshen the sandals. By following the below steps, you can freshened your keens sandals and have them smelling like new.


Smell Removal Solutions for Keen Sandals


1 Cat Litter + Cookie Tray

Using cat litter on shoes may sound silly, but the odor absorbent power of this granule material can be very effective at pulling in difficult foot odors. Begin by hosing any dirt or brie off you Keen sandals, and placing them on a cookie tray. Next fill the interior of the sandals with cat litter to allow for maximum absorption of the odors. Allow the cat litter to work it’s magic over the course of 24-48 hours before removing the deodorizing granules and putting the freshened hiking sandals back within use.


2 Baking Soda + Shoe Box

Baking soda has been used for generations in treating difficult foot odors, and can work wondering in reducing odors within Keen sandals. Sprinkle 4-5 teaspoons of baking soda over the area within the Keen sandals where the foot normally comes into contact. Proceed to then place the keen sandals within an enclosed shoes box and allow the box to sit for 2-3 days. During this time the baking soda will work to absorb any unwelcome odors and leave the Keen sandals smelling fresh.


3 White Vinegar Scrub + Sun

As another effective solution, this household acid can be used to cut through the odor producing foot bacteria within the keen sandals. Mix a solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts within a small kitchen bowl. Proceed to paper towels within the mixture and lay them over the area of the sandal where the foot would normally come into contact. Once all of these areas have been covered, you can place the sandals aside for 24 hours. During this time, the moist white vinegar paper towels will go to work in neutralizing the embedded foot odor. After this time has passed, the paper towels can be removed and the Keens can be air dried outside before putting them back within use.


4 Enzyme Scrub, Soak & Sun

If the odor within the Keen sandals is especially foul, enzyme cleaning solution can be used to help deodorize the sandals. You can begin by pouring a small amount of the enzyme solution within a kitchen bowl. Proceed to dunk a household rag within the cleaner and go to work in scrubbing the areas where your foot normally comes into contact with the sandals. After they have been thoroughly scrubbed, fill a large rectangular glass container half full with a solution of water and enzyme cleaner mix in equal parts. Next, place the sandals upside down within the solution and allow the enzyme cleaner to go to work in deodorizing the Keens over the course of the 6-8 hours. Upon completion, finish the deodorizing process by placing the Keens outside within the sun to properly dry off.


5 Activated Charcoal Box

If you have the time, using activated charcoal to deodorize Keen sandals can be effective. Begin by cutting an old pair of nylon leggings in half and stuffing 3-4 activated charcoal briquettes within the ends of each legging. Next, you will want to tie a knot to enclose them within each of the nylon leggings and place them over the area on each sandal where the foot normally comes into contact. Proceed to then place the sandals and nylon enclosed activated charcoal within a enclosed cardboard box and allow them to doedorize for 5-7 days before removing the freshened Keens for use.

Photo credit: MrTin


How to Get Smell Out of Slippers

Slippers do not usually develop an odors quickly, but the stench can be rather awful when they do. This foot related stench can be off-putting from a footwear that is supposed to offer coziness within the comfort of one’s home.


Fortunately, there are a number of solutions available for lifting odors from slippers. The following household solutions will help in deodorizing slippers to ensure that they are always smelling their best.


Smell Removal Solutions for Slippers


1 Baking Soda

This household solution is a tried and true solution for lifting nasty foot related odors out of slippers. Scoop 3-4 teaspoon of baking soda and place within the interior of the slippers. Follow this action by quickly shuffling the footwear to cause the deodorizing powder to cover the areas where your foot normally comes into contact within the interior of the slippers. Allow the baking soda to set in overnight before pouring the used powder within a small bedside bowl for reuse during the subsequent night. You will want to repeat this action nightly with the slippers until all of the foot related funk has been absorbed from the slippers.


2 White Vinegar Rags

If the baking soda has not delivered desired results, using this household acid can work well in cutting through any remaining odors. Make a solution of one white vinegar and water within equal part in a kitchen bowl. Proceed to dunk two small dishcloths within the mixture and stuff the wet hand towels within the interior of each slipper. Allow the white vinegar drenched dishcloths to rest within the slippers overnight. The dish cloths can be removed within the morning and the slippers can be place outside within the sun to air dry.


3 Activated Charcoal Insert

If you are not in a rush, using activated charcoal inserts can be an effective solution. To create your own inserts you will need six activated charcoal briquettes and an old pair of nylon leggings. Begin by cutting the nylon leggings into two to separate the lags. Proceed to place three charcoal briquettes within each legging and then tie a knot to enclose the briquettes within. Finally, you will need to place each of these within the slippers on a nightly basis until no odor remains. Expect these homemade activated charcoal inserts to take approximately 5-7 to absorb the last of the footy funk from the insides of your slippers.


4 Newspaper + Dryer Sheets

Using fabric softening sheets in tandem with wadded newspaper can do much to remove foot odor from within slippers. Place two fabric softening sheets along the bottom interior of the slipper, and two along the inner top portion. Next, wad up several piece of newspaper and stuff it within the interior of slipper to hold the top two and bottom two pieces in place. Once completed, allow the shoes to sit for 24-48 hours as the newspaper absorbs the odor and the fabric softener transmits a fresh floral scent within them. Upon completion of this time period, the contents can be removed and the freshened slippers can be worn.


5 Place Them Within Sun

If your are without the deodorizing ingredients mentioned above you can freshen your slippers by placing them in direct sunlight within the yard. Place your slippers in a location within the yard where they can receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. At the end of the day retrieve them and perform a quick smell test. If any odors remain, they can be placed outside within the sun for a second or third day until they have been completely deodorized.

6 Machine Wash – If Permitted

If your slipper are machine washable, you may want to consider placing them through a washing cycle. When performing this task, you run the washer on cold to prevent shrinkage and add in a half cup of baking soda to give a boost to the detergent solution. Upon completion of the wash cycle, place the slippers outside in the sun to be air dried. As a precaution, placing slippers within the dryer can potentially lead to unwanted shrinkage.

Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker


How to Get Smell Out of Socks

As a barrier between feet and shoes, it goes without saying that socks often bare the brunt of foot-related odors. As such, the sharp stink can become infused within synthetic, cotton or wool socks can present a challenge to clean and deodorize.


Fortunately, there are a range of household solutions that can work to cut through the foot related bacteria within the socks, and free them of this unwelcome aroma. The following solutions will help to ensure that any sock of any material can be freshened and smell like new.


Smell Removal Solutions for Socks


1 Baking Soda Addition

Using baking soda within the washing machine is a simple deodorizing solution that can be added into any normal detergent wash. Place the socks within the washing machine, and allow for the machine to become filled with water before adding in a half cup of baking soda. The odor absorbent capabilities of baking soda will work to absorb much of the unwanted footy funk to leave the your socks smelling fresh.


2 Cup of White Vinegar

As an alternative to baking soda, white vinegar can be added into a normal detergent wash of socks to remove any unpleasant foot-related odor. Measure a full cup of white vinegar and pour it into the washing machine along with a scoop of detergent and any sock that are in need of freshening. Upon the cycle’s completion, the the odor within the sock should be gone and replace with the subtle aroma of white vinegar. Fortunately, this vinegar smell will go away as soon as the sock have completely dried.


3 Cup of Bleach (white socks only)

The use of bleach can be an effective alternative to baking soda and white vinegar for eliminate odors within white socks. Similar to the other compounds, start the washing cycle with the detergent and smelly white sock and allow water to rise before adding in a full cup of bleach. During the cycle, the bleach will work to cut through the bacteria that is causing the sharp odor within the socks.


4 Soak in Hydrogen Peroxide (best for white socks)

If the smells are especially bad they can be soaked within a highly concentrated mixture of hydrogen peroxide. Mix a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide with 4 parts warm water within an appropriate sized bucket. Proceed to submerge the smelly socks within the mixture and allow for them to soak for 1-2 hours. After this time has passed, the socks can be removed and placed through a normal detergent wash. This solution works best with white socks as minor bleaching may occur with colored ones.


5 Soak in Enzyme Cleaner

As a final soaking solution for extremely smelly colored socks, active enzymes can be used to literally eat through the odorous foot residues within the sock fiber. Mix a solution of enzyme cleaning solution and water in equal parts within a bucket and submerge the smelly socks within the solution. Allow for the sock to soak for 2-3 hours before removing and placing them through a normal detergent wash.

Photo credit: fletcherjcm