How to Get Poop Smell Out of Clothes

You can clean up after a poop accident, but are your clothes really clean? This is a situation where you want to really make sure there is no gag-worthy aroma after you do you wash.


If your laundry doesn’t smell fresh, it simply doesn’t feel clean. Find solutions for this problem and feel confident that you have banished all traces of poop from clothes.



How to Get Poop Smell Out of Clothes

1 Oxiclean the Smell Out

Oxiclean will lift the solid waste smell out of clothing. Start by placing the soiled items in the washing machine. Add 1 1/2 scoops of Oxiclean. Fill the machine with warm water and let the clothes soak overnight.


You can soak the clothes in cold water if you like. If you decide to go with this option, you will have to dissolve the Oxiclean powder in hot water before adding it to the machine. You can also try allowing the washing machine to start to go through its wash cycle (agitate) for a minute or so and then shut it off to allow the clothing to soak as directed above. Wash as usual the next day.


2 Washing Soda Solution

Add washing soda to your regular laundry to give it a boost and get the poopy smell out! You can find this product in the laundry aisle at the grocery store. You would put it in the machine along with your detergent. It will leave your clothing clean and fresh smelling.


3 Hang it in the Sun

Sunshine and fresh air can work wonders when it comes to getting smells out of fabrics. Start by rinsing the yecchy clothes in cold water and washing them as your normally would. Then take the items and hang them outside in a sunny spot. Let the power of the sun’s UV rays lift out the stink and leave only freshness in their wake.


4 Stain Remover and Vinegar One-Two Combo

This is a one-two combination that will zap out the stubborn smell of poop from clothes. Start by spraying stain remover on the stinky spot as directed. Let the stain remover soak into the fabric for a few minutes, then wash as you normally would. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle to give it a boost. It will cut through any residual stank and leave the clothes smelling fresh and clean.


5 Hydrogen Peroxide Soak

Mix up a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Add the soiled clothes and soak for 30 minutes. Wash as usual. The peroxide will lift out any stains from the poop as well. You can also use a peroxide and water solution to clean poop off of a baby’s high chair, exersaucer or other equipment after a blowout, if necessary.


6 Dawn Dish Soap Rescue

The grease-cutting action in Dawn dish detergent will go to work on organic materials as well. Pour some of the detergent directly on the stained clothes. You can scrub them a little bit if you wish. Wash the clothing in cold water.


7 Baking Soda in the Wash Solution

Baking soda is a good, all-purpose odor neutralizer. You may want to buy it in bulk so that you have enough of it on hand to deal with stank issues around the house. Try adding 1/2 cup to a load of laundry with your regular detergent to get rid of the smell of poop. You can use it with every load as a general freshener if you like, too.


8 Odoban and Water

Pay a visit to your local pet store and buy some Odoban. This product is used to neutralize the smell of pet urine and feces. Soak the smelly clothes in a mixture of Odoban and water, and then wash as usual. Add two cups of vinegar to the final rinse.


9 Tide with Febreze Laundry Soap

Sometimes you need to use a strong-smelling laundry detergent to get a strong stench out of your clothes. Use Tide with Febreze to knock the smell of the poop out of your laundry. The Febreze in the soap should leave it smelling fresh.


How to Get Smell Out of Underwear

When you wash your clothes, you want them to come back smelling clean. This rule is especially important for your underwear. Everyone wants to smell fresh when they get dressed. Dealing with lingering smells of pee, poop or menstrual odors above and beyond what any reasonable person would find acceptable. Bodily fluids and solid waste stuff should leave once and never, ever make its presence known to your nostrils again. It should not be caught lurking in your underwear. That’s just plain nasty. Fortunately, this guide will show you how to get smell out of underwear so you can be fresh as a daisy every day.


The issue when you have stinky underwear is that you don’t know whether you are the only one who notices the issue or not. Throwing out the potentially offensive undergarment is not an option for everyone, but you don’t want to spend your day constantly sniffing around either to see if that offensive stank is coming from you. A much better choice is to use one of the solutions posted here and try to face the stink head on (figuratively speaking, that is).




How to Get Smell Out of Underwear: Pee

1 Add Baking Soda to Your Wash

No one wants to put on underwear that reeks of pee after it comes back from the wash. To get rid of this yecchy stank, you can add some baking soda to your wash water. Rather than cleaning out the supply of small boxes at the grocery store like someone on one of those extreme couponing programs on television, pay a visit to a bulk store to stock up. This is the most economical way to buy the stuff. Add a half a cup with your detergent every time you wash your clothes to get the smell out. The baking soda is safe to use on all fabrics.


2 Pour Some Vinegar into the Water

White vinegar will neutralize the smell of urine in your underwear. If you decide to try this method, substitute the vinegar for your regular fabric softener. Adding the extra product to your wash water can make it more challenging to rinse the clothes thoroughly. To get the pee smell out, you want to give the vinegar a chance to cut through the cut through the water so that it can unlock any trapped stank.


3 Increase the Water Temperature

Washing your clothes in cold water is a good choice if you want to save money on your heating bills, but it won’t help if you are trying to get a urine smell out of your underwear. In this instance, warm or even hot water is a better choice when odor removal is your goal. You can separate out the urine-soaked items from your regular wash and run a load in warmer water. Wash the rest of your clothes in cold water if you are concerned about keeping your overall costs down.


Get Poop Smell Out of Underwear

1 Lemon-Scented Ammonia Rescue

To banish the smell of poop from your underwear, add some lemon-scented ammonia to the water. If you can’t find the lemon-scented variety, plain ammonia will do. Remember not to mix this product with bleach. It can be used with your regular laundry detergent, though, to eliminate the sewer stench and make you actually want to step in to your underwear again.


2 Vinegar in a Downy Ball

You can eliminate the crappy smell from your unmentionables in an easy and convenient way by filling a Downy ball with vinegar instead of the fabric softener. Toss it into the washing machine at the beginning of the cycle and you don’t have to worry about “catching” the rinse cycle to add some vinegar to your wash. The ball will open up at the right time to release it and you can move on to other things.


3 Scent-A-Way Laundry Detergent

This product was originally developed for hunters, but it can probably handle the stank of feces as well. You have to figure that someone who has been outside in a blind or tramping around in the bush all day must smell pretty rank. The soap works by oxidizing the source of the door. It also prevents any stray matter from redepositing on your other clothes in the wash, which is an important consideration in these delicate matters. The product is concentrated, so a little will go a long way.


4 Febreze it Out

Adding some Febreze to your wash is a another solution to the poopy problem. You don’t need to add a large amount to bring the stank under control. Try a capful (approximately 1/8 of a cup) in your wash.


Get Period Smell Out of Underwear

1 Dish Detergent to the Rescue

Try washing your undergarments by hand with some dish detergent. Soaking them with a mild soap can lift out this intimate odor. You can still throw the underwear into the washing machine and run it through the regular cycle to make sure you have dealt with the stink problem appropriately.


2 Greenyarn Underwear

This solution for the issue of getting period smell falls into the category of nipping the problem in the bud. Greenyarn underwear by Charcoal House is made with a special Eco-fabric that has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and deodorizing properties. If you want to avoid stinky panties, start by wearing ones that are less likely to absorb odors in the first place.


How to Get Oil Smell Out of Clothes

Anyone who has spilled oil on his or her clothes knows that this smell very hard to get rid of. The dank aroma lingers and is resistant to normal washing methods. Even though you have thoroughly laundered your clothes, they don’t look or smell clean. You may even be tempted to dig a hole and burn the clothes rather than try to remove this particularly gnarly stink. That is simply not a good way to deal with the problem when better solution can be found. This guide will provide some practical solutions to help you get oil smell out of clothes.


The issue of oily-smelly clothing is an occupational hazard for people who work around cars and heavy machinery. they are constantly at risk of bringing their work home with them, through no fault of their own. If your goal is to remove the oily smell from your clothing, you will want to find a way to break down the grease in the fabric. Your regular laundry soap may not be able to handle this type of specialized cleaning job. Until you remove the source of the stank, your clothing won’t be fresh smelling. Speaking of working on cars, you may be surprised to find that some of our solutions to dealing with clothes that reek like oil can be found in the automotive oil of a retail store. Products with good degreasing properties can be used to get the oil out of the fabric and get the funk out of your clothes so that people won’t be offended by your presence.



How to Get Oil Smell Out of Clothes

1 Coca-Cola Soak

Take the smelly clothes and place them in a pail. Fill with enough original Coca-Cola to cover them completely. Soak overnight and wash them as you normally would. The oily smell should be lifted out. As a variation to this solution, empty a can of Coke into your washing machine along with your detergent to get the oily smell out.


2 Pine-Sol It Out

Try soaking your clothing in Pine-Sol to get the smell of oil out of your clothes. If you decide to try this solution, you will want to use this household cleaner at full strength. Soak the clothing for an hour or two before washing.


3 Baking Soda Soak and Wash

Fill your washing machine with water. Dissolve one cup of baking soda in hot water and add it to the water. Add the stanky clothing and let them soak for at least 30 minutes. You can leave them in the machine overnight if you wish before adding detergent and running your regular wash cycle.


4 Dawn Dish Soap and Hot Water Method

Dawn dish soap will remove the heavy oily smell from clothing. You need to be careful when adding this product to your washing machine. A little of it will go a long way. Use hot water in the washing machine. You may want to add vinegar to the rinse cycle to cut through the soap and leave the clothing ready to wear.


5 Super Clean Foaming Cleaner Degreaser

Another effective way to banish the oil smell from your clothes is to give them a bath in Super Clean Foaming Cleaner Degreaser. This product is available in the automotive section at Wal-Mart, as well as online. You will probably want to invest in the gallon size if you are going to be using it for your laundry. Soak the clothes in this product for about an hour before washing them, or add the Super Clean to the load and wash as usual.


6 Eucalyptus Oil in your Wash

Try adding two capfuls of eucalyptus oil to your wash when you have to deal with greasy clothing along with your detergent. You can buy this product in health stores, some drug stores and online. You can also presoak the items with the eucalyptus oil in your washing machine before washing them.


7 Simple Green All-purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

Simple Green is another line of products you can find in the automotive aisle at  a number of retail stores. To tackle the problem of smelly clothing, grab some of the all purpose cleaner and either spray the spots on the clothes or soak the items before washing them. This company also manufactures laundry soap, but it doesn’t have the grease-cutting properties you will need in this instance.


How Do I Get the Smell of Blood Out of My Jeans

A number of mishaps can lead to your jeans smelling like blood. If you notice that your pants have a definite metallic aroma, then some type of mishap has occurred. You may have fallen while wearing your favorite pair of denims. Most women can remember at least one embarrassing problem with leakage during their period that leads to blood stains and odor issues on clothing. It’s less likely that someone else’s blood could get on your jeans, but these things can happen if you are helping a friend who has become ill or injured. If you are wondering, “How do I get the blood smell out of my jeans?” we can help.




The smell of blood doesn’t go away as it dries. If you want to combat this stubborn stink, you are going to have to remove all traces of the vital fluid from your denim. Some people describe blood as smelling like iron, and they would be right. The iron in your blood will contribute to the stankiness in your clothing. Rather than wonder if anyone else is picking up on the smell or noticing a distinctive rusty look to your jeans, try one of the solutions listed here to get rid of the bloody aroma instead.


How Do I Get the Smell of Blood Out of My Jeans

1 Cold Water and Laundry Soap

Soak the jeans in cold water with a small amount of laundry detergent. Leave for a minimum of 30 minutes. The jeans can be left to soak overnight if you wish. Wash and dry as usual.


2 Spit it Out

This solution to the problem may sound more than just a bit gnarly, but we have it on good authority that it will work. If the blood smell is from your own product, so to speak, spit on it and rub the spot. The enzymes from your spit will mix with the blood and lift out the smell. This is from the “Don’t Knock it ‘Til You’ve Tried It” file.


3 Hydrogen Peroxide Rescue

Nurses use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of blood stains and odors from their uniforms. If this is the solution of choice for these dedicated front line health care workers, then it will work on a pair of jeans. Pour the hydrogen peroxide on the spot of blood and let it seep in for a few minutes. Keep pouring the peroxide on the blood spot until it lightens up and then wash the jeans in the way would normally do.


4 Spray it with Fantastik

You will find Fantastik in the Laundry aisle at the grocery store. Spray this pre-treater on the stinky spot on the jeans and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. Spray again and wash the jeans. They should come out fresh and clean.


5 Put Some Vinegar on the Problem

White vinegar is a great product for getting rid of all types of smells. It can also be used to get rid of blood on jeans. Pour it on the spot and let it soak into the fabric for five or 10 minutes. Blot up the vinegar with a clean towel or a cloth. Wash the jeans immediately.


6 Ammonia the Stank Out

Mix up a half-and-half solution of ammonia and water. Dab it on offensive spot on your jeans before you put them into the wash. You may want to test the ammonia and water on the hem of the jeans to make sure the solution won’t result in a light spot on the pants beforehand. Then wash and dry your jeans.


7 Cornstarch and Water Paste

Pour some cornstarch into a bowl and add enough water to make a paste. Apply it to the stanky spot and rub it into the fabric. Next, take the jeans outside and leave them in a sunny spot until they dry. Brush off the cornstarch residue. This should get rid of the odor, as well as any blood stains on your pants.


How to Get Smell Out of Hunting Clothes

Hunting enthusiasts are quite particular about their clothing, and for good reason. The success or failure of their trip may depend on how well they are able to get the human smell out of their hunting gear. In this instance, smelling like a human being is definitely not the way to go. Instead, the idea is to eliminate human stank and blend into the forest and avoid detection from the animals being hunted. This guide will provide tips on How to Get Smell out of Hunting Clothes to increase the chances for success.


The prep work for a hunt must start at least a few weeks in advance. Serious hunters will want to make sure they are not doing anything that is going to make them stinky when they get into the field. Home renovations that may result in residual stankiness, such as painting or laying carpet, should not be scheduled for the last couple of weeks before a hunt. Burning scented candles is also not recommended right before this type of trip. The aroma will stick to the skin and hair and raise a flag with the local wildlife population. Keep reading to learn some ways to disguise the human smell from hunting clothing.



How to Get Smell Out of Hunting Clothes

1 Scent-free Detergent Wash

If you want to get the smell out of your hunting clothes, a good place to start is by choosing a laundry soap that doesn’t have any artificial perfume. Many brands have a scent-free products, including ones marketed to hunters.  Start reading labels and make a point of only using these products on items you will be wearing on hunts.


2 Hang Your Clothes Outside

Avoid placing your clothes in the dryer. Instead, use an outdoor clothes line. Some people recommend putting hunting clothes outside for several days to make sure that they don’t have any smells from civilization on them.


3 Use Odor-eliminating Spray

You can spray your hunting clothes with an door-eliminating spray, such as Dead Down Wind, after you get dressed to go out into the field. These types of products are available online and contain enzymes that will make you harder to detect.


4 Wear Clean Rubber Boots

Rubber boots are the preferred footwear for hunters, because they don’t hold smell like leather and canvas does. New rubber does have a distinctive smell, though. If you have bought new boots before a hunt, scrub them thoroughly with baking soda and water or scent-free soap before you head out. You will also want to spray them with a scent elimination spray (inside and out) well before hunting season starts.


5 Make Your Own Coverup Smell

Visit the area where you plan to hunt a couple of weeks in advance. Collect an assortment of brush, flowers and tree limbs. Cut these items into small chunks and place into a resealable bowl. Cover with rubbing alcohol or vodka. Let the mixture sit until you are ready to go hunting. Filter out the solid material and take the liquid with you.

When you get into the field, splash the liquid onto your clothing. You can use cotton balls to apply the scent.


6 Apple Country Hunting Solution

If you will be hunting in apple country, use this rich resource to your advantage so that you don’t smell like a human. Slice some apples and place them into your hunting clothes bag. The fruit smell will permeate into the clothing.


7 Pack it in Cedar Shavings or Pine Needles

In between hunts, make a point of storing your clothes away from your regular clothing. Put these items in zippered bag or a plastic tub. Add some cedar shavings or pine needles. Over time, the clothes will absorb these smells instead of regular household ones. The less amount of time you handle the clothing the better, since this lowers the risk of contamination with human stank.


How to Remove Smell From Under Armour

Under Armour sports clothes are very popular, but when this stuff gets stinky, you won’t be winning any friends or influencing any people if you smell like the inside of a locker room that hasn’t been cleaned for a couple of weeks. We’re talking stale, lingering sweat that has been left to simmer and go bad, not the fresh, healthy stuff that is a sign that you’re alive and moving on all cylinders. Under Armour meant to be workout gear but the company doesn’t mean to give you a one-two workout by first having your nose go “What the …?” followed by having your feet get into the act to step away from the area. This guide will focus on how to remove smell from Under Armour clothing.

A musty or sweaty smell in workout clothes will not make you want to put those duds on once it sets in. No matter how clean you are, you may be concerned that the smell may transfer to your skin and make you smell stinky even after you have showered after working out. We can all agree that it’s OK to be a jock, no one wants to smell like one, so keep reading for solutions that will deal with the issue of pungent performance clothing.



How to Remove Smell From Under Armour

1 Throw Baking Soda into Your Wash Water

Baking soda is a good, basic deodorizer and it won’t harm the Under Armour fabric. This is a good place to start if you want to de-funk your gear, so throw some in with your regular detergent the next time you are washing your wicking shirts. A half a cup of baking soda per load will usually do the trick. Wash and dry as usual and then give it a whiff to see if you have been victorious in the war on smell.


2 Colloidal Silver Spray

Colloidal Silver Spray is an antiseptic and disinfectant. If the source of your Under Armour stank is bacterial in nature, it will make short work of those microbes. The bonus for you is that you can also use the spray to keep utensils for your food and drink used for hiking spic and span.


3Throw Some Gear Wash in With Your Laundry

Gear Wash is the name of a product sold by Team Clean Gear. It is formulated for hockey equipment, and we know hockey players (and their moms) need all the help they can get keeping that stuff sweet smelling. This stuff will also work on shoes or any other machine-washable items that need to be deodorized.


4 Hang it High

Keeping your Under Armour out of the dryer may help to keep it fresh. The best choice is to hang your clothing outside in the sun and let the UV rays get at it. The fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for lifting smells from fabrics.


5 Vinegar Out the Smell

White vinegar is readily available and is an economical way to get rid of smells from fabrics. Adding a cup of it to your wash will help to get rid of any latent doors, and you don’t have to worry about smelling like you work in a French fry factory. It rinses out well and you’ll be good to go when you put on your clothes next time.


6 Sport Wash It

Sport Wash is a specialty laundry soap made by Penguin Apparel Care. The company contends that if you use “regular” laundry soap on your performance wear, the residue can trap bacteria in the fabric which provides the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of nasty smells. This liquid detergent can also be used as a regular detergent. It’s non-allergenic and residue-free, so using it won’t irritate sensitive skin.



Remove Smell from Under Armor Without Washing

1 Freeze it Out

Once the stench has invaded your Under Armor clothing, you have the option of getting the smell out by lowering the temperature. Place the items into a plastic bag and seal it shut. Place the bag into your freezer and leave it there. When you thaw out your clothes, the bacteria should be dead, which should also mean an end to the malodorous era.


2 Spray it with Febreze

Febreze is made to refresh fabrics without washing, and this is a situation where a quick spray may help. Let your nose and the amount of time you have be your guide as to whether it’s the right choice in your particular situation. A few quick spritzes in a well-ventilated location may be enough to deal with a slight smell issue until you can step up your game to do something a bit more involved to take charge of things.


3 Isopropyl Alcohol Spray

Prepare 60/40 solution of isopropyl alcohol (the type you rub on your body) and water and put it in a spray bottle. Spritz it on your clothes and hang them to dry. This strategy should get rid of the smell in between workouts.


How to Remove Smell from Insoles

You may shower regularly, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your feet smell like roses all the time. Your insoles take a beating, and if you hold them up to your face, you will know all about the stale, stinky smell that makes up the agony of da feet. The only thing worse than your own foot odor, which admittedly can be pretty wild at times, would be if you were inadvertently exposed to someone else’s barking dogs. Check out this guide for helpful tips on how to remove smell from insoles.


What’s up when the insoles in your shoes get stinky? Blame bacteria for the stench that is drifting in a not-so-subtle manner toward your nostrils. They are naturally present on your feet and love it when your feet get all sticky and sweaty as you go about your daily activities. The more your feet sweat, the more the bacteria can multiply. (If you want to have a bacteria free-for-all in your shoes, go without socks for the day. They will absolutely love it.) What’s a party without munchies? For bacteria, it’s the dead skin cells and oils on your skin, so they start chowing down on that. The bacteria then produces waste products (organic acids) that cause the P.U. in your feet and the insoles in your shoes to rise.



How to Remove Smell From Insoles

1 Bleach and Warm Water Solution

You can tackle the problem of musty, smelly insoles where they lie by soaking them in a mild bleach and water solution for a good half hour or so. Follow up by washing them in the machine or giving them a thorough scrubbing by hand. If you decide to go with the latter approach, make sure you rinse the insoles thoroughly.


2 Let the Sunshine In

Don’t discount the power of the sun when getting smell out of all kinds of objects, including stinky insoles. Start by washing the insoles in a mild detergent and water solution and place them outside to dry. You will want to be gentle when handling the insoles to avoid breaking down the polymers in the product.


3 McNett Aqua MiraZyme Odor Eliminator

McNett Aqua MiraZyme Odor Eliminator is used on Scuba gear and other types of sporting equipment. If it has organic ingredients that can deal with skunk smell and spilled milk stink, it should have not trouble minimizing the smell from some insoles that have been allowed to ferment for awhile. This product is available online and can be delivered directly to you.


Insole Odor Removal Tips for Runners

If you are pounding the you-know-what out of your insoles by hitting the asphalt or the treadmill regularly, your the best defense against stinky insoles is a good offense. Get proactive about dealing with stink before it starts by having a routine for dealing with your insoles after a workout that includes one of the following solutions:

1 Divide and Set in the Sun

Start by removing the liners from your shoes after your workout. Place them in a sunny spot and let them dry thoroughly. Replace the insoles in your running shoes before you use them again to stay ahead of the conditions that can lead to a buildup of foot fustiness.


2 Avmor Biomor Odour Eliminator

Avmor Biomor Odour Eliminator is spray product that neutralizes odors on contact. It is used to deal with vomit, food waste, urine, smoke, and perspiration, so you can see how it would fit right in when it comes to working on how to get smell out of insoles. This product is available online and from some office supply retailers.


3 Dishwashing Soap and Water Solution

Try mixing up a solution of dishwashing soap and water and giving your insoles a good soaking to get the smell out. Body wash makes a good substitute in a pinch. Towel off the inside when you are finished soaking them. Place the insoles near a fan to dry them quickly so they will be ready before your next run.


How to Get Smell Out of Nudies

So you’re into the raw denim Nudie jeans thing but you’re finding that you’re jeans are smelling kinda raw after going for some time without washing them. You don’t need to weaken and go near a washing machine just yet; there are ways to beat tame that smell and keep on stylin’ and profilin’ for weeks or months.


Check out these solutions that will help you get the distressed  look you want, without causing undue distress to everyone around you. There is absolutely no need to announce that you are in the vicinity a full minute before your arrival, and having people holding their nose around you just isn’t cool (even if your jeans are to die for).




How to Get Smell Out of Nudies

1 Hang ‘Em High

When the funk factor gets a bit too high for your taste, take your jeans outside. Hang them up in the fresh air and let the air and sunshine do a number on the the stank. You’ll want to make a point of checking the forecast before exposing your Nudies to the Great Outdoors, though; you won’t want to get them wet. It’s going to take some time to dial down the stank, so some people like to be working on a couple of pairs of pants projects at once for continuity’s sake. The best time to try this method is when the forecast is calling for sunny conditions with low humidity.


2 Steam them While You Shower

The next time you hit the shower, take your Nudies into the bathroom with you. Hang them up and run the water. You can also place them on the floor if you like. While you are getting clean, the steam will lift out the smell and freshen them up.


3 Cool the Smell Situation Down

Another way to deal with a stinky pair of Nudies can be found right in the kitchen by taking the temperature down a few degrees. Place them in a plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator for a while. The lower temperature will help to diffuse the stank.


4 Fabric Softener Sheet Freshen-up

Fabric softener sheets can be used to freshen up your Nudies in a few ways. Place the jeans in the dryer with a couple of sheets. Run the cycle on the lowest setting for a few minutes to restore freshness. You can also rub the sheets on the denim directly in a pinch to freshen the fabric. You can also hang up the pants at night and stuff dryer sheets in the legs and pockets of the pants before you turn in.


5 Baking Soda and Freezer Solution

This two-step method involves using two effective odor-controlling components: baking soda and freezing. Start by turning your jeans inside out and laying them down on a flat surface. Sprinkle liberally with baking soda. Fold one leg over the other. Roll the jeans from the waist down and place in a plastic bag. Leave in a freezer overnight. When you remove the jeans from the freezer, shake out the baking soda. Most of it should fall away. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any particles that remain before wearing the pants.


6 Gum the Problem Away

Grab your favorite flavor of gum and place a couple of sticks in each pocket. Fold up the jeans and put them in a plastic bag. Leave them overnight. By morning, the smell from the gum should have helped to K.O. the yeccchiness somewhat.


7 Bake the Smell Out

You can get the smell out of your Nudies using your oven. Start by preheating it to 400 degrees F. Then turn it down to 170-200 degrees F. Turn your jeans inside out and fold them in half. Place them on a baking sheet in the oven for one or two minutes. Remove from oven and fold in half the other way. Put back in oven for one or or two minutes. Remove from oven. Allow to cool completely before wearing.


How to Get Rid of Smell Between Breasts

The Women’s Guide to Care and Maintenance of Yourself doesn’t include a chapter on how to get rid of smell between breasts. This unfortunately all-too-common problem among large-breasted lassies has been described as metallic or vinegary. Some women say it smells like sour milk, which probably makes sense to any woman who has ever had a baby. No matter how you describe the aroma, we can all agree that breasts are not supposed to smell bad.


Having larger breasts means the girls are more than likely less perky than a woman who has a smaller chest. As a result, the body creates a natural landing strip on your chest where bacteria can gather and grow, creating the perfect place for stankiness to originate. The reason not all breast funk smells the same is that every person’s body chemistry is slightly different. In some cases, it has more of a musty quality but in others, the effect is more like you’ve been slapped across the face by fetidness.




How to Get Rid of Smell Between Breasts

1 Let Your Girls Breathe

If you have the chance to go without a bra, do it. Letting the air get at your skin can help to dissipate the odor in some cases. This is an easy, no-cost option to try, and you can always check out one of the other suggestions on the list if it doesn’t work for you.


2 All Natural Lemon Solution

Get a lemon and cut it in half. Rub it all over the areas between and under your breasts where you notice the funky smell. The lemon will cut through the smell within a minute or two. Problem solved.


3 Apply Summer’s Eve Powder

Apply Summer’s Eve Powder to the affected area to keep it dry. Making this part of your regular post-shower routine will help to make sure the smell problem doesn’t come back once you have it dealt with. Shake a small amount of the powder into your hand and apply it between the breasts. Don’t forget the undercarriage; this is also a place where sweat tends to build up and can definitely lead to some major stinkiness if left unchecked.


Stamp Out Breast Smell from Yeast or Fungal Infection

1 Grapefruit Seed Extract and Water Solution

If you suspect the problem is due to a yeast infection on your skin, mix up a solution of Grapefruit Seed Extract and water. Rinse the affected area a couple of times per day. Continue to do so for at least a week after the problem clears up. This product is available at health food stores.


2 Go for Antifungal Cream

An anti-fungal cream, like the kind used to treat athlete’s foot, can be used on other parts of the body. Read the instructions and apply a small amount to the affected area. If the odor does not stop or gets worse, you will need to see a doctor.


3 Vagisil it Away

Another solution for dealing with the problem how to get rid of smell between breasts is to grab a tube of Vagisil and apply the product to your skin. It should be non-irritating, and you will be able to determine rather quickly if this solution will work for you. A doctor or pharmacist can answer specific questions about how long it may take to work.


Get Rid of Breast Smell Coming from Your Bra

1 Keep Your Cup Holders Immaculate

Many women are hesitant about washing a bra in the machine too often because it will damage the elastic and will wear the same one for a few days as a result. If you are noticing an aroma coming from your girls, it may be accumulated sweat that is getting trapped in your bra. If the fabric is a synthetic, it doesn’t breathe, and just sits there. Wash your bra by hand in using a mild soap and water solution and hang it to dry. This can help preserve the elastic and give you a clue whether the smell is the fabric or coming from a skin condition.


2 Baby Wipes and Deodorant Solution

Tuck a travel pack of baby wipes into your bag and use it to freshen up the underside of your breasts and your bra band during the day. In the warmer months, some women can actually feel a bit damp in this area, and it may be helpful to apply some deodorant under the breast fold as part of their morning routine. If you are considering this option, the best choice would be one that goes on “dry” and does not make the skin feel sticky.


3 Baby Powder or Cornstarch Your Cups

Shake a little baby powder or corn starch into the cups of the bra before putting it on. You will probably find that corn starch is the less messy choice; baby powder tends to create a cloud if you aren’t careful when you apply it. Both products will absorb moisture as you go about your day and should help to keep the sweat and resulting smell down in your breast area.


How to Get Rid of Fried Food Smell

Preparing a dish that involves frying chicken, fish or another ingredient often leaves a tell-tell aroma in the kitchen. While we may love our comfort foods, the smell they leave behind is not comforting or welcome in our homes. We don’t want any greasy reminders of what we ate for dinner smacking us in the face when we enter the kitchen later on. It just makes the kitchen, our clothing and our hair smell dirty. Some people do take the time to scrub down all visible surfaces when they make fried chicken or a similar meal, but that isn’t always practical.


No one wants to walk into someone’s house and be hit with a wall of cooking stank. These kinds of greasy smells seem to attach to everything in the kitchen, including the person preparing the food. It’s one thing to tell someone what you had for dinner, but it’s quite another when people around you can sniff it out. Check out the solutions listed here and you won’t have to worry about this particular kind of stank again.




How to Get Rid of Fried Food Smell from House

1 Vinegar Dishtowel Wave

To get rid of lingering cooking smells from your home, take a clean dishcloth and dip it in vinegar. Wring it out until it is damp to the touch. Wave it around in your kitchen. Granted, you may not want to have any witnesses around when you try this solution, but we have it on good authority that it will help to get rid of the cooking smells quickly.


2 Ammonia Bowl Rescue

Setting out a small bowl of ammonia for a couple of days (or at least overnight) will get rid of the cooking smell in your kitchen. You can also substitute vinegar for the ammonia if you wish. Both of these products will effectively absorb the smell.


3 Cinnamon on a Cookie Sheet

This solution is quite aromatic and replaces the P.U. of grease with something much more pleasant. Take a cookie sheet and cover it with aluminum foil. Sprinkle some cinnamon on the cookie sheet and bake it on low heat in the oven. The kitchen will smell like cinnamon instead of fried food.


4 Crack Open a Window

Cracking open an a window and keeping the kitchen well ventilated during cooking will help to keep the friend food smell at bay. You will also want to get rid of your cooking oil as soon as you have finished preparing the meal. Wash your frying pans, pots and utensils promptly to make short work of this particular stank.


Remove Fried Food Smell from Clothing

1 10 Minute Dryer Solution

This is a solution that will help you get rid of the smell without washing your clothes. Take your smelly clothes and place them into the dryer. Add a dryer sheet in a fragrance you particularly like. Run the dryer for about 10 minutes. When you take your clothes out, they will be freshened up and and ready to wear.


2 Take the Issue Outside

Hang your stanky clothes outside in a sunny spot. Leave them for several days and let the combination of the sun’s rays and the breeze do their bit to remove the smell. It can take up to a week for you to get results, so you will need to be patient with this one.


3 Vodka Spray-down Technique

This one may seem a bit unusual, but we hear that it will work. Buy some inexpensive vodka and put it in a spray bottle. Mist your stinky clothes with it. The vodka will evaporate and the smell will disappear.


4 Refresh the Fabric with Febreze

Spray some fabric refresher on your clothes to bring them back to life. A light misting should do the trick. Try Febreze or one of the other brands on the market for this purpose. As the product dries, it will lift out the greasy smell trapped in its fibers.


5 Steam the Smell Out

Hang your clothes up in the bathroom while you are in the shower. The idea here is not to let your clothing get wet, but just allow them to get a kind of steam bath. It will help lift out the smell from the fabric. (This technique can also help to remove a few wrinkles from clothes if you don’t have time to get out the iron.)


Get Rid of Fried Food Smell from Your Hair

1 Use a Dry Shampoo

Beauty supply stores carry specialty products designed to clean hair without using water. Read the directions on the package before use. This type of shampoo can be used to remove the lingering smell from last night’s meal from your hair.


2 Citrus Shampoo it Out

Try using a citrus-scented shampoo to get rid of this particular type of funkiness. Look for a product with a lemon or orange scent for best results. Hit the shower and lather up twice in succession for best results. Rinse the product out of your hair thoroughly.