How to Get Wine Smell Out of Car

Often corks are only as good as their ability to stay in place. When we forget to push cork all of the way in and the bottle is loose within the car, unfortunate spills can occur.


Such spills are usually smelt shortly after the fluids have existed the bottle and entered the upholstery of the car.  While the odor produced by wine is often difficult to remove, there are several household solutions to remove the while at home or on the road.


Smell Removal Solutions

1 White Vinegar & Dish Detergent

This combination can work well at getting deep within the car’s upholstery and neutralizing odors. Mix one part white vinegar with three parts water and add one teaspoon of dish detergent.  Dunk a rag within the solution and proceed to scrub the area of the wine spill down.


2 Baking Soda & Corn Starch

This combination is a great solution for absorbing unwanted odors.  Mix one part corn starch with three parts baking soda and pour heavily over the area of the spill.  Provide a minimum of 24 hour to set in before returning to vacuum up the remaining powder.


3 Enzyme Cleaner

This solution employs active enzymes that work to eat through unwanted odorous residues.  Buy an enzyme cleaner at your local pet store and pour on location of the spill.  Allow 24-48 hours for the solution to set in and cut through residues.  After this time period has passed, return with paper towels to blot dry any remaining moisture from the upholstery.


4 Coffee Grounds

This ingredient for morning brew posseses great capabilities for removing odors from upholstery. After washing and blot drying the location place  paper towels over the top of the location, and pour a generous amount of coffee grounds on top of the paper towels.  Provide 48-72 hours for the coffee grounds to remove the remaining smells from from the cars interior before folding up the paper towels and lifting out the coffee grounds.


5 Carpet Cleaner

Applying a carpet cleaner to the interior upholstery of a car can work well in removing the stench of wine from the interior of a car.  Simply apply extra carpeting shampoo and open windows to allow for a speedy evaporation.


6 Car Cleaners

If you have the money and are short on time, you can take your automobile to the car cleaners.  They will be able to clean the interior of you car as well as remove any remaining smell from the spilt wine.


How to Get Smell Out of a Car

Cars can be a home away from home.  Like any home, odors can develop out of nowhere, making it seemingly impossible to grasp a fresh breathe of air.  Of course, no one wants this, and often a solution for removing an embarrassing odor is not as obvious as it may seem.


Since we spend so much time in our mobile units, it is not surprising that there exist a handful of odors that can develop with time.  In this guide, a range of specialized solutions are introduced for neutralizing odors.


Fast Smell Solutions

When smells develop there is often very little time to neutralize them.  When a temporary solution is needed to mask these odors, the following tips can be used.


1 Roll Down Windows

Leaving the windows open helps to quickly aerate the vehicle and mask any odors from building up within the enclosed space.  This can also have the positive effect of sweeping some of the odor away and permanently decreasing the potency of a residual smell within an automobile.


2 Ozium

This product is contained within a small canister, but packs a powerful punch.  A few sprays from one of the many scents will quickly fill your car and mask nearly any unwanted odor.


3 Febreze

This product is very handy on short notice and does well at covering and neutralizing odors.  Simply spray down the interior, allowing the air to clear and the moisture to evaporate from the upholstery.  Once this product dries, much of the odor is swept away with it.


Longterm Smell Solutions

Stronger odors often require a more permanent removal process.  By employing some of the below solutions, you will be able to remove the odors and return the car to it’s former scent.


1 White Vinegar

This household ingredient works well in getting deep down within upholstery to neutralize difficult odors.  Mix one part white vinegar with two parts water and pour within a spray bottle.  Proceed to mist down the entire car, and then close the doors to allow the solution to set into the car for 3-4 hours.  Once this time has passed, return to the car and roll down all of the windows to speed the evaporation process of the vinegar based mixture.


2 Baking Soda

Baking soda also works fantastic at neutralizing odors within upholstery and carpeting but absorbing odors.  Create a mixture of one part baking soda and 5 part water and pour within a spray bottle.  Mist down the entire interior and seal car for 4-5 hours before returning to roll down windows.


3 Lemon Juice

Citrus fruit have very effective compounds for cutting through odors.  The citric acid within lemon juice is especially strong against smoke related odors that may develop within an automobile.  Squeeze 5 teaspoons of lemon juice into a cup of water and pour contents within a spray bottle.  Spray down inter interior and return in 4-5 hours to roll down windows for air drying.


4 Rubbing Alcohol

The active ingredient within the breaks down helps to neutralize odors upon contact.  Mix rubbing alcohol and water in equal part and pour within a spray bottle.  Mist down the entire interior and leave window open to aerate.  Take note to allow all of the alcohol to evaporate before driving.  By waiting, you can avoid driving an automobile smelling of alcohol.


Deep Smell Solutions

When dealing with vomit or other toxins that can get deep within the cushioning and carpet flooring, additional ingredients are needed to remove odors from automobiles.


1 Enzyme Cleaner

The use of enzyme cleaners are very effective at eating through any smelly organic which has found it’s way within the automobile.  After scooping the degree and cleaning the accident with shampoo, proceed to pour enzyme cleaner on the location.  Allow the solution to set in for 24 hours before returning to blot the moisture from the seat of carpet flooring. These types of products can be purchased at pet stores and most super markets.


For more solutions to these types of automobile odors, click here


How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car

While smoking in your car, a major concern is to avoid the long lasting odor that can inhabit your automobile. There is no saying who you will be providing a lift to in the future, and you are pretty sure that you do not want this odor to be associate with you.


Smoke odors within automobiles can often be overwhelming and cause much discomfort on the part of non-smokers.  By following a series of preventative steps, you will be able to cut down on this smell and continue this as guilt-free habit while on-the-go.


Quick Smell Solutions

Often there is not enough time to create a long-lasting solution, and you are required to cover the odor on short notice.  In such cases, the following solutions can be of help.


1 Ozium

This is a power product that is made within a large range of options.  It is a handy solution to keep within your glove  compartment for easy access for when it is needed.  With one spray the scent covers nearly any odor and replaces it with a personally selected scent.


2 Febreze

This product also work well in covering and neutralizing smoke odors within automobiles.  It often requires spraying down the upholstery, dashboard and ceiling in heavy quantities.  Be sure to open the windows to allow for the car to aerate and quicken the evaporation process.


3 Deodorant & Perfume Spray

In a jam you can spray perfume or deodorant within the air conditioner while running on full-blast.  It will help in spreading proliferating the scent throughout the car in equal proportion rather than simply spraying the car down directly.


Longterm Smell Solutions

To clear all odors from your car, the following solutions can help in neutralizing the odors and ensuring the they do not gradually return.


1 White Vinegar

This solution works well in getting into upholstery and interior surfaces and neutralizing odors.  Mix a solution of one part white vinegar and two parts water and pour within a spray bottle.  Throughly spray down the interior of the car and close doors and windows to allow for moisture to sink into the interior of the car.  After sealing the car up for a few hours, open the windows to help with a faster evaporation  process.


2 Baking Soda

Baking soda is known for it’s power to absorb difficult odors.  Mix a formula of six teaspoons of of baking soda with two cups of water and pour within a spray bottle.  Spray down the entire interior and allow for the moisture to soak within the upholstery.  After the baking soda has soaked in, open the window for a quicker drying process.


3 Lemon Juice

The citric acid within lemon juice directly combats smoke related odors.  Squeeze six teaspoon of lemon juice and within a cup of water and pour within a spray bottle.  Mist down the entire interior of the car ensuring that easy square inch gets saturated by the mixture.  Be sure to leave windows open to speed up the evaporation of the formula.


4 Rubbing Alcohol

The alcohol within this compound breaks down odors and lift them out of the car’s interior.  Mix a solution of water and rubbing alcohol in equal parts and pour within a spray bottle.  Cover the entire upholstery, carpeting and ceiling with the formula and open windows for faster evaporation.   Be sure to allow interior to dry before operation vehicle to prevent car from smelling of alcohol.


Preventative Solutions

There are things that can be done to ensure that smoke odors do not take hold of you automobile.  By following the below tips, you can take preventative steps for the detection of the smoke odor.


1 Roll Down Windows

Leaving windows rolled down during smoking and at least 20 minutes after will help in cutting down on the residual odors.  Many people roll down their window during smoking, but few leave them open afterward to allow added traces of the smoke to be swept away.


2 Air Freshener

Using a car air freshener can help in maintain the a pleasant scent within the interior of a car.  Though it does not work in removing the odors, it does it is very effective at masking the smells within the interior.


How to Get B.O. Smell Out of Car

We’ve all let a stinky guy in our car at one point or another.  It is usually an uncomfortable ride, involving a count down of the minutes until you can drop them off.  However, if you’ve let them out and the odor doesn’t go away, it can be a frightening experience.



In this guide, there are a range of solutions offered for removing the off-putting stench within your automobile.  By following the below tips, you can increase your odds of reclaiming your car and terminating the BO infestation.


Body Odor Smell Removal Solutions

1 Open Windows Immediately

If you didn’t think to open the windows before inviting a smelly person within your car, be sure to roll down windows as soon as you drop them off.  This will aerate much of the odors and save time cleaning the interior out.


2 Perfume or Deodorant Spray

Odors are often not pervasive enough to cling to the interior of your car for more than 24 hours.  In such cases, you can usually get rid of BO problems by spraying a blast of perfume or deodorant within the AC when it is turned on full blast.


3 Baking Soda

Sprinkle baking soda over the seat that the smelly passenger was sitting.  This will draw out much of the residual odors left behind for this individual.  After 12-24 hours sweep or vacuum this powder out of your automobile.


4 Vodka

Pour vodka within a spray bottle, and mist down the interior of the car with high concentrations around the area that the smelly person was sitting.  Vodka works by cutting through organic odors and carries them off once it evaporates.  Though vodka dries odorless, be sure not to drive your car while the smell of alcohol exists within your drying car.


5 White Vinegar

This compound has been used as a home remedy for several generations.  Pour this into a spray bottle with water in equal parts and spray down the interior of the car.  Leave windows open to air dry, and the odor should be gone in less than 24 hours.


6 Febreze

This product can really come in handy on short notice.  By spraying down the interior, you can reclaim air quality within your car and say goodbye to the funky odor that was left behind.


Preventative Solutions

1 Seat Covers

If you know that you will be picking up a smelly person, it is wise to use car seat covers.  These will pick up much of the residual B.O., and you can simply throw them within the washing machine.


2 Arrive With Open Windows

By keeping a well ventilated automobile, you will lessen your chances that a stinky person will rub any of his funk off on your upholstery.  Be sure to show up with windows already open, as rolling them down after the person has entered can be offensive.


How to Get Dog Smell Out of Car

Canine companions like to be with you wherever you go.  They often come on errands and join on much of your daily routine. Unfortunately, by giving into their daily desires to tag along too much, your cars can develop an off-putting doggy odor.



In this guide, a range of solutions will be provided for neutralizing this pouch-based odor.  By following the below tips, you will be able increase your odds of wiping out this unwanted aroma within your automobile.


Preventative Dog Odor Solutions

1 Seat Covers

By using seat covers, you are introducing a protective layer between your dog and the car’s upholstery.  Be sure to get fabric covers that can easily be cleaned by throwing them within the washing machine for a rinse and spin.


2 Keep Windows Cracked

This does more than keep your dog alive of warm days.  It allows a steady stream of fresh air to sweep through the car and carry away much of the saliva and dander that your dog is rubbing off within the interior.


Dog Odor Smell Removal Solutions

1 Clean Up

Make sure that nothing from your dog gets left behind in the car.  Everything from a crew toy to a large hair ball can develop intense odors when left within enclosed spaces.


2 Baking Soda

After you’ve finished using your automobile for the day, sprinkle baking soda over the seats cushions, back rests, and floor mats.  Let this powder pull in the dog odors overnight and return in the morning to vacuum up the powder substance.  Much of the odor will have been drawn within the baking soda, and your car will smell much fresher.


3 Vodka

Create a mixture of vodka and water in equal parts.  Spray down the entire car with this solution and leave car windows open for quick drying of the alcohol.  As vodka evaporates, it will carry off much of the unwanted dog odors.   Take caution to allow the substance to completely dry before you drive your automobile.


4 White Vinegar

Create a mixture of white vinegar and water in equal parts, and spray down the interior of your automobile with this solution.  Once the moisture dries, the smell of the vinegar and doggy odor will be carried off.


5 Febreze

This product can work miracles in wiping out doggy dander odors within car upholstery.  Give the car a thorough spray down and roll down the windows to air dry.  As the solution evaporates, this product neutralizes the dog’s musk and carries much of it away.


How to Get Sex Smell Out of Car

Once the deed is done, this nighttime activity usually remains a secret between the participants.  People like to push limits, but they also want to show some discretion.  This is why sex smell developing within your car can be so distressing.



Fortunately, there exist solutions for deodorizing your car, and removing your personal brand of sex smell.  By following the below tips, you will better your chance of wiping out this odor.



Preventative Sexual Smell Solutions


1 Blankets

If it is foreseeable, make sure to pack blankets to place over the upholstery before getting busy.  This will  catch much of the fluids and steam produced during sex.  Blankets can easily be washed, but a cars interior lining is not an easy task.


2 Windows Cracked

Keeping windows cracked during sex gives the odor a place to escape.  If the windows are closed, it can pressurize and create a heightened off-putting odor within your automobile.


Sexual Smell Removal Solutions


1 Windows Open

After the sexual deed is done, be sure to open the windows as soon as possible.  Doing this will allow fresh air to sweep in and carry much of the musty odor out of the car.


2 Clean Up

Take any tissues or condoms that contain sexual fluids and place them in the trash outside the car as soon as possible.  You do not want these substances to evaporate within the automobile, as they will cake the interior with a foul odor.


3 Baking Soda

Baking soda can work wonders at absorbing unpleasant odors.  If you can locate the spot where the majority of sex odor is coming from, sprinkle heavy amounts of baking soda over the location.  Let the powder sit for 2-3 days, then return to vacuum the powder up.


4 Vodka

Fill a spray bottle partially full with this party drink, and spray heavily throughout the interior of the automobile.  Due to the alcohol content, the solution will evaporate quickly by leaving the windows open.


5 Vinegar

Pour vinegar within a spray bottle, and use the bottle within the interior of the car to ensure the interior fiber is moistened.  For quick drying, leave windows open for fresh air to help with evaporation.


6 Febreze

The product can work miracles in pulling out odors from car carpeting and lining.  Give your car an intensive spray down and leave window open for quick drying.