OdoBan Odor Eliminator Review



Uses & Benefits

OdoBan Odor Eliminator offers unparalleled versatility. It’s odor fighting power works on a wide variety of stenches and stinks. It is effective from the laundry room to the basement to commercial and industrial surfaces and anywhere else plagued by unwanted odors. OdoBan puts the multi-purpose is multi-purpose cleaner.

Use OdoBan Odor Eliminator to eliminate unpleasant odors like body odor, smoke, and fish smells from clothing by adding OdoBan Odor Eliminator to laundry. Simply mix the recommend dilution amount into your load to eliminate all heavy odors. Great for athletic apparel, work clothes, and bed sheets.

OdoBan Odor Eliminator works well on the walls, floors, and carpets of rooms plagued with unwelcome and unsavory odors like those associated with tobacco products and pets. Wash down the walls or floor of an affected space. Unpleasant odors will be neutralized and replaced with a refreshing eucalyptus scent

OdoBan Odor Eliminator also works well on odors created by unexpected bodily functions making it a good companion for preschools, schools, nursing homes and other spaces where an unexpected personal accidents might occur. Remove the waste appropriately and the disinfect and deodorize the affected area. OdoBan Odor Eliminator removes odors associated with urine, feces, and vomit.

OdoBan Odor Eliminator proves useful to RV and boat owners who need to control odors that get captured in the small cabins of their vehicles and vessels. The cleaner can be used to both disinfect and deodorize the interiors removing the musty smells that make such small spaces unpleasant to inhabit.

Basins, drains, and areas are prone to bacterial build-up and all of the characteristic odors associated with decaying, discard food products and other waste. These odor hotspots quickly become ripe with rotting and rancid food as well as residual mold and mildew. Scrubbing sinks helps prevent odor build-up. Simply scrub down basins with the diluted cleaner and rinse.

OdoBan Odor Eliminator also fights odors associated with sewer back-ups and water damage from flooding and burst pipes. Once the space is dry and all debris removed, utilize OdoBan Odor Eliminator to soak and sanitize surfaces removing pollutants and their associated odors.

OdoBan Odor Eliminator even removes skunk odors from clothes, fur, and skin.

Similarly it is certified to kill a wide variety of bacteria and viruses including the HIV virus.

OdoBan offers a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.


Deodorizing Strength & Speed

OdoBan Odor Eliminator is one of the most powerful and versatile deodorizers on the market. It offers a wide spectrum of deodorizing capacity ranging from common household odors to more entrenched industrial smells. The OdoBan Odor Eliminator works quickly to eliminate all smells as well as to prevent new smells from developing by disinfecting surfaces.

When treating waste, the Odor Ban Odor Eliminator is most effective when removal and cleanse protocol is employed. Remove all loose sources of smell prior, then deodorize with the OdoBan Odor Eliminator for the the best results.

The concentrated formula allows users to dilute the deodorizer to the desired strength maximizing efficiency and performance.


Cautions & Warnings

Keep out of eyes. Contact with the eyes can cause irreversible eye damage. If contact is made with the eye, flush with lukewarm water for 15 minutes.
Keep out of contact with clothing. If contact with clothing is made, remove and rinse immediately.

Use in a well ventilated area, if directly inhaled move to open air. If dizziness persists or loss of consciousness occurs seek medical attention.

Observe all dilution recommendations. The concentrate is very powerful and might adversely impact surfaces and fabrics if not properly cut with water.

Keep out of reach of children.

If the cleaner is accidentally ingested, contact poison control immediately.


Common Active Ingredients

Isopropanol as a solvent and Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride as deodorizer.

Pet Head Poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray Review



Pet grooming and deodorizing products tend to be predictable and maybe even a little boring. However in 2007 Kyara Mascolo ,the original creator of Bed Head hair care products, decided to add the same edgy, fashion forward style that she brought to the Bed Head line of human hair products to the world of pet care and grooming. Pet Head products come attractively packaged and ready to tend to the needs of a posh pooch.


Uses & Benefits

Pet Head Poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray offers dog owners a “yummy orange” scent to freshen and deodorize dog coats. The scent is pleasant and lighter than most other pet deodorizing fragrances. Baking soda and other salts as well as enzymes help to absorb and neutralize odors naturally while the great fragrance perks up puppy’s smell.

Use to improve pet coat odors between bath times and groomer’s appointments. The Pet Head poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray mist comes out in a fine spray designed to keep dogs comfortable and happy while being sprayed. Apply a liberal amount of mist to the coat. For ensured saturation comb the product through fur after application or rub into the coat with a hand towel.

Keep Pet Head Poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray on hand to spritz your pooch’s coat prior to having guests over or to deodorize pet beds, outfits, and other pet accessories that hold onto pet smell. It makes a great permanent addition to pet brushing sessions.

Pet Head Poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray, like all Pet Head products, is pH adjusted and free of dangerous parabens and sulfates. Pet Head products are also cruelty free.

Pet Head products are manufactured in the United States of America

PPet Head poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray manufactured to be safe for use by humans, should you wish for your scent to mimic your puppy’s.


Deodorizing Strength & Speed

Pet Head Poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray leaves pets smelling great with a fresh orange scent more reminiscent of human body sprays and shampoos. However, while the product does feature odor neutralizing ingredients like baking soda and other salts as well as enzymes as active ingredients the spray does not always fully neutralize offending odors.
Once the fragrance wears off often the offending odor returns, or in the case of heavy outdoor odors never completely goes away at all. The product is best utilized to improve dog odors between grooming appointments or baths and is best applied to dog’s who do not pick up a lot of outside odors. To truly achieve the odor neutralization effects, fur must be saturated leaving Fido as wet as if he’d been given a bath. Otherwise Pet Head poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray needs to be reapplied regularly to maintain the deodorizing effect. Other pet deodorizers offer full odor neutralization, but perhaps lack the charm of the packaging or feature less lovely scents.


Cautions & Warning

Keep spray out of dog’s eyes and ears. The product is natural and non-harmful however id large amounts are ingested, sickness may occur. Some people who experience sensitivities to sprayed fragrances might experience similar irritation with Pet Head Poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray.
Pay attention to your pet’s reaction to the spray. While Pet Head poof! Magical Deodorizing Spray is very gentle, dog’s with sensitive skin may have adverse reactions to the product leading to lick, chewing, and scratching. If such behaviors occur discontinue use immediately. If you are concerned your dog may have an allergic or adverse reaction, spot test the spay on a small area of fur and skin. Allow the product to set for 24 hours, then examine the skin for irritation.


Common Active Ingredients

Cetrimonium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Saccharomyces Ferment , DMDM Hydantoin, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Citric Acid work in tandem to neutralize odors.
Fragrance provides the Yummy Orange smell.
Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice conditions the fur.
Nonoxynol-9 as a surfactant and water.

NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Concentrate Hose Spray Review



One particularly unattended to but omnipresent problem of pet ownership is smells produced outside of the household in the yard. Potty trained pets keep their bathroom business outside of the home, but often take liberties when it comes to the great outdoors. Fido and Rex leave their mark across the backyard, leaving no flower, rock, or slide left unmarked. This attention to detail often leaves grass, play sets, and lawn furniture susceptible to unpleasant urine and feces odors that can prove unpleasant for humans wishing to take in the outdoors as well. Add in dry days and a heat wave, and often these yard odors become overwhelming making the yard unsavory and unusable as anything other than a pet powder room. NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Concentrate Hose Spray offers a solution for yards that smell yucky, allowing the humans of the household to lay claim to the well-manicured realm of the backyard once more.


Benefits & Uses

After waste removal NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Concentrate Hose Spray may be sprayed to eliminate residual stool and urine odors. The solution is safe to use on nearly any object. Spray to remove dog markings on patio furniture, playground equipment, dog runs, fences, hedges and flower beds. The solution even works on grass itself!

The product neutralizes urine and stool odors over a wide swath of area, and can be employed safely in dog parks and at doggy day cares and kennels with outdoor yards.

NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Concentrate Hose Spray comes in handy for multi-pet households. It also provides relief from pet elimination odors in dry climates, areas experiencing drought, and during heat waves. When the weather doesn’t naturally remove pet odors outdoors, NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Concentrate Hose Spray allows pet owners to take matters into their own hands.

NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Concentrate Hose Spray also works well for spray cleaning and deodorizing dog kennels and dog houses. Simply attach the solution to the hose and spray down the kennels. Wipe down the interior to dry after spraying.
NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Concentrate Hose Spray can also be employed to spray down patios and deck areas that might have fallen prey to puppy potty times.
NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Concentrate Hose Spray can be directly sprayed on specific target areas or employed to provide blanket coverage for a backyard where dogs have free reign. If you can point a hose at it, NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Concentrate Hose Spray will help eliminate odors.
NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Concentrate Hose Spray is specially calibrated like all NaturVet products to be a healthy and natural solution to an everyday pet problem.


Deodorizing Strength & Speed

NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Concentrate Hose Spray works well to neutralize pet odors, especially in conjunction with removal of stool. Owners with multiple dogs or especially smelly yards might need to make more than one application to fully remove smells. The 32 oz bottle covers square footage of up to 15k sq ft providing ample coverage for even the largest of back yards.


Cautions & Warnings

NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Concentrate Hose Spray is safe for use in areas with pets and children. However do not apply the spray directly to pets. It is for use on urine and stool affected surfaces only. Before using on fabrics, spot test for colorfastness.
Keep spray out of direct contact with eyes. If the concentrate is accidentally ingested, contact poison control immediately.


Common Active Ingredients

Alkyl Dimethyl Benzylammonium Chloride as an odor neutralizer and deodorizer.


Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spray Review



So you have about fifteen guests coming over for wine tasting or the Super Bowl or bridge. You spend all day out of the house shopping for supplies, loading up on drinks and food. You get home ready to quickly assemble some munchies and give the house one last spruce up when you notice an unsavory odor. You darling little pup trots into after his potty break and he definitely rolled around in something ripe. It’s T-minus you don’t know how many minutes until the guests start arriving, and you have a stinking mess waiting to greet them all once as they cross the threshold.

Preparing yourself to heed and dismiss refrains of, “What’s that smell?” you search for solutions. You need to make it smell as though Fido is fresh from the groomer. There’s not time for a bath. Perfume will only make your pup smell like flowers and whatever he just rolled around in. Locking him away for hours seems cruel when everyone loves to pet him and tell you what a cute dog you have. Fortunately there is another option: Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spray offers a handy solution to quickly de-stinkifying a living area.


Uses & Benefits

Originally developed to take care of messes and odors safely in a preschool environment, Nature’s Miracle quickly found its true calling as an effective pet odor remover. Nature’s Miracle does not mask odors like other fragrance spray, but instead targets odors with enzymes not only leaving dog coats smelling better but also leaving no trace of the offending odor.

Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spray works best as a method of freshening a dog’s coat between baths and grooming appointments. Groomer’s appointments get pricey, and bathtime is time consuming and can affect the natural sheen of the coat by stripping out natural oils to frequently. Dog owners may choose to spray Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spray or reserved the odor fighting power for problem areas like the undercoat. Re-apply spray as often as necessary to maintain a fresh smelling dog without the inconvenience or skittishness of frequent bath times.

Advanced odor encapsulating and destroying properties remove pet odors immediately and replace them with a long-lasting grapefruit scent . Added Aloe Vera keeps prevents the coat from drying out, leaving coats shiny and lustrous.

Additionally Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spray works to control pet dander.

Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spray works great on other pets too. From ferrets to cats to other stinky, furry companions Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spray keeps the whole fur family smelling fresh and clean.

For older dogs or those who might be skittish about spray, spraying the deodorizer on a hand or bath towel prior to applying to the dogs coat directly. Rub the towel all over the coat to make certain all odor affected areas are covered.


Deodorizing Strength & Speed

Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spray locks in and removes odors immediately. Unlike other products that merely mask the dog related smells, Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spray remedies the source of the problem ensuring that the smell doesn’t return (unless Rowlf rolls around in whatever he rolled around in the first time again).


Cautions & Warnings

Nature’s Miracle De-odorizing Spray is safe for pets and young children. If excessive amounts of the product are ingested, some stomach discomfort may occur. Keep spray out of range of eyes for safety.

Those with heightened chemical sensitivities might want to steer clear of this product as it can irritate certain sensitivities.

In pets with excessive dirt or dander the coat may become clumped or waxy after application. After multiple applications and brushing the dander will be removed and the quality of the coat restored.


Common Active Ingredients

Natural digestive enzymes Amylease and Protease for odor neutralization these enzymes break down and eradicate smell causing molecules.

Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spray also features lemon based fragrance for scent, alcohol for cleansing, aloe vera to keep the fur coat from drying out.


MrGreen Dog Deodorizer Review



Dogs are man’s best friend, but they often carry with them an entourage of odors that can affect the freshness of the house. Unwanted odors can impact carpeting, bedding, and even the coat of your pet making it unpleasant to cuddle up with him. Regular baths prove a sloppy and sometimes stressful ordeal for dogs. Too many baths can also strip the natural oils from your pup’s coat.


Benefits and Uses

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer does not employ potentially harmful chemicals, enzymes, masking agents, or even alcohol to deodorize dog smells. Instead MrGreen Dog Deodorizer harnesses the power of micronutrients to get stink out by using a custom blend of all natural and organic materials designed to neutralize odors while keeping dogs healthy and happy. MrGreen Dog Deodorizer is safe for the environment as well as for use around the home. In fact, MrGreen Dog Deodorizer is so safe, dog owners may apply it directly onto dog to freshen a stinky coat between grooming sessions.

The gentle nature of MrGreen Dog Deodorizer makes it safe and effective to target dog odors on carpet, bedding, upholstered furniture or just as a general air freshener sprayed around the house to remove dog odors.

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer is lightly fragranced with lemongrass, providing a light citrusy tone appropriate for almost every space including car interiors affected by pet odors like wet dog!

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer is gentle yet strongly formulated enough to combat the strongest dog odors, including skunk spray. Humans may also wish to employ MrGreen Dog Deodorizer to remove skunk odor if sprayed.

To freshen your dog’s coat, spray a towel thoroughly and then wipe the dog down versus spraying directly onto the coat. This method is more comforting to the dog than directly spraying the MrGreen Dog Deodorizer onto the coat.

Mix a 1:10 parts MrGreen Dog Deodorizer to water to wash down and refresh the interior of a kennel. Spray down any kennel associated liners or bedding for full effect.

Veterinarians and vet office’s can spray MrGreen Dog Deodorizer to keep waiting areas and examination rooms fresh while preserving the health of pet patients.

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer also works well to keep dog boarding areas, groomer’s front and back rooms, and dog sitter residences smelling fresh despite heavy dog traffic.

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer can be applied to directly puppy accidents before waste is cleaned up and then once again after waste has been removed.

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer pulls double duty as a kid deodorizer. It’s safe, organic properties make it ideal for deodorizing stinky athletic equipment, toys, and shoes. The light lemongrass scent leaves bed rooms, gear bags, and mud rooms smelling fresh and clean.


Deodorizing Strength & Speed

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer works quickly to both neutralize and cover pet odors with a combination of organic compounds and micronutrients designed to neutralize odors and leave dog affected areas smelling pleasantly of lemongrass. As the micronutrient blend both abolishes smells and replaces them with a simple Lemon Grass scent, the spray works quickly to neutralize odors including dog urine and even skunk spray.

Larger pet odors including waste might require cleaning and sanitation to full remove smell. MrGreen Dog Deodorizer should be employed as part of a full cleaning process.


Cautions & Warnings

MrGreen Dog Deodorizer is all natural and organic and poses no health risks. As MrGreen Dog Deodorizer is biodegradable, the product is also safe for the earth.

The natural properties of MrGreen Dog Deodorizer also makes it safe for use for those with asthma or allergies.


Common Active Ingredients

Amino acids
Organic compounds minerals


Fresh Results Cage Cleaning & Deodorizing Spray Review



You adore your little critters. Whether you have a flock of finely feathered friends, a hamlet of handsome hamsters, or a single grumpy guinea pig, you allow tiny creatures fill your life with great affection and joy. Unfortunately sweet tiny-ness of these small pets often acts in inverse proportion to their ability to produce overwhelming odors. Mother’s Nature’s smallest creatures often produce the biggest bangs in the odor department. The overwhelming eau de animal often overwhelms the whole house causing frustration and even embarrassment. Cage maintenance and deodorization is an essential part of small pet ownership. Without diligent deodorization the special smells of the smallest members of the household can overwhelm the entire house, making them less welcome roommates.


If you don’t want to greet human visitors to your home with an overwhelming poof of rabbit, ferret, cocaktiel, or hedgehog consider adding a cage deodorizer to your pet care repertoire. Fresh Results Cage Cleaning & Deodorizing Spray For Birds & Small Animals provides a deodorizes calibrated to keep small cages smelling fresh while maintaining the health and longevity of your little loved ones.


Benefits & Uses

Fresh Results Cage Cleaning & Deodorizing Spray For Birds & Small Animals both sanitizes and removes the source of odor in a gentle manner making it a healthy choice for smaller pets. Sprays and deodorizers calibrated for larger pets target odors differently. This spray is specially designed with the health and habitats of small pets in mind.
The spay is non-acidic, non-toxic, and non-flammable. It is safe for use on colors and any other surface that is water safe.
The spray works well on a variety of small pet accessories from perches to wheels to cages and terrariums themselves. It can be sprayed directly onto sand, gravel, shells, concrete, litter, or most other cage lining materials.
The product may be sprayed directly onto cage walls, terrarium glass, and other affected areas of small animal habitats. Users might also wish to rub these areas with a cloth to remove mess. The natural enzymes in the product will capture soiled areas, allowing users to conveniently rub away an odorous mess within five minutes of application.
Fresh Results Cage Cleaning & Deodorizing Spray For Birds & Small Animals works well to eliminate the musky odors of small mammals like ferrets.
A little bit of Fresh Results Cage Cleaning & Deodorizing Spray For Birds & Small Animals making it an economical choices for freshening cages.


Deodorizing Strength & Speed

Fresh Results Cage Cleaning & Deodorizing Spray For Birds & Small Animals works well for its intended purpose of minimizing and eliminating odors from small animal habitats. The natural enzymes neutralize and remove the source odors leaving pet areas fresh within a few minutes of application.
While Fresh Results Cage Cleaning & Deodorizing Spray For Birds & Small Animals aids in removing soiled areas, the odor fighting properties work best in conjunction with regular cleaning and frequent replacement of liner materials.
Additionally this product may be employed in cat litter boxes as well, though it is not an ideal solution for cat odors as it is specifically calibrated to take care of small animal messes and odors.


Cautions & Warning

Fresh Results Cage Cleaning & Deodorizing Spray For Birds & Small Animals is generally safe for use on small animal cages. Remove your animal(s) from the cage prior to application. If you have concerns about animal sensitivities consult your veterinarian prior to application.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest or spray directly at eyes.


Common Active Ingredients

Bio-Enzymotic Odor-Lock,
Oxygen Boosters
Isoprophyl alcohol for deodorization
Additional fragrance for scent


8 in 1 Ferretsheen Deodorizing Spray Review



Ferret owners become familiar with the musky scent of their pets. As you grow to know and love your ferret companion, the musky scent of his coat often even becomes a familiar and comforting. However leave this scent unattended and the musk can become overwhelming, overpowering, and unwanted. When the first thing visitors to your home encounter is the heady aroma of your ferret’s special smell, it’s time to take the reigns and get that musk under control. Regular bathing helps to manage ferret musk, however too much bathing can be detrimental to the sheen of the ferret pelt and also agitate and dry out the skin. It is vital to also find an in between bath times solution to keep your ferret’s musky smell dialed down to fragrantly familiar versus off puttingly odorous.


Benefits & Uses

8 in 1 Ferretsheen Deodorizing Spray provides an intermediate option for deodorization without bathing. Specially calibrated to neutralize ferret musk and other ferret odors, the spray keeps ferrets smelling fresh by neutralizing odors with enzymes. To use spray to coat fur entirely, avoiding eyes mouth of your ferret. Then comb or massage in the spray solution fully into your ferret’s coat.

The spray helps improve the quality and sheen of the coat. In addition to deodorization, the spray helps keep ferret fur healthy and manageable between baths. Where too frequent bathing may cause skin agitation and dry out, special added emollients work to keep ferret skin supple and healthy, The emollients also aid in preserving and enhancing the natural color of the coat. 8 in 1 Ferretsheen Deodorizing Spray is gentle enough for every day use, or it may only be used as necessary.

In addition to its enzymic odor neutralization, 8 in 1 Ferretsheen Deodorizing Spray also deodorizes and freshens your ferret with an added pleasant cucumber melon fragrance. The fragrance is light and refreshing. 8 in 1 Ferretsheen Deodorizing Spray also works to remove musk odors from ferret toys and accessories like harnesses. Simply spray the musk affected item and blot to remove excess spray. If you are concerned about the colorfastness of an item, spot test a small section prior to full use.


Deodorizing Strength & Speed

8 in 1 Ferretsheen Deodorizing Spray immediately leaves your ferret smelling fresh and clean. However, be mindful that ferret musk is very powerful and cannot be removed completely. While 8 in 1 Ferretsheen Deodorizing Spray offers an interim solution between baths to manage ferret musk odors, the musk odor will return. The spray works to manage the musk odor not eradicate it completely. Most ferret owners are familiar with and even enjoy the musky smells of their furry friends, so the spray provides a solution suitable to the needs of ferret owners looking to lighten the impact of the ferret’s musky odor rather than completely eliminate it.

The enzymes in the product capture and neutralize the musky odors in oil secretions, mitigating the associated smell. Added cucumber melon fragrance replaces unwanted odors with a pleasant and refreshing scent.


Cautions & Warnings

8 in 1 Ferretsheen Deodorizing Spray is created with the health and safety of pet ferrets in mind, however if you are concerned about the sensitivities of your pet please consult your veterinarian for advice. Ferrets with pre-existing skin conditions might experience irritation or dryness.
Keep out of eyes and mouth. If contact with the eyes is made, flush with water. If irritation persists contact a medical professional.

After application keep your pet ferret out of drafty areas until the coat dries completely.
Keep out of reach of children and pets. If this product is accidentally ingested, contact poison control immediately.


Common Active Ingredients

Dimethicone copolyol
isostearamidopropyl morpholine lactate
diazolidinyl urea for enzymic deodorization
Propylene glycol
propylparaben as preservatives
Vegetable extract and aloe vera gel as conditioners
Additional fragrance for scent


Citrus II Deodorizing Cleaner Review



Hospitals need to remain free of germs, bacteria, and other harmful biological threats to prevent the infection of highly susceptible patients. Regular sanitation and cleansing is part of all medical facility protocol. Along with the assorted biohazards, illness, and human waste comes huge odors that need to be cared for as well.


Citrus II Deodorizing Ideas:

Citrus II Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner offers hospital grade sanitation for all porous surfaces, non-critical instruments, and equipment. The cleaner offers powerful germicidal powers working effectively to kill bacteria, fungus, and viruses including Hepatitis B and C, HIV-1 (AIDS) and Tuberculosis. While sanitizing, the cleaner also kills odor causing molecules, ridding surfaces of possible odor causing molds, mildews, and bacterias. The cleaner then brightens those surfaces and the surrounding environment with a pleasant citrus scent.

Citrus II Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner works well in medical offices, dental offices, and even veterinary offices to sanitize and deodorize surfaces providing good choice for those with chemical sensitivities. The EPA-registered formula contains no toxic chemicals and does not utilize alcohol. The cleaner does not dry out skin. The formula is especially refreshing for those who have difficult with lung irritation with chemical solvents, Citrus II Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner is notably gentle on lungs for such a powerful cleaner. Citrus II Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner is safe to use on a variety of surfaces including vinyl and naugahyde. While it operates as a powerful sanitizer and deodorizer, it remains a gentle. The formula is non-acidic, it will not corrode metals and does not stain.

Citrus II Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner comes formulated in ready-to-use mix sparing the inconvenience of dilution and mixing. Users need only twist the spray nozzle and apply generously. This cleaner also works well in professional and personal kitchens to sanitize and prevent odorous mold and bacterial grown on counters and appliances. Bacteria heavy items like kitchen waste baskets and storage bins benefit from Citrus II Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner’s sanitization and deodorization properties.

Citrus II Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner also works well on home medical appliances such as CPAP machines to both disinfect and deodorize. The cleaner can be utilized in home care situations to provide both aggressive sanitation for those with compromised immune systems and to keep the home smelling clean and fresh instead of stuffy or chemical.


Citrus II Warnings:

While Citrus II Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner offers a relatively safe cleaner, some precautions should be taken upon use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes or with clothing. Thoroughly wash hands after use, especially before eating, drinking, or smoking. If accidentally ingested, contact poison control immediately. If contact with the eye is made, flush with water for 15 minutes. Do not directly inhale. If irritation or asphyxiation occurs, move the afflicted to fresh air. Citrus II Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner offer robust sanitation well beyond most domestic needs. Over sanitation can lead to the development of stronger fungi, bacteria, and viruses by increasing resistance. Use discretionarily.


Citrus II Deodorizing Strength & Speed:

Citrus II Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner offers users a safe and effective method of deodorization in a single spray bottle. The cleaner works rapidly to kill and neutralize bacteria and mold that cause odors. The refreshing citrus scent leaves cleansed areas smelling bright and clean after use. Citrus II Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleanser works well as part of a scope of cleansing and sanitation. Any loose disposable waste that creates unwelcome odors should be removed and disposed of appropriately. Once surfaces are clean of debris, the cleaner quickly and effectively deodorizes most strong bacterial and fungal odors with the added benefit of preventing future growth. Regular application not only deodorizes, it also prevents the need for deodorization by keep surfaces clean and disinfected.


Citrus II Ingredients:

N-Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chlorides N-Alkyl Dimethyl Ethylbenzyl Ammonium Chlorides as odor absorbers and sanitizers.

FURminator Deodorizing Waterless Spray Review



If you’re lucky the sloppiest part of pet bath time is when Rex shakes his coat covering your bathroom, laundry room, or driveway with the water you just rinsed him off with. Afterward you just towel him off, change out of your wet shirt, and get on with your day.

If you are like the majority of dog owners bath time more often than not includes tumultuous amounts of your dog freaking out trying desperately to escape the sink/bathtub/kiddie pool or it features forceful and distracted wandering away while Fido is still coated in odor fighting suds. For most pet owners bathing is an ordeal. This ordeal makes it attractive to just learn to love and live with unsavory pet odors. It’s easier to just ignore odor than wrestle with a hydrophobic St. Bernard.

Regular bathing important to for dog health and to help handle most pet odors, however keeping up a bathing schedule that also keeps an active dog smelling fresh from the groomer requires Herculean strength and Herculean strength of will. Not to mention too frequent bathing strips pet coats of natural oils, often causing dry skin or reactionary heightened production of odor causing oils.


Product Ideas:

FURminator deOdorizing Waterless Spray is a piece of larger product line focused on reducing and tending to shedding. The FURminator deOdorizing Waterless Spray works as an in between quick fix for a smelly pet. Utilizing natural ingredients like baking soda and vegetable protein extract FURminator deOdorizing Waterless Spray provides a safe and no fuss solution to between bath odors. A simple spray helps improve pet smell.

Used in conjunction with FURminator deShedding and deTangling Waterless Sprays, the deodorizer offers a full complement of doggy hair care options for between bath times. While not its primary use, FURminator deOdorizing Waterless Spray can also be applied safely to pet beds and accessories for extra deodorization. Simply coat the items and wipe off excess liquid. If concerned about the color fastness of an item, spot check the reaction of the formula on a small section overnight.



Keep out of the eyes of pets and humans. FURminator deOdorizing Waterless Spray is safe for pets and children however if significant amounts are ingested illness may occur. Those with sensitivities to airborne fragrances or with pet who have sensitivities to fragrances should spot check FURminator deOdorizing Waterless Spray prior to full application. Simply spray on a small patch of fur and allow to set for 24 hours. Check the area for any irritations prior to fully coating your dog’s fur.


Deodorizing Strength & Speed

FURminator deOdorizing Waterless Spray works quickly to neutralize and improve dog odor however the treatment only lasts for half a day to day when addressing an persistent smell. FURminator deOdorizing Waterless Spray offer less satisfying results for true dog odors, while the initial smell is pleasant and refreshed dogs quickly go back to smelling as they did prior to the spray down. Spray liberally for the best results.

FURminator deOdorizing Waterless Spray provides the best results in conjunction with regular brushing and other coat management. Brush the coat free of loose odor causing items like dirt and dander, then apply the FURminator deOdorizing Waterless Spray to elevate and brighten the smell of the coat.



Baking soda and vegetable protein extract work to absorb and neutralize the source of the smell. While an odor modifier replaces the unpleasant odor with a more appealing fragrance. FURminator deOdorizing Waterless Spray also contains natural surfactants an water.


Perfect Coat – 8 In 1 – Dog Spray Review



Regular bathing does wonders to keep dogs clean and fresh, however too much bathing can irritate the skin and affect the luster of the natural coat by stripping valuable oils. Fortunately 8 in 1 Pet Products developed 8 In 1 Pet Products Pro Pet Salon Freshening Scent Dog Spray hand in hand with pet groomers to keep pets smelling great long after they’ve hopped of the grooming table.


Benefits & Uses:

8 In 1 Pet Products Pro Pet Salon Freshening Scent Dog Spray is a between baths spray that 8 in 1 Pet Products specially designed with the consultation of dog groomers to keep dogs smelling fresh in between grooming sessions and baths. With the focus on keeping fur clean, manageable and groomer fresh 8 In 1 Pet Products DEOI6684 Pro Pet Salon Freshening Scent Dog Spray is a great solution to keep coats healthy and smelling great.
8 In 1 Pet Products Pro Pet Salon Freshening Scent Dog Spray is specially formulated to condition fur. The special conditioners make the product gentle enough to use every day or as need to keep pups smelling wonderful. The unique coconut/pineapple scent lets your dog strut his stuff in a salon quality fragrance.



The formula is alcohol free. 8 In 1 Pet Products Pro Pet Salon Freshening Scent Dog Spray also comes in Baby Powder Crisp Apple, Fresh Berry and Vanilla Peach fragrances. The spray also works to manage and detangle dog fur. The product is gentle enough for use on other pet’s coats.


Deodorizing Strength & Speed
8 In 1 Pet Products Pro Pet Salon Freshening Scent Dog Spray leaves dogs smelling fresh and clean. The fragrance does not neutralize odors, however it does rep