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Nice colognes are expensive, plus they often conflict with body wash and underarm antiperspirant leaving men a mish mosh of fragrances. Women have been getting away with less expensive body sprays able to nimbly pair lotions and fragrances to complement one another for years. Men seeking that extra punch of fragrance were forced to choose between pricey colognes or good ol’ soap and water to provide that extra oomph of odor protection.


Use & Benefits

AXE Body Spray offers a deodorizing spray that can be applied directly to the skin or to clothing’s exterior. The spray comes in a variety of scents that provide a robust fragrances that provide ample coverage for any odors that might sneak past regular deodorant. While masking odors, AXE Body Spray creates a signature scent for wearers. AXE Body Spray customers often find themselves bound to a single scent.

AXE Body Sprays are available in a full range of AXE scents including Essence, Apollo, Dark Temptation, Gravity, and Phoenix.

AXE Body Spray’s marketing campaigns are devoted to the lady killing aspects of their fragrances. The real world social reputation of the sprays however offers a mixed bag with some women finding them appealing while others leave encounters feeling as though they got hit with the wrong side of a frat house. Know your audience. Also as with most fragrances and colognes, a light touch is best. Using your grandma’s spritz and walk through method of perfume application could save the day here. Apply the spray lightly for best results.
AXE Body Spray provides deodorizing coverage appropriate for masking cigarette or cigar smells, dirty clothes, and a host of other odorous sins committed by young bachelors.


Deodorizing Strength & Speed

The fragrance works immediately provide fragrant deodorization around the area sprayed area. AXE Body Spray is notoriously concentrated in scent, so it doesn’t take much to cover odors. As with most fragrances and colognes, the spray works best in conjunction with regular hygiene and cleanliness. It provides the best boost to normal body and clothing odors if it doesn’t have to fight with underarm odor or other unsavory smells.
AXE Body Spray does not offer any antiperspirant or bacteria fighting qualities, the fragrance serves to mask and deodorize.


Cautions & Warning

AXE Body Spray is flammable when wet. As such it should not be used near heat, open flames, or while smoking. The resulting fire can cause serious injuries and burns and in some cases may even result in death.
Users of AXE Body Spray should not inhale the product directly. If dizziness or headache occurs remove affected clothing and seek fresh air. If lung irritation or loss of consciousness occurs, seek medical attention immediately.
Body sprays of many varieties especially those containing HFCs may cause severe allergic reactions in the wearer and those around them. AXE Body Sprays and other spray perfumes have been banned from certain classrooms and office environments as a result of these heightened sensitivities.
Avoid spraying in the eyes, if contact with eyes is made flush the eye for 10-15 minutes with lukewarm water and contact a medical professional.
AXE Body Spray contents are store under pressure. Avoid puncturing the can. Do not incinerate or expose to heat, especially environments of 120°F/50°C or greater. Remove from cars and other enclosed spaces in hot weather to prevent bursting.
Do not apply to broken skin or skin exhibiting rash. Discontinue use immediately if skin irritation occurs.
Keep of of reach of children.
AXE Body Spray can be used an inhalant. This intentional misuse can lead to unintended consequences. Deliberate inhalation can lead to harmful and even fatal effect. If you or a love done struggles with inhalation abused visit:


Common Active Ingredients

AXE Body Spray uses fragrance as a deodorizer and also includes: Alcohol Denat., Hydrofluorocarbon 152a, Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide Stearate

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