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Many methods to diffuse fragrance through the air exist, however most cannot be left unattended for long stretches of time. Candles may start fires or leave unanticipated smoke damage. Essential oils stain fabric permanently when spilled. Spray fresheners typically require consistent manual application and also fill breathable air with possibly harmful chemicals. Rooms, especially closed spaces like bathrooms and offices, hold in odor and air creating the staleness even where there is not offensive odor. These rooms often set unattended for long stretches of time making the use of air fresheners that require attentiveness impractical and even dangerous. Fortunately Air Wick Cone Air Fresheners offer a small, subtle, and inexpensive way to leave the air smelling fragrant and beautiful while also taking the guesswork out of air freshening. Air Wick Cone Air Fresheners are successful whether supervised or not.


Benefits & Uses

The Air Wick Cone Air Freshener diffuses fragrant scents like Country Berries to mask unpleasant household odors like stinky shoes, dirty laundry, and pet associated smells. Air Wick Cone Air Fresheners require no batteries or electricity at all, but rather utilize a concentrated fragrance which releases into the air over time.

The stable and safe nature of the Air Wick Cone Air Freshener allows users to set and forget the air freshener making it a safe fragrance alternative to other deodorizers like sprays, candles, and oils. The Air Wick Cone Air Freshener does not even require users to take up outlet space!

Users may control the amount of fragrances released by twisting the top of the air freshener, opting for full fragrance release or to close the air freshener completely. The Air Wick Cone Air Freshener provides excellent coverage in bathrooms, closets, smelly teenage bedrooms, dorm rooms, and other smaller rooms. Larger spaces may require more than one air freshener depending on the desired intensity of fragrance.

Air Wick Cone Air Fresheners may also be utilized in the workspace, from common break room and kitchen areas to small lavatories to offices and cubicles, the air fresheners provide consistent and safe fragrance to help mask odors as well as to improve the smell of surrounding air. The small size allows the Air Wick Cone Air Freshener to be placed anywhere from underneath the sink, to closets, and even in storage spaces. A convenient guide shows users when the Air Wick Cone Air Freshener is in need of replacement.


Deodorizing Speed & Intensity

Air Wick Cone Air Fresheners work well to cover smaller spaces over a period of time. Users experience the benefit of the good smelling concentrated fragrance immediately, and the fragrance works quickly to mask most odors. The Air Wick Cone Freshener allows users to select the intensity of fragrance by twisting the top open or shut to release different levels of fragrance. The fragrance is not that strong, and is best used to improve the smell of a space versus use as a method of covering heavier odors.

To truly deodorize and remove odors, employ a regular regimen of cleaning and sanitation. Remove the source of entrenched smells like mold an mildew, employing the Air Wick Cone Freshener to improve the scent of the air rather than remove an odor. If the source of an odor cannot be removed, place the Air Wick Cone Air Freshener near the source for best results. The Air Wick Cone Air Freshener works consistently over time to deodorize space, however the concentrated fragrance may become weaker through use over time.


Cautions & Warnings

Keep out of reach of children and pets. If ingested, contact poison control immediately. Some fragrances can cause headaches, allergic reactions, and dizziness. If these symptom persist, discontinue use of product.


Common Active Ingredients

*The Air Wick information site is full of dead links. There is not contact information for them other than to route to the site.

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